Islamism Marches On

Taliban Culture Commission official Ahmadullah Wasiq says women will not be allowed to play cricket or any other sport under the new regime. He added “Islam does not allow women to play in sports where they are exposed. We fought so that Islam is respected”. 

Today in Afghanistan, tomorrow in places like France where Islamism is strong. In Canada, there have been honour killings for the refusal by young girls to wear hijab. There have been killings in honour of Allah against the infidel.

Imams praise terrorists. Mosques preach hate against the infidel. 

The anniversary of 9/11 is on Saturday. The media has been full of sympathy pieces for Muslims who are afraid because of Islamophobia. This is  a repulsive  thumbing of the nose at all the victims of not only 9/11, but of Islamist victims everywhere. 

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