Moncton Bartender Beaten, Identity of Possible Perpetrators Hidden

Early Sunday morning, Moncton New Brunswick bartender Gary Vautour was found by fellow Monctoner, Chris Lewis. Mr Vautour had been beaten to a pulp and left on the sidewalk.

“He was so badly beaten that I honestly thought he was a man in his 50s or 60s,” Lewis told Radio-Canada. 

“The next day I found out the guy on the sidewalk was actually somebody I’d known for 25 years,” Lewis said. 

CBC reported on this incident November 13, and it was previously reported on by ICI radio-canada. In neither report was there given a description of the possible perpetrators, even though pictures had circulated on social media who they might be.

According to the CBC article:

“Gary Vautour said his brother Jacques had intervened earlier in the night when staff at the bar entrance stopped some people from entering and a scuffle broke out. 

“There was a little bit of threats, but everything got stopped and they went away,” Gary Vautour said.”

According to eye witnesses, workers at a bar were assaulted by a group of men because they refused to let a minor with fake identification in. In the resulting scuffle, Mr Vautour stepped in to help the workers.

According to the photos of the alleged perpetrators and eye witnesses of the assault at the bar, these men could very well be part of the Syrian community in Moncton. Moncton was inundated with a large group of refugees within the last several years. Does the main stream media not want to name these individuals because of political correctness? We have noticed this more often with Canadian media. No description is given, even when police are asking for assistance to identify someone.

According to our investigations, at least one of the possible perpetrators is a boxer. We will not release names, pending investigation.

There is also a go fund me page to help the victim.


Facebook screen shots of possible perpetrators ^^^

Public reaction to the incident.