Reflections From an Iraqi Ex-Muslim


The following piece was written by Hayder Alasadi,  an ex-Muslim from Iraq, currently living in China.  He is hoping for resettlement. In March 2021, we posted his story and his dream of living in the United States or Canada. You can read his story here.

Below are his reflections on migration and Islamist repopulation. 

In the light of the current ongoing unrest and security problems in Arab Muslim-majority countries like Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Libya for example, we are seeing more and more Muslims choosing to leave their country of birth.

With economic difficulties in countries like Egypt, Lebanon as well as non-Arab Muslim countries like Iran , in which we are seeing not only severe unrest, but economic collapse due to economic sanctions, we also are witnessing an exodus, people fleeing to the west.

Europe, Canada and the USA are the main destinations for those looking for a better life. For decades,  Western countries  welcomed Muslim refugees, and helped them  integrate into Western societies.

The question is, what are the consequences when countless numbers of Muslim asylum seekers head for western countries and live there into the far future?

Before we head deeper into it, let us differentiate between the moderate or secular Muslim and the Islamist. Moderate, secular Muslims, those who are threatened in their home countries, will abide and respect the rules and laws of the host country (western), they do not focus on dawah, or try to project Islamic rule on the population in the host country.

They don’t force Sharia on their own family (as sharia is unacceptable or incompatible with Western law) It is fair to say that the moderate or secular Muslim would not be a threat to the lifestyle of a western country, and therefore, welcomed into society.

Islamists, on the other hand, want to change western countries into Islamic states based sharia law, for example, the forbidding of alcohol, forcing women to wear hijab, or even niqab in some instances, taking away freedoms, which is the core of western society and so forth.

Islamists are a direct threat to western society for a very simple reason. They will use any means to reach their goals. When Islamists arrive in their host country, they usually like to live in districts where only “Muslims” live, and they follow strict Islamic rules. They attend mosques where hatred towards Christians, Jews, and other minorities is preached. They support their Islamists counterparts in the Middle East, which is curious.

While supporting Islamists in their country of origin, why would they immigrate to western countries in the first place? In their host country,  why do they find it acceptable to attack Christians/Judeo ethic which is the core of European/Western civilizations?  The answer is simple, their goal is caliphate.

How will Islamists will reach their goals? A prime way is through birthrate.  This is not a new idea. When comparing Western and Islamic families, we see the average birth rate in the west is 1-2 children per household. Muslim families tend to have +4 children on average. They believe that financial hardship is not an impediment to having children and that Allah will provide. As a matter of fact, it is believed that to not continue to produce offspring is against the will of Allah.

EuroNews published an article about Muslim migration towards Europe in November 30, 2017 titled: “Numbers of Muslims will be double the Europeans by 2050”. This report is based on “Pew Research Center”.

Three scenarios are given on how this will possible be by 2050. In the first case scenario, if  Muslim migration towards Europe is completely stopped, which is highly unlikely, Muslims who are already in Europe and giving birth in large numbers  will increase their percentage from current 4.9%, 25.8 million (2017 numbers) to 7.4% by 2050, which is 35.5 million.

The second case scenario, if the Muslim immigration reduced but isn’t completely stopped, the percentage will increase from the current 4.9% up to 11.2% which increases the numbers from 25.8 million to 57.9 million.

The third case scenario, if the current Muslim immigration continues at it’s current rate, the percentage will increase from the current 4.9% (25.8M) to a whopping 14% and that is a 75.6 million, which is almost 3 times their number today.

The study goes on to say that in Germany, the numbers are expected to increase from 6% of the population in 2016 to 20% by 2050, while in Sweden, it will increase from 8% in 2016 up to 31% by the same time frame.

What does this mean? 

This means a sharp increase in mosques, a sharp increase in orthodox imams, an increase in radicalization. The push for religious dress will be successful, Muslim holidays will become official, media will favour the Muslim stance and will always talk about their political ideas, Israel will begin to be shown as the evil of the Middle East, European ideas will be changed, the Christian based ideas will become Muslim based.  We see the beginnings of this already throughout the Western world.  European freedom will be lost, and all of this will be just the beginning.

Immigration  oversite has to become more vigilant,  stronger vetting is imperative, approving applications of moderate Muslims whose ideals align with Western ideals, rejecting those who voice radical views. Adding an clause that a specific trial period is given to make sure that the new immigrants are successfully integrating into Western society would be wise. 

Accepting cases of the most vulnerable is imperative, Christians, Jews, minorities, ex-Muslims, activists and others that are in danger because of their status.  Protecting the vulnerable is a cornerstone of democracy.


Who Is Responsible?

Who is responsible for the tragedy in London? Ultimately, it is the perpetrator. However, many would have you believe that Islamophobia is responsible.

The tragedy in London has taken it’s toll not only on the Islamic community, but also on those who advocate for them and those who oppose Islamist ideology. We have inadvertently been connected to this tragedy, and though we grieve at the senseless loss of life, we categorically and strongly reject any responsibility put upon us by the press for this terrible attack.

PEGIDA Canada has a long history with London. We did not begin our rallies there, but we have held countless rallies in front of city hall since 2017. We began our rallies privately, a few people walking through central London with a message on a banner. Some citizens didn’t like that. They called the police who visited us as we were preparing to leave. The police did not ‘chastise’ us, what they did is suggest that we hold public rallies, so they could be prepared, and provide assistance if needed.

We followed their advice, and in early 2017, we held our first public rally. It was protested against by a mixture of apologists and social justice warriors.  The police were indeed present.

We held our second event in August 2017. This was advertised on Facebook. As a result, the mayor and council of London decided to call out the city against us, calling us white supremacists. The city did not once contact PEGIDA Canada for information.

This second event was chaotic. Our people were spit on, punched, shoved, our equipment was destroyed. Over 600 Londoners came out in opposition against us.

Since that rally, we have  continued to rally monthly in London, in front of city hall in protest to what they did to our organization in a supposedly free and democratic country. Sometimes these rallies were private (non advertised) and sometimes they were public. The private rallies were peaceful. When we held public rallies, we were consistently attacked. Equipment was stolen, we were physically attacked. One elderly gentleman was punched in the face, this was caught on video, and at another rally, one of our supporters was knocked unconscious.  At this point in our rally history, the police became non existent, and we were left to defend ourselves. We were told by the police ‘maybe you should leave if you don’t want to get hurt’.

And what was our message? Warning of the dangers of Islamism. London is one of the oldest Muslim communities in Canada, and as a result, has a large population per capita. Our focus was on the radicals and radical organizations. Several