Is Bernie Farber not Interested in Islamic Jew Hatred?

Bernie  Farber is a Toronto based writer, commentator, and the former chief executive officer of the Canadian Jewish Congress and a social activist. He has testified before the Canadian courts as an expert witness on hate crime, is chairman of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, an organization that, according to it’s website, monitors, researches, and counters hate groups by providing education and information on hate groups to the public, media, researchers, courts, law enforcement, and community groups.

Mr Farber took exception to our revealing antisemitism coming out of the Islamic community. At our rally on May 4 in Toronto, we displayed multiple signs that showed strong antisemitic sentiment that was coming out of the Islamic community in the GTA and Canada.

At least one week before the rally, we posted on our Facebook  and Twitter pages that this rally would be dealing with antisemitism.



Mr Farber posted one photo of this rally on his twitter feed, decrying our rally, calling us a racist group. This is astounding to me. The signs were clearly marked, the speech that was given was very clear in the connection between Islamism and antisemitism, exposing the hate coming out of that community, yet he still insists that we are a hate group.


Yesterday, I tweeted to him, asking him to contact us if he was interested in knowing where we got our information from. Up to now, he has not replied. It is very curious to us that even though we exposed this, he does not condemn the hate speech coming out of the Islamic community. sin 1

Following are articles that the quotes on some of the signs were taken from:

Excerpt: “Every year I get this question where people say: why are non-Muslims in the Masjid [mosque]? You know they’re filthy.”

The Imam goes on to explain what the conditions are for letting non Muslims into the mosques.

Excerpt: Summary of Mostafa Hanout’s Islamist leanings:

  • In a facebook post in 2014, he refers to Jews/Israelis as apes and pigs
  • 2015 facebook repost, referring to the Jews as ‘filthy Jews’
  • 2016 reiterates Imam Elkasrawy’s (Toronto Masjid) supplication to slay unbelievers with a response of Ameen
  • 2016 prayers for victory over the unbelievers
  • 2017 he ‘liked’ a video on his Youtube channel that glorified 9/11 with Osama Bin Laden reciting Quranic verses about fighting in the cause of Allah

Excerpt: Successful indeed are the believers. (1) Those who offer their Salât (prayers) with all solemnity and full submissiveness. (2) And those who turn away from Al-Laghw (dirty, false, evil vain talk, falsehood, and all that Allâh has forbidden). (3) And those who pay the Zakât. (4) And those who guard their chastity (i.e. Private parts, from illegal sexual acts). (5) Except from their wives or (slaves) that their right hands possess, – for then, they are free from blame;

Excerpt: (originally in Arabic) “Urgent, urgent, our brothers and sisters in Gaza are in need for our support… O Allah, give them victory (help), steadfastness to overcome this ordeal and make firm the feet of the mujahideen (Muslims who practice jihad).”

Excerpt: O Allah, we ask you to give victory to Islam and to raise the standing of the Muslims, give victory (help) to our oppressed brothers in Palestine, give victory (help) to our oppressed brothers in [the City of] al-Quds. O Allah, we ask you to purify and cleanse al-Aqsa Mosque from the filth [دنس] of those [Jews].4

Excerpt: “It is narrated from the hadith of Abu Hurayrah that the Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: ‘The Hour will not begin until the Muslims fight the Jews and the Muslims will kill them.’”

Excerpt: O Allah, destroy the disbelievers that deny Your messenger, and block others from Your path, and descend upon them Your punishment, O Allah, destroy the disbelievers who were given the Book.


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