More Iranian celebrities travel to Canada for childbirth

Article originally published by Middle East Eye


The news of an artist couple travelling to Canada to give birth to their child has sparked controversy in Iran, with the supporters of rival political parties strongly criticising the couple’s decision.

Iranian actor Negar Javaherian and Iranian director and actor Rambod Javan – who is also the presenter of the popular television show Khandevaneh – travelled to Toronto for the first screening of Javan’s latest movie “Murphy’s Law“.

Some outlets reported that the couple planned to stay in Canada until Javaherian gave birth. The Javan daily newspaper, unrelated to the filmmaker with the same name, on 8 June wrote that the premiere date for “Murphy’s Law” was carefully chosen to let the couple have their baby in Canada.

Canada recognises birthright citizenship and many rich Iranian business persons and celebrities travel there to obtain a second nationality for their newborns, and for themselves later.

“Citizens have the right to give birth to their children wherever they like,” wrote the daily.

“But this act will receive serious criticism when those who have always talked and written about their lives in the homeland choose another country for childbirth.”

A day after this news broke, Iran’s Young Journalists Club (YJC) investigated the costs of giving birth to the couple’s baby in Canada and put the price of travel at about 5bn rials (about $120,000).

2 thoughts on “More Iranian celebrities travel to Canada for childbirth”

  1. When I lived in Iran, the theocratic regime was chanting death to the West and spread hate sentiment to the rest of the world. Now, why are them coming to Canada and are trying to have Canadian citizenship? We saw it that the 1979 Revolution in Iran did not happen in one night. It took significant amount of time to destroy Iran. I have not doubt this is an agenda to destroy Canada. They planting the seed of evil now. Last, these individuals are allowed to leave Iran because they passed the loyalty test of killing someone in Iran.


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