Islamist Attack in Nice, France July 14, 2016. Does anyone remember?

On the evening of 14 July 2016, a 19-tonne cargo truck was deliberately driven into crowds of people celebrating Bastille Day on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France, resulting in the deaths of 86 people and the injury of 458 others. The driver was Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, a Tunisian living in France. The attack ended following an exchange of gunfire, during which Lahouaiej-Bouhlel was shot and killed by police.

Canada has had several Islamist terror attacks, with many being killed or injured. We have also lost many Canadians during 9/11 and through countless wars that were and continue to be fought against tyrannical regimes. To the best of our knowledge, not one of the attacks lead to a special day of remembrance or a national summit to combat Islamist terrorism. 

Victims of Islamist terror attacks continue to feel victimized year after year, and their pain seems to be forgotten by many. 

While many are discouraged by the lack of compensation and remembrance to the victims of these attacks. These include the people in the vicinity of the attack, the first responders, the law enforcement and the families of the ones who were killed.  One mother of a daughter killed in the attack in Nice, France on July 14, 2016, is speaking out. She does not want anyone to forget. And none of us should forget the attacks nor the victims. 

Among these victims, many denounce the “violence” of the compensation process and the difficulties in being recognized as victims. “Many simply gave up, others were refused victim status because they could not provide sufficient evidence of their presence in the danger zone”, explains to Marianne Anne Gourvès, bereaved mother and former president of the association “Promenade des anges”. At the beginning, this “danger zone” did not even include the whole of the Promenade des Anglais but was limited to an area which went from the south sidewalk to the central reservation before being extended to the beach and the beach. north sidewalk.

” First responders were told that they were not direct victims because they had come to help of their own free will and the truck did not try to kill them, ” says, still stunned, the former association president. She also evokes the victims exhausted from having to face a climate of generalized suspicion and the “ violent ” questions of the experts of the FGTI (Guarantee Fund for Victims of Acts of Terrorism and other Offenses) who try to estimate the damage.

A story corroborated by each person questioned, like Anne Murris, president of the “Memorial of the Angels” association. She and her husband, who lost their daughter Camille in the attack, have still not ” filed a case because what we were asked was too painful “. She remembers in particular this lawyer who explained to her that ” to carry his file, it was necessary to prove ” that they had ” good relations and that we loved our child “ . […]

Thierry Vimal, who also lost his daughter on July 14, 2016, denounces “a work of undermining on the part of the FGTI “. He is convinced, ” their interest is that we abandon or accept the first offer they make to us .” […]

” We should not spoil the postcard image for tourists ” regrets, bitter, Anne Murris. ” As each anniversary approaches, it is painful to see that people remember less and less of what happened “, confides this bereaved mother for whom ” memory is painful but forgetting, unbearable ”.


Anne Murris has been fighting for 5 years. On July 14, 2016, her daughter Camille died, killed by this crazy truck on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice. A vehicle driven by Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, a Tunisian living in the city. Anne Murris is campaigning for a monument to be installed on the Prom ‘and for a memory and research center on terrorism to develop in Nice and not just in Paris. 5 years later, she implicated the municipality.

“ The city does not want a monument on the Prom ‘and does not want to invest. I regret it. There is a desire to erase all that, it is a task in the history of the city. To put forward this July 14, it is to give visibility to what happened. 

“ We need a physical monument in homage to the victims of July 14th. It should have been inaugurated for the 5 years, we wanted there to be something on the Prom ‘for the victims. It was a commitment of the city, it was not respected. 

Anthony Borré is Christian Estrosi’s first deputy at the town hall of Nice: “ All the associations are well aware that we are looking for the best formula to be able to put up a monument. There is one at Villa Masséna and we are now trying to find a consensus with the associations. We have to get all the parties to agree. It is not on the side of the city that it blocks. 

The attack of July 14, 2016 left 86 dead, 400 seriously injured and 1,683 mental victims. The Victims Guarantee Fund (FGTI) has already taken into account 2,429 direct or indirect victims, 85% of whom have received compensation. According to the FGTI, 83 million euros in compensation were paid to the victims.”

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2 thoughts on “Islamist Attack in Nice, France July 14, 2016. Does anyone remember?”

  1. Have people really forgotten all about this? What has happened in our once beautiful towns and cities is horrendous to say the least and I for one, have most definitely not forgotten. It totally baffles me why anyone who is not mentally ill, could side with these creatures? How the hell can the moronic liberal leftists think the way they do? Being right wing means being morally responsible, having common sense and loving my own country, and if this is wrong, then I really don’t know? Dirt bags like bully brigade, antifa should be ashamed, and they should all be rounded up and shipped out to third world countries, give them what they deserve.


  2. 86 murdered people, killed by a muslim with hatred against Christians (Christianity phobia, Christophobia) and Europe in his mind. Almost 500 injured persons, some of them surely with life changing injuries, then add the financial costs of insurance, medical care, legal costs, property damage, law enforcement, and the psychological effects. Just as with Bataclan France refuses to name the culprit, the culprit is Islamic persons with Christophobia.


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