Boys Will Be Boys?

This was a fight that took place in London, Ontario October 29, 2019, the same time as we were doing our small rally in front of city hall, a few blocks away.

The following is a quote from a student observer:

“The Arabs were talking shit to to the Canadian (non Arab?) kids and it built up and today was the day it changed from words to punches. Arabs talking shit everyday and threatening to attack them (non Arabs). Arabs already had a beef with one of the Canadian boys and continued to talk shit about him and threatening to beat his ass and kill him and his friends. They went to go see the Canadian kids at lunch and the fight broke out. The fighting finally calmed when the kid that was kicked in the head started having a seizure”

How do we deal with this as Canadians? How do we get past this? With our new government, we can expect over 300,000 new immigrants every year. What happened in London is happening in cities throughout Canada. How will Canada deal with this?

7 thoughts on “Boys Will Be Boys?”

  1. HOW do we Canadians deal with it?
    You stick up for your self and each other. Immigrants have bullied and taken over parts of the U.K. Here in Canada let them know they are dealing with a different animal, one where intimidation does not work and we fight back here in the North.

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  2. ban islam..we are betrayed by our gov’t.. kingston Sept. 13.. we are being groomed.. quelled.. press is bought…scarborough last year.. 15 year old throat cut..not a word since that day…. this is just the beginning of Rothwell UK and much worse till sharia..Shove Kingston into troodos face… they MUST Know that we won’t just surrender..NEVER!

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  3. We all must stand up to this.
    They fight in groups- separate them! The school must not allow their gang metabolism to flourish!
    The government MUST stope this huge amount of imigratiom!! The attackers MUST be punished!!
    Quit pampering the bad guys!!!!!

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