Ex-Muslim In China Requests Support


Hayder Alasadi is an ex-Muslim from Iraq, currently living in China.  He is hoping for resettlement in Canada. Below is his story. We encourage you to write a letter of support for Hayder to the UNHCR office in Beijing if you feel so inclined. As you will see by his story, his fight is our fight. We have also posted a form letter link below  for you to copy and paste, or you can compose your own. His case number must be included in the letter.

Support letter for Hayder

Send your letter of support to chibeprt@unhcr.org , addressed as in our form letter. Hayder’s case number is 311-17C00159

Below are other documents and letters connected to his case.

UNHCR Iraq Report May 2019 (1)

EASO IRAQ Report June 2019 (1)

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Screenshot 2021-03-23 20.40.47

Screenshot 2021-03-23 20.40.30

Screenshot 2021-03-23 20.44.04

Haydar’s story

I am reaching out to you, after I have discovered from the UNHCR that my application has been submitted for resettlement to Canada through the Canadian Embassy(and Canadian Immigration).  What I need are support letters for my application for resettlement since our lives (me and my wife) are extremely hard in China thanks to the extreme laws and regulations set by the local authorities.

I am a registered UN refugee in China. I am a well-known secular rights activist from Iraq, currently the first recognized ex-Muslim case in China. I have fled my homeland of Iraq for Egypt in 2006.  Threats against me in Iraq were followed by an attack at my home.  In 2003,  my house was destroyed by 11 Islamic extremists; four of the 11 went to prison, but these four convicts have since been released. I have publicly declared myself nonreligious, and denounced Islam for its violence and lies.  We can see examples like ISIS and Al-Qaeda as well as the Shia based Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces that is backed by Iranian regime. They used force against the likes of me, because I was fighting for the freedom of choice, as well as for Christians and other religions in Iraq, which is a very dangerous admission inside Iraq.  As you are undoubtedly aware, the situation in the Muslim-dominant Middle East for atheists, ex-Muslims, and religious minorities has gone from bad to worse in recent years. My views, expressed openly in the public square, are considered “dangerous” and “blasphemous” in Iraq. The Iraqi government has allowed extremist violence against non Muslims for years. No one who identifies as an ex-Muslim apostate or as nonreligious is safe in Iraq. Consequently, my views have made me a target of extremist violence. Like most openly secular people in Iraq, I was facing numerous threats. Because of my stated opposition to fundamentalist Islam, I was pursued by militant extremists who sought to exact their own brand of “justice.” After years in exile in Egypt, I entered China in 2015, where I applied for asylum with the UNHCR Representation in China (Beijing Office), and after years of waiting, in March of 2020, the UNHCR recognized me as a Refugee, and I have become the first Ex-Muslim case in China to get approved.

My case has been supported by Center for Inquiry, Council of Ex-Muslim of Britain and Ex-Muslim of Norway amongst others. My war is against Islam as a religion of hatred, violence, their war on freedom, and their Islamization of the west. I am not against Islam in the Middle East, that is their business, but I am against Islamists who are spreading this hatred in the West.

They (Islamists\Jihadist) are more and more taking important places in  western countries in various departments, including government, but that doesn’t mean we stop fighting it.  This religion is based on politics at its core, that’s why they know how to get inside, but we fight it by spreading the truth, the truth that they hate. They keep it hidden. You need to know, there is still a fight to win in the west, including Canada.  I come from Iraq, a country now controlled by Iranian Islamic regime, with their Islamist militia roaming the street enforcing the their law(Sharia), killing Christians and every other religion, other than Islam, killing also Ex-Muslims to stop them from sharing the truth of this religion, and no one to protect Ex-Muslims or Christians or even the other religions.

In short, our fight is against Islam, and jihadist, who are taking control and enforcing their Sharia, without anybody speaking out, since they have allies to cover for them. Personally, my war is to show the truth of this religion, and what is happening by jihadis in my country Iraq in particular,  and in the Middle East in general.

As for my current situation, I have been approved by UNHCR in China as a recognized refugee in March of 2020. My application was submitted to the Canadian Embassy for resettlement  around July 2020, and I am awaiting a reply, but I need support from more organizations or good people like you for my case.  It could be support letters, articles, or individual support letters, anything that could help my case to move it forward.

Thank you again for taking the time to support an ex-Muslim in such a difficult time where the world only supporting Islamists.”


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