Is Pegida Canada Making Too Much Noise?


A few weeks ago, we decided to apply for a noise exemption for our upcoming rally February 23 in Toronto. At our September rally last year, we were visited by city by-law folks who told us that in order to use a sound system, we needed a permit. As we had used a sound system previously with no issues, we asked them why. They replied that someone had called them with ‘concerns’ about our rally. Whether it was the counter protesters (Antifa) or NCCM (National Council of Canadian Muslim), who were vocal in their opposition to said rally, we don’t know. But we were told that they were called by someone.

As a result of that, we were not able to use our sound system. If we would have, there would have been a fine to the amount of $350.00. We complied with their ‘request’.

Well, we decided to apply for a permit this time. Be aware that the application cost is 100.00, prepaid, and if you are denied, the fee is non refundable. We applied two weeks ago. Yesterday we received an email that the application was denied.

letter from toronto
letter of application denial

Why was it denied? Well, according to the powers that be, we don’t meet the criteria for Chapter 591 section 10c. What that tells us is that the Councillor in charge of this particular ward does not want us to speak. There can be no other reason, as we meet all the other criteria.

noise exemption 591
Chaper 591 section C10 Toronto Municipal Noise Exemption

But wait, there is more. We can appeal this decision. Yes, for an addition 265.00, prepaid, we can ask them to reconsider. No guarantees.

Obviously, the city of Toronto thinks we are too loud. They don’t want us to be heard.

We carry on.


Potential Terrorist or Attention Seeker?

Screenshot 2019-02-14 09.46.11
Source: Facebook video screenshot

A young Torontonian posts threatening message, is visited by police and posts a video apology.


Screenshot 2019-02-14 09.26.36

Video apology


His reaction today was a decidedly racist comment.

Screenshot 2019-02-14 09.29.04

Someone to watch, for sure. Maybe an attention seeker, but certainly concerning.


A Bridge Too Far

by Tabitha Korol originally published by Arutz Sheva 7

Ori Ansbacher, Israeli murder victim Source: Facebook

19-year-old Ori Ansbacher  was found dead four days ago near Jerusalem, raped and murdered by a Palestinian.

The suspect, a Palestinian from the West Bank city of Hebron, was arrested in a joint operation by the Israel Defense Forces and Shin Bet. Full story here.

No Western media has reported on this terrorist act. The following article deals with the duplicity and dis-ingenuousness of western left. There is a clear bias displayed.


“It was brought to my attention that Westmount Temple Emanu-el Beth Shalom in Montreal hosted a Muslim-Awareness Interfaith Shabbat Dinner on January 25, 2019, to pay homage to the six dead and nineteen wounded from a lone attack on a Montreal mosque two years previously.  Such well-meaning, but naïve, efforts were hijacked by Muslim apologists to promote their false victimhood status to garner sympathy from others.

One might wonder why there was no outreach from Jews or Muslims for the desecration attack in March 2018 on a synagogue in Thornhill, and no homage paid for the October, 2018 massacre of eleven congregants of the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, inasmuch as Canada and the US are connected in many ways.  Neither was there any form of condolence or apology offered when a small Canadian Arab newspaper, Al Saraha, published an antisemitic article that posited why Hitler killed the Jews, stated that the number of six million Jews killed during the Holocaust was severely inflated, and asserted that Jews are to blame for Germany’s economic collapse, sexuality and promiscuity. 

Inasmuch as the Jewish-Muslim Interfaith Dinner so closely preceded Holocaust Remembrance Day, a day designated to confront the hatred and crimes against the Jewish people, it begs the question as to why that was not incorporated into the outreach, except that Muslims do not grant victimhood status to others, and they continue to deny the Holocaust as the systematic murder of six million Jews.   Our FBI records show that Jews still experience the greatest number, by far, of attacks and assaults, yet nothing was done to honor those victims and awaken the attendees to the dire situation of antisemitism that is once again upon us.

It is pertinent to include herewith a few unpalatable facts.  Muslims have killed 669 million people over 1400 years, a number quite astounding, but correct.  Those who were not killed – the Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and others – were forced into captivity and conversion.  They became the ancestors of today’s 1.6 billion Muslims, including the masses who are now committing unspeakable crimes in Sweden, Germany, France, England – 29 countries worldwide.   

