Why are ‘Iftar dinners’ being promoted by schools, churches and official government offices?

Different country, same issue. I would love to know why as well.



The enlightened elites have been telling us for 50-plus years that we must separate church and state and scrub all of our institutions – schools, courthouses, halls of government – of any references to God and Christ.

But God appears be to creeping back into these institutions, albeit a god most Americans are just starting to get acquainted with.

If you are paying attention at all, you will notice that the media, our school systems, politicians and even some church leaders, starting with Pope Francis and pastors like the Baptist Rev. Bob Roberts of Dallas, have taken up the cause of defending Islam if not outright promoting it.

When powerful people in our communities start promoting one specific religion, giving it special prominence not offered to others, it’s time to wake up and ask questions.

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