Quebec, Ontario, Islamists and Jews

This article is translated from French, written by Frederik Bastien of Le Journal de Montreal. More insight into the progression of Islamism in Canada. Our public schools are being indoctrinated in Islamic practice. Our society is being indoctrinated.  This has nothing to do with ‘Islamophobia’, it has everything to do with Dawah. 

“This week, Simon Jolin-Barrette denounced the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC). They received $ 225,000 from the Ontario government (and $ 226,000 from the federal government) to conduct a series of online video courses for Ontario schools to address “Islamophobia”. In particular, they assert that Law 21 is the very embodiment of anti-Muslim legislation. For the Quebec minister, this is an attack against Quebec and against all the countries which have chosen secularism. He urges the neighboring province to fight this.

There are several other things to say about these so-called courses. It says that schools have a duty to provide Muslim students with a space for prayer. MAC also urges non-Muslims to refrain from touching or holding hands with Muslims of the opposite sex, all this while many Muslims completely reject this rigorous Islam. 

At the beginning of each video, Asma Ahmed, the veiled presenter, quotes us from the Koran in Arabic: “In the name of Allah, the most merciful, the most merciful”.  MAC engages here in religious proselytizing at school with young people who are there to learn and not to be converted to Islam. Such a situation would never be tolerated if we were talking about the Bible and Jesus here. 

But what does this double standard matter, since Muslims are supposed victims of persecution in our country. Without further explaining this situation, Ms.Ahmed claims that adherents of Islam receive the same protection as Jews. The Jews among us are equal to everyone before the law. We all have the same legal protection against discrimination. So we don’t quite understand what the MAC is referring to here. As it is about the Jews, on the other hand, let us recall that this organization invited to its activities (twice rather than once) a lecturer who advocates the assassination of those who practice Judaism, and other guest speakers of  MAC who call for the murder of homosexuals and who defend the “right” of men to beat their wives. In one of the videos in question here, Jews are also accused of subsidizing “the industry of Islamophobia.”

On the strength of this record,  MAC takes advantage of the great platform it has been given to lecture and denounce Christian religious holidays and the holidays attached to them. It would be an Islamophobic calendar. Even more, it is our legal system that is in question. The problem is that the separation of the political and the religious, what is called secularism, is another example of “Islamophobia”. This principle is, however, one of the foundations of all Western democracies. It differentiates us from Islamist religious theocracies and allows the protection of our freedoms. It is this fundamental rule, in our country, that the MAC shouts in the schools of our neighbors, it which operates with the money of Ontario and Canadian taxpayers (including Quebec) that Toronto and Ottawa pay it. 

This criticism is nothing, however, compared to the regular shelling that the MAC is waging against the intelligence services and the Border Services Agency, those who, among other things, protect us from terrorist attacks and prevent extremists from entering our territory. Without the slightest proof being advanced, the MAC affirms that these institutions are guilty of “Islamophobia”. This denigration aims to intimidate the men and women who defend our national security and to put pressure on elected officials to reduce their operating budgets. 

It must be said that  MAC has an interest in undermining their work. They were caught by RCMP agents in 2014 paying money to IRFAN, a terrorist organization that sent $ 14.6 million to the Palestinian Hamas, the Islamist (and terrorist ) organization who governs the Gaza Strip.

It is also interesting to note the reactions to this affair in the media and civil society in English Canada. It can be summed up in one word: none. On the other hand, the vicious attacks against Bill 96, which provides for recognizing the Quebec nation in the Constitution, continue to come. 

In this chapter, mention should be made of the charge to which Pearl Eliadis carried out and which went completely under the radar of the media. It was last September, during consultations organized by the Quebec Community Groups Network, that you can see here: QCGN Public Hearings on Bill 96: Day 3 – YouTube at 2:47m.

This renowned lawyer and law professor at McGill University compared Bill 96 to suspending the rights of blacks or Jews, just that. 

This is how things are going in the country of Canadian multiculturalism. While we are helping the Islamists to continue their good work, we are mobilizing against the Quebec nation by letting them accuse us of being racists and anti-Semites!”  

Le Journal de Montreal

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