Arab-Islamic attacks on Jews began with the Battle of Khaybar in 628 AD, against Christians with raids into Byzantine land in 630, and rapidly engulfed the non-Arab people of North Africa, Spain, Persia, and beyond.  In 1801, the Barbary pirates attacked American shipping, and in 2000, the USS Cole. The World Trade Center was attacked twice, in 1973 and 2001, followed by group bombings, shootings, stabbings, and property damage – hate crimes.  However, in a country the size of America, the imams have informed their jihadis that eventual conquest must be achieved by other means – through civilizational or stealth jihad.  Hence, our government now has an inordinate number of Muslims in office.   Unashamedly antisemitic and anti-American, they are working to change our laws to be increasingly socialist and then sharia compliant. 

The January gathering at the Canadian temple was labelled an interfaith “dialogue,” a word that means exchange and discussion, yet only the Muslim perspective was presented.  There were two Muslim speakers, both practiced in taqiyyah for dealing with westerners, and not balanced by two western speakers experienced with this Islamic psychological technique.  This was, therefore, a one-sided presentation, a “monologue,” with no attempt at dialogue or mutuality.  The rabbis added that discussion was limited to make their guests “comfortable.”  They provided a comfort zone for the very people who invariably commit the crimes and unceasingly advocate hate and destruction for Israel.   

There were no questions about the Koranic directives to kill the infidel, and nothing about their practice of jihad – how they send their children to ignite precious Israeli land, scorching 9,000 acres of land and the wildlife over a six-month period; to stabbing citizens on the streets of Israel, Europe and America; to ramming cars into groups of pedestrians – or how they pay the families for martyring their own sons in the interest of killing Jewish people.  The speakers were permitted to lie and praise their religion without taking responsibility for the crimes they commit.  The talk of “bridge building” is never clarified for purpose or destination.  

One of the speakers was Egah Lotayef, known to be pro-Palestinian, pro-Hamas, anti-Israel, anti-Zionist – simply put, an antisemite, and one of many McGill professors who signed a petition for BDS against Israel and Israeli academic institutions.  He took part in the deceptively named “Freedom Flotilla to Gaza” that circumvented the established route only to create a “situation” for Israel.  The little humanitarian aid contained on the flotilla was camouflage for the armed activists who had come in the hope of gaining international sympathy by provoking the IDF into using excessive force.  The self-control of the IDF was to disappoint them.     

No bridge builder he, this proponent of boycott-divestment-sanctions against Israel.  BDS is designed to damage Israel socially, economically, religiously and intellectually, in order to create a Palestinian tie to the land none exists.  He belongs to a terrorist-affiliated group that speaks at such occasions, in an attempt to lure the audiences into accepting the Islamic narrative and convince them that Islam is benign and Israel the oppressor.  The group continually accuses Israel of crimes committed by the Palestinians, another psychological war technique known as “transference” or “projection.”  The aim is constant: to turn the world against the Jewish State and to promote her extinction.

The rabbis’ form letter issued to the public said they “disagreed passionately,” but they said nothing!  And with what did they disagree?  If it was with the speakers’ opinions about Israel and the Jews, they failed the Jewish community.  I would be interested in knowing the conclusions drawn when the evening was over, what the attending Jews think they learned from the one-sided engagement.  I have attended three such “interfaith meetings,” and have read of others, none of which seemed to be worthy of squandering one’s time.  They invariably take place in synagogues and churches that allow the Muslim voice to be heard, but inhibit the congregants from speaking – they sit like the bobblehead dolls, taking everything in.   Questions from the audience are usually submitted on slips of paper so that they may be pre-screened, and the probing or unnerving questions are disregarded and never read “due to time constraints.” 

Perhaps we might offer the benefit of doubt.  Perhaps these rabbis knew nothing of the speakers before honoring their request for the “program” (a word also defined as “manipulate”), but ignorance is also a betrayal of one’s own people, ancestors and progeny.  Regardless of intent, their congregation was duped into hearing the fabricated Islamic storyline without dispute or defense.  All Jews and Christians alike must be informed of Islam’s ongoing war against the west, to become actively involved in fighting the hatred against Jews, Christians, Israel and America, before we follow the paths of history.  It has long been time for an outreach to be done by informed Jews and Christians to their underinformed co-religionists.  We did not choose this war, but we have to acknowledge that it exists – and It is here.” 

Foreign Allegiance

Blog by Tabitha Korol from Arutz Sheva 7


“Progressivism has exposed America to self-destruction by welcoming aliens who, by their own confession, brazenly declare that they are here to challenge and then destroy our way of life.

