London Oct 29, 2019


Great little flash demo in London today. Not only did we address city hall once again, we spoke about the recent election and the dirty politics we have seen over the past several months, we also spoke about the Islamist agenda in conjunction with the demise of our Judeo/Christian ethic.

What was a highlight, however, was a chance to interact with a group of young high-school students after the rally. This was not recorded. Young people are our future, and speaking with them about our concerns was valuable indeed. The environment during this interaction was for the most part less than friendly, and one dominate individual was intent on showing his dominance in things pertaining to Islam. One issue in particular we talked about was the Quranic verse on wife beating, chapter 4:34 in the Quran. I questioned the dominate young man on that verse, he initially told me there was no such verse. I have a copy of the Quran with me, and I wanted to show the group this particular verse. I didn’t know where it was off the top of my head, so I googled it. As I did so, the group derided me, thinking I was stalling for time. I found the verse, recited it, and the dominate teen said to the rest of the group ‘I’ve got this’. He proceeded to explain the verse to me, that it was taken out of context, that it was an improper translation etc. I let him explain, but when it came time for me to rebut, they no longer had time to listen. The young man was lauded by his peers for ‘putting me in my place’ as it were, but I have to say, I saw some listening, interested young people. That is what we are after. We hope that some of the kids listened to what we had to say and will investigate further. I encouraged the kids to contact our facebook page for more information. As of 5:30 pm, no one has asked for additional information.

One person at a time, one rally at a time. It was a good day.



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