Activists in France Demand the Right to Wear the Hijab in Women’s Football 

Iranian women’s football team

The hijab is considered a symbol of piety and modesty in Islam. Playing in professional sports is not necessarily a modest pursuit.  Demanding to wear the hijab in professional sport is also not modest.  The French National Football Federation prohibits  “any wearing of sign or outfit ostensibly manifesting a political, philosophical, religious or union affiliation”, the hijab is logically part of it.

FIFA, on the other hand, allows the hijab. The secularization of France is being fought against on multiple fronts.  The sports arena is only one. The push for Islamist supremacy continues in the education system, law system, and governmental systems, not only in France, but throughout the Western world.

The hijab is also used as a tool for supremacy. In the West, it is supremacy over non Muslims, with demands that it be worn in all areas of Western life, even in areas that prohibit head coverings.  In countries like Iran, it is supremacy over women, who are fined, jailed and even killed for removing the hijab.

Pro-hijab activists have petitioned the highest administrative court in France to demand the right to wear the veil during official sports competitions, and in particular for women’s football matches, Le Figaro reported on  Friday, November 26. Noël Le Graët , president of the FFF, rejected a first request from this group of activists. Hence the entry on the track of the Council of State. 

For Jean-Éric Schoettl, former secretary general of the Constitutional Council , who signed a column in  Le Figaro , a decision by the Council of State in favor of wearing the veil in football would “bring down a strategic bastion of resistance to  Islamism in sport ”. 

Previously, parliamentarians had already underlined in a report dating from 2017 that “radicalization no longer takes place only in prisons, but in sports circles”, reports Jean-Éric Schoettl in his column. 

We can see this with Qatari influenced Bayern Munich, Saudi owned Manchester United, and many other Islamist influences.

While women in Islamic countries struggle to play sports, Islamists in the West insist on displaying this symbol of oppression on the sports field.

Will these activists be successful in their bid? History has shown us that most probably, they will be.

Le Point

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