Whereas America’s doors have always been open to people of all races and religions who come with hope and gratitude for the opportunities granted in a free society, we were unprepared for those who want to erase our history and accomplishments, destroy our monuments and  customs, and replace our laws with their barbarism, in the hope of replicating their oppressive regimes here.


Two Muslim women have been voted into office under the cover of deceptive manifestos.  They misrepresented their platform and have thereby candidly sullied the dignity of their positions, insulted the United States, the Executive Office of the President and, specifically, our esteemed President Donald J Trump.

Ilhan Omar, new congresswoman from Minnesota, a Somali immigrant with a history of making disparaging statements against Israel, our ally, was appointed to the House Foreign Affairs Committee by Nancy Pelosi, who has also turned her back on Israel and American interests and security.  Wasting no time to investigate and understand America’s ties to Saudi Arabia or to Israel, Omar, prompted by her personal defiance and beliefs as a Somalian Muslim, not as an American, called for decreased financial aid to Saudi Arabia and labelled Israel an evil regime, challenging the latter’s government and actual existence.

First, the US provides little military aid; rather, we are selling 6,700 missiles as part of a $1 billion deal to Saudi Arabia for its anti-terrorism training and education and for food to civil-war-torn Yemen. Omar is either ignorant or else chooses to dismiss the essence of America’s financial transactions.  Second, she has brought with her the 1400-year history of Islamic hatred for Jews, Christians and Hindus, and Islam’s centuries of condoned torture, enslavement, and slaughter perpetrated on 900 million people who refused conversion to Islam. The slaughter continues to this day, as noted on the Religion of Peace website: 34,494 (at this writing) deadly Islamic terrorist attacks in 29 countries, since 9/11.  During the week of January 19th, 28 attacks in 12 countries, 135 killed, 171 injured, and 6 suicide blasts were reported.

Without once acknowledging Islam’s destructive role in world affairs, how Islamic countries are truly apartheid and violent, she denounces Israel as an authoritative apartheid regime rather than the parliamentary democracy that it is, representing and treating equally every segment of its multi-racial, -religious, -ethnic society.  Her comments are virulently anti-Semitic and, when challenged, she cannot provide a sliver of evidencefor her accusations, but has no compunction about repeating them later.  Having been raised in deep-seated enmity, she ignores the Islamic wars waged against everyone, and the discord sown in what had previously been peaceful nations.

In keeping with the Islamic dedication to taqiyya, an accepted Islamic war strategy, she denied her support of boycotting Israel before her election, but has now admitted her true position.

Omar blatantly supports the effort to debilitate America’s greatest ally – the Democratic State of IsraelThe Arab attacks against Jews have been constant for centuries, throughout the Islamic world, in Israel, and across Europe.  The horrific jihadi attacks include stabbings, beheadings, and an ongoing fire jihad over 8,000-plus acres of forestry and agricultural land, its human and animal inhabitants, while also jeopardizing their own dispensable youth and women.  Jihad continues here in stealth from those who work to fundamentally change our laws and allegiances.   Oddly, with the exception of a Muslim tribe, Yibir, that claims to have descended from Hebrews before the arrival of Somali nomads, there are no Jews in apartheid Somalia, so from where does Omar’s intense animus derive except from the Koran and Hadiths, which are rife with Mohammed’s scorn and teachings.  As he stated on his deathbed: “Let there not be two religions in Arabia,” thus sealing the eternal intolerance and fate of all who would not accept Islamic law and rule.  Mohammed commanded Muslims to fight the non-Muslims by “all means possible for all times.”

The centuries of persecution, forced conversion, expulsion and massacre began with the Jews of Khaybar and the Christians of Najran, and have been passed down to the present day. This, then, is the origin of the mindset of Ilhan Omar.

Muslima Rashida Tlaib, another new member of Congress who identifies as Palestinian and blatantly displays her detestation for our President, is unquestionably an expression of hate for America and our Constitution.  She opposes everything that President Trump stresses, particularly his articulation of friendship with Israel and acceptance of Israel’s capital, Jerusalem.  A sticky note with the name “Palestine” covers Israel on her office map, and she asked to be sworn in on the Thomas Jefferson Koran, the Islamic prayer book that demands holy war and death to Jews and Christians throughout the world. The Koran allows no allegiance to our country or our values; Jefferson obtained it in order to understand the Barbary pirates (North African jihadis) who were attacking non-military ships belonging to America and eight other Christian nations in the 1700s.  When attempts to negotiate peace failed, our ambassador learned that the Muslims would always wage war in order to spread Islam, increase their slave trade, and to qualify for vigorous sexual activity in the Islamic version of heaven.  It was then that Jefferson obtained a 1734 English translation of the Koran to understand the nature of our existential enemy.  It was not purchased and kept out of reverence, as Tlaib would have us believe.

Not only did Tlaib not display an American flag at her primary victory celebration, but she also wrapped herself in a Palestinian flag and invited rabid Israeli-hater, Abbas Hamideh, to her celebratory dinner party.  Hamideh is a co-founder of Al-Awda, a group dedicated to the platform of the delegitimization and eradication of Israel.  In a photo with him, she is wearing a keffiyeh, a scarf of jihad, holy war.  There is no doubt: she is not here as an American, and she will not legislate as an American.  She and her like-minded friends, including the vast membership of the Muslim Brotherhood, antisemitic jihadas Linda Sarsour, Tamika Mallory and others are working to control American policies and speech with the goal of establishing sharia law in the West and using the cry of “islamophobia” against any criticism that might alert the public to the scheme.

A member of the Democrat Socialists of America, Tlaib strongly supports the boycott-divestment-sanctions movement (BDS) to bring about Israel’s economic destruction, and to create an “Islamic state in Palestine” in its place.    She is tied to the designated-terrorist group, Hamas, known for its political, social, humanitarian and military activities committed to defeating Israel, and which recruits students for suicide attacks, supports intifada, guarantees support and homes for the martyrs’ families, and works to obstruct Israel’s trade agreements with international propaganda and boycotts, while working to flood Israel with terrorist-trained Palestinians.  Aligned with J Street, one of the most virulent anti-Israel organizations in the history of Zionism and Judaism, Tlaib plans to lead a taxpayer-funded mission of lawmakers to Israel’s Judea and Samaria at the same time that the traditional Israel mission is planned – to oppose the truth with the false Palestinian narrative.  To be noted: recent tax forms for a George Soros Open Society Foundation show an expenditure of $85,307 to Rashida Tlaib (p.97 of a 321-page report), which she failed to disclose when she ran for office.

Both Omar and Tlaib deceived their voters on their views about America, presenting themselves as moderate American citizens, but later admitting their true course – Islamic supremacy.  They were brought here initially for conquest by population, known as hijra, and they now seek to defeat our nation through our own laws.  Tlaib had the audacity to announce, “Each passing day brings more pain for the people most directly hurt by this president, and these are days we simply cannot get back. The time for impeachment proceedings is now.”  On 4 Jan 2019, 10:08 AM, she tweeted, “Americans have spent decades raping and pillaging my people.”  Her people are Palestinians, not Americans.

Clearly, both women have taken their positions not for their interest in America, but in order to promote their inherent Koranic beliefs, which focus on the destruction of Israel and the supplanting of freedom for worldwide sharia.  Islam is here to be the dominant religion on Earth.  Omar and Tlaib should be removed from their positions, not merely because they are a clear and present danger to our republic, but also because their positions were gained as a result of the misrepresentation of themselves to their constituents.”

New Migrant Crisis Imminent in Germany?


Could Germany see a resurgence in migrant caravans?

Article translated from the Austrian news source, WochenBlick, original article here.

Experts: The family move to Germany picks up in 2019

All refugees, including those with limited protection status, have the opportunity to bring their spouses or their minor children to Germany. And unaccompanied minor refugees are also allowed to bring their parents.

A prognosis, how many migrants altogether want to catch up their families, is not possible according to data of the federal government in Berlin.

Up to 400,000 could set off

If one believes the official estimates, a total of 150,000 to 180,000 new people should be brought to Germany. But experts even speak of a total of up to 400,000 relatives.

In any case, family reunification has the potential to trigger a migration movement that will be reminiscent of 2015.

Islamic Relief Canada: ”We Categorically Reject Any Allegation of Links to Terrorism”

Islamic Relief Worldwide
Al-Khairiya and IRW activists hand out IRW food baskets March 29, 2018 Source, facebook screenshot

During the last week, several reports have surfaced about Islamic Relief Worldwide, Islamic Relief USA and Islamic Relief Canada.

The Center for Near East Policy Research (CNEPR) presented reports that allegedly suggest that the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), Islamic Relief Worldwide, Turkey’s IHH and Mercy Malaysia worked in coordination with the Charitable Association For Palestinian Relief – CAPR, affiliated with the Palestinian terrorist group the Islamic Jihad.

According to reports published by the American Center for Democracy (ACD):


  • “Mohamad [Fakih, founder of Paramount Fine Foods and Fakih Foundation] regularly participates in fundraisers and community events, supporting multiple causes and organizations including… Islamic Relief Worldwide.”
  • Mohamad Fakih partnered with Islamic Relief Canada in fundraising campaigns.
  • Senior officials of the Charitable Association For Palestinian Relief (CAPR) and Islamic Relief Worldwide discussed in 2012 ways to strengthen the cooperation between the two organizations.
  • Islamic Relief Worldwide and Islamic Relief USA funded/supported humanitarian projects carried out by the Charitable Association For Palestinian Relief (CAPR).
  • Mahmood Qasim, head of fundraising at Islamic Relief Canada, agrees with Boona Mohammed’s message (which sounds Islamist-like in nature) on Canadian values and his disparaging statements regarding former prime minister Stephen Harper (“go back to where you come from”, “Leave this country, because you do not represent Canada”).
  • Mahmood Qasim, the head of fundraising at Islamic Relief Canada, served as the former Chief Executive of the AlKauthar Institute from November 2014 to December 2015. Calgary Imam Syed Soharwardy, the head of the Calgary-based Islamic Supreme Council of Canada and the founder of Muslims Against Terrorism, claimed in February 2015 that AlMaghrib Institute and AlKauthar Institute “are the ones who brainwash these young kids in lectures” and allegedly push them towards Islamic radicalism (Islamism/ terrorism).
  • Islamic Relief Worldwide assists Islamic Relief Canada “by facilitating the coordination, implementation and monitoring of overseas programs to ensure that goods and projects funded by Islamic Relief donors are used directly to benefit the people in need.” In 2013-2015 Islamic Relief Canada allocated moneys in program prepayments with Islamic Relief Worldwide.

On January 10, 2019 at 9:52 am, Pegida Canada sent to Islamic Relief Canada and Islamic Relief Worldwide a media inquiry that included CNEPR’s press release and the following questions:

  • Do Islamic Relief Worldwide and Islamic Relief Canada work in cooperation with the Charitable Association For Palestinian Relief – CAPR?
  • Are Islamic Relief Worldwide and Islamic Relief Canada aware of the reports that suggest that the Charitable Association For Palestinian Relief is a front organization of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad that was designated as a unlawful/ terrorist group by Canada?
  • Does Islamic Relief Canada transfer any moneys to Islamic Relief Worldwide?

We also phoned the office in Burlington, Ontario, advising them of the incoming email, so they would be aware. The receptionist assured us that she would pass the email on to the appropriate parties. We requested that they respond to this email by 12 pm January 10, 2019. We asked them to let us know if they needed more time to respond. We let them know we would be writing an article on the CNEPR’s press release.

We did not receive a reply to that email.

The following day, January 11, 2019, we became aware of two articles published by ACD which covered this press release. This prompted us to once again ask for clarification about the original press release, asking the same questions we had in the previous email. We included the two articles in question. We reminded them of the previous email, asking them once again to let us know if they needed more time. We advised them once again that we would be writing an article on this matter. This email was sent out on January 11, 2019 at 3:55 pm, and we requested that they answer by January 12, 2019, 12:00 pm.

Once again, we received no reply. We also received no response from Islamic Relief Worldwide.

On Sunday, January 13, 2019, we became aware of another article, dealing with the same subject matter, and we became more concerned. We sent another email January 14, 2019 at 8:08 am, with additional questions relating to the new information, and reminding them of the previous emails, and asked them to respond by 12:00 pm January 14, 2019. Once again, we let them know an article would be published. Following are the additional questions:

  • CAPR has acknowledged that Islamic Jihad has funded some of its projects. IRW has working in cooperation with CAPR. Would you like to comment on that?
  • IRC’s executive director Mahmood Qasim encouraged the disparagement of former Prime Minister Stephen Harper in a facebook post of a video by Boonaa Mohammed. Do you have any comments on that?

Islamic Relief Canada responded (and CCd to Islamic Relief Worldwide) to Pegida Canada’s email  and provided a brief statement on January 14, 2019 at 11:22 am. Following is the statement given by Islamic Relief Canada:

“Islamic Relief Canada is one of the world’s leading development charities working to end poverty and suffering in over thirty countries around the world. We abhor terrorism in all its forms, and we categorically reject any allegation of links to terrorism and any such accusations that have been made. We are a registered charity in Canada and are governed by all rules and regulations under the Canada Revenue Agency.”

Islamic Relief Canada answered questions that were never asked. Pegida Canada did not ask Islamic Relief Canada in a general manner about its position regarding terrorism or “links to terrorism”, but rather focused on very specific issues.


Pegida Canada’s Questions Islamic Relief Canada’s response
Do Islamic Relief Worldwide and Islamic Relief Canada work in cooperation with the Charitable Association For Palestinian Relief – CAPR? No direct response (“We abhor terrorism in all its forms, and we categorically reject any allegation of links to terrorism and any such accusations that have been made”)
Are Islamic Relief Worldwide and Islamic Relief Canada aware of the reports that suggest that the Charitable Association For Palestinian Relief is a front organization of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad that was designated as a unlawful/ terrorist group by Canada? No direct response (“We abhor terrorism in all its forms, and we categorically reject any allegation of links to terrorism and any such accusations that have been made”)
Does Islamic Relief Canada transfer any moneys to Islamic Relief Worldwide? No response
CAPR has acknowledged that Islamic Jihad has funded some of it’s projects. IRW has working in cooperation with CAPR. Would you like to comment on that? No response
IRC’s executive director Mahmood Qasim encouraged the disparagement of former Prime Minister Stephen Harper in a facebook post of a video by Boonaa Mohammed. Do you have any comments on that? No response
Does Mahmood Qasim agree with the allegations made by Soharwardy in relation to Alkauthar Institute during Qasim’s tenure as Chief Executive of the organization? No response

Syed Soharwardy’s testimony in Parliament begs another question. Does Mahmood Qasim agree with the allegations made by Soharwardy in relation to Alkauthar Institute during Qasim’s tenure as Chief Executive of the organization?

Islamic Relief’s cover photo for their facebook page states ‘We are coming clean’. We take that to mean that they will be transparent in all their dealings.

Pegida Canada notified IRC and IRW via email once again this morning January 15, sending them a draft of this article to make sure we had all the information correct. They have not responded. A copy of the published article will be sent, with an invitation for further comment if they choose to do so.

Pegida Rally, London, Ontario January 12, 2019

cover photo london

We had a great rally. I will say that again, we had a great rally. Why was it so great? Because, for the most part, counter protesters were absent. We started earlier than we were planning. As a result, the speech was heard, there were no confrontations to speak of, aside from the march, when the counters showed up.

This is a very important thing, to have the message be heard. People tend to listen/watch main stream media sources, and our information, proven information, does not reach the average listener. So to be able to have the message be heard was very valuable.

A yellow vest protest was being held prior to our rally. We began with interviewing a few of these people, just to get an idea about what they were concerned about. Their overriding concern was the safety of Canada, preserving our values. They were very concerned about what was going on in Ottawa. Following are the interviews.

It was suggested to do our speech at 12:30, as at that point, there were no counter protesters to be seen. It was a very good suggestion. One gentleman harassed us during the speech, calling us Nazis, asking why we didn’t deal with indigenous matters, or a host of other subjects. I explained to him we deal with Islamism. He said Islamism is no problem in Canada. He told us he was from Saudi Arabia/Iran. He told bystanders we were lying, that Osama Bin Laden worked for the CIA (9/11). Aside from this man, the speech went on unimpeded. A welcome change.

One yellow vester was concerned that we were dealing too much with ‘religion’. We explained that Islamism is a political ‘religious’ entity, and that’s what we deal with. People are so afraid of being labeled racist.

After  the speech, we had our march around Victoria Park as per usual, and we were accompanied by the rabble, who had arrived by that time, as per usual. Caitlyn, the lovely little nurse pest, was there with her siren, as per usual. You would think she would be more concerned about people’s hearing, being a nurse and all.

The Muslim gentleman from the October rally was also there. We had a good bit of dialogue with him. He actually told Caitlyn not to turn on the siren. This is the same man that was vulgar towards one of our supporters in October. He also shouted Allahu Akbar and recited Quranic verses in October. Perhaps there is a change of heart? One can hope.

His face is blurred for his protection.

We were thankful for our security from WOO, they were right there, on top of things. These are amazing people, helping to keep citizens safe. Voluntarily.

Following is a transcript of the speech.

“What is on everyone’s mind that is concerned about Islamism these days? I think I can safely say they are thinking and are concerned about the potential provincial political party, the Islamic Party of Ontario. Much has been written about this, but not by the main stream media so much. Most of it is coming from right wing news sources and blogs, people that understand the danger of this party. Perhaps not the party itself at this point, but who and what is behind the party.

I will go over some of the main points of the party’s principles and positions.

We understand and believe that Islam is the native DEEN of Ontario and      Canada…

Muslims believe that everyone is born a Muslim.

To achieve the objective, Islamic Party of Ontario will follow the peaceful and democratic means provided by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom…

The objective is for Canada to follow Islam, and they will use Canada’s democratic Charter of rights and freedoms to achieve that end.

Neither right nor left, Islam is the straight path. It balances human life…

Islam is considered the only true way for Ontario/Canada

The sexual relationship is only between men and women…

Sexual orientation is strictly enforced.

Obscenity, vulgarity, nudity, and perversion must be checked.

This would mean an attempt to censor media

Liquor, drugs, adultery, gambling, etc. should be banned in society…

Self explanatory

A strict law will be suggested to ban blasphemy of any religious (all) symbols and personalities…

Blasphemy laws will be enforced, M103 in full swing.

The rights of animals are to be maintained… They have the right to be slaughtered in the halal fashion.

Interesting that Kosher slaughter is not mentioned here.

All human beings are equal and sons and daughters of same father and mother, Adam and Eve. The better among us are those who have more fear of Allah (loves God and fully obey Him); It means a person of real character.

To be a person of character, or better, you have to be Muslim.

All of these points are reiterated in the Quran and Hadith. Most mosques and Islamic organizations in Canada follow these same principles.

However, several Muslim personalities have derided this new party, Imam Ibrahim Hindy calling it trash, and activist Mohammed Hashim calling the founder, Jawed Anwar ‘nutters’.

So, this is what we have. An Islamic political party that follows Quranic dictates, and then we have Imams and Muslim activists that call the party and it’s founder Trash.

Does this mean that M103 is done? Are we, as non Muslim Canadians now allowed to criticize Islam?

The founder of the Islamic Party of Ontario concerns us more than the party itself. Jawed Anwar is a busy man. He has written many articles, won many awards, one given by CAIR, a Hamas supporting organization, and just to reiterate, Hamas has been designated as a terrorist organization. Several people counter protesting us here today indirectly or directly support Hamas.

Mr Anwar was very involved in implementing Islamic prayer in public schools. He was also involved in Doug Ford’s campaign, presumably because of the Ford camp’s opposition to Kathleen Wynn’s sex ed curriculum.

He initiated the As Seerah education movement, which is Development of Islamic education system and curriculum, distributed in the Public and University libraries of North America and social sciences department libraries. Mr Anwar has also been involved as as school board member, chair and co-chair of  Thorncliffe Park Public School, the largest elementary school of North America, from 2009-2011.

As you can see, his influence is extensive. His views, contrary to what some say, corresponds with Quranic and Hadith teachings.

So yes, we can be concerned about this party.

This is Islamism, this is what we fight. A non-descript political party is only the tip of the iceburg as it were.

We see signs of Islamism everywhere in Canada.

Connections between London Muslim mosque leadership and the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR Can has been hinted at. Connections between London Muslim Mosque and radical speakers is undeniable. We have spoken previously about guest speakers at London Muslim Mosque, speakers that have spoken about jihad and hatred for Jews.

What is happening now in North America is the major issue of lawfare. Lawsuits are flying fast and loose in the Islamic community, most often against whistle blowers and those with a concern about Islamism.

However, just as prevalent is the exposure of Islamism. People working behind the scenes, exposing and recording and copying and saving information about hate literature and hate speech coming out of Mosques and the Muslim community.

We are on a role. The extreme importance of informing the public is inestimable. That’s why we are here. We need people to hear, to understand and to act on knowledge.

Much of our work is done on-line, some of it is done on the streets as we are doing today, but so much more is done behind the scenes. We investigate, we write letters, not only to government officials, but also to mosques, Imams, Islamic organizations and the like. Why? Because this can create change. And let me say, this is done with respect, no threats, just facts. Keep that in mind, Canada. As I have said, lawfare is alive and well with what we are dealing with.

One example of behind the scenes activism  concerns a radical Imam that was booked to speak at a conference in Toronto. Pegida Canada wrote to MP Ralph Goodale and MP Ahmed Hussen, warning them of this potential threat. As a result, not just because of our action, but because of multiple efforts, this Imam was taken off the roster.  This is what we are after. A change in perspective, a change in policy, the government taking threats seriously.

One London personality that is not afraid to voice his views is Mazin Abduladhim.

This man is an affiliate of the controversial Islamist organization Hizb ut-Tahrir. This organization actively advocates for an Islamic world. Again, this is not outside what the Quran tells it’s followers, it is not outside of what the Islamic party of Ontario advocates.

Hizb ut-Tahrir is banned in many countries, yet it continues to operate freely in Canada.

Mazin Abduladhim has a large following on his facebook page. He has held retreats for young boys, indoctrinating them in the way of Hizb ut-Tahrir.

He is a great admirer of a young Jordanian preacher who has recited standard anti semitic and jihadi text. He called him a courageous voice for the Ummah (Muslim Nation). He called him a giant of a man who was speaking the truth.  Following is a quote from this young preacher:

Oh Allah, annihilate the Jews and those who help them and those who stand by them! Oh Allah, liberate our land. Oh Allah, free our prisoners. Oh Allah, protect the mujahideen [Muslims who wage war against infidels in the name of Islam] and the [Muslim] fighters.

So this local Imam admires a Jordanian preacher who calls for the annihilation of the Jews.

But, this is not so strange to hear in London. London has hosted a Palestinian entertainer with the same sentiments. And London is silent.

Several of the counter protesters here today are pro Palestinian, anti Israel anti semites. And they have the nerve, the nerve to call us haters.

Pegida Canada has stood with the Jewish community in Toronto to protest the annual Al Quds hate fest, an event where young children call for the death of Jews. In Canada.

Islamism is a danger in Canada. We have Islamists in our government, in our schools, in our law enforcement, in our courts and in our society. They are working on changing policy. The Islamic Party is the tip of the iceberg. The rest of the iceberg is under the surface as it were.

The yellow vest movement is an amazing thing, many people are getting on board. So many Canadians concerned with what the liberal government is doing to our great nation. They are beginning to make their voices heard.

We wish them much success as they demonstrate in peace. Like any movement, there is always the danger of saboteurs. The Canadian movement is no exception. Stay strong, be aware, and keep the focus.

Pegida Canada’s focus is Islamism. This is a topic that is scary for many people. Our rallies have been small, people are afraid of being labeled racist.  But we continue to inform, continue to educate. The people opposing us do not want to hear what we have to say. Are they afraid that we may have valid concerns?

Another behind the scenes example. We communicate with Islamic organizations, calling them out on their activities, asking for statements of clarification.

Right now, we are dealing with a charity that has questionable connections, connections to terrorist organizations. These organizations need to be pushed, they need to answer questions. They need to know they are being watched, and not just by CSIS and government authorities, but by the general public as well.

Known Islamists have started cleaning out their social media pages. Why do you suppose that is? If what they have posted is so innocent, why do they remove that content? These are people in prominent positions in Canada.

We ask them why.

We investigate and question high profile Muslim Canadians that move in the political circles what their connection is to groups like Hamas and Hezbolah. We ask about questionable business deals.

Most of these emails go unanswered.

Mosques in Canada that pray for the death of Jews and Christians is not a rare thing.

Prayers are offered in support of mujahideen, which is another word for Jihadi. These prayers are recorded and reported on. Most people do not see these reports, because the main stream media doesn’t think it’s important enough to do a story on. As a matter of fact, when it was revealed that a Toronto Imam was calling for the death of non Muslims in a prayer, the Toronto Star actually defended him. This is what main stream media does. They are apologists for preachers of hate.

That’s why we get on the street. If we can reach one or two people that otherwise would not know these things, we have succeeded. And that’s what the counter protesters want to stop. That’s why they make so much noise. They don’t want people to hear. They don’t believe in free speech.

There is so much material out there, so much evidence to support our concerns. We could be here all day, speaking about things going on in Canada to further the Islamist agenda.

Please be aware that if and when our government changes, and it needs to, the issue of Islamism will still be here, will still continue to grow. The opposition has been a guest at a mosque where death to the infidel was prayed. You need to be aware of this. A change in government will not eradicate the issue of Islamism. We need to keep pressure on whoever is in Ottawa.

We will continue to warn, we will continue to defend our Judeo/Christian ethic.

We ask that you make yourselves aware and be active. Write letters, make phone calls, get on the streets and talk to people. One person can make a difference.

Stay strong, stay united, stay peaceful. God keep our land glorious and free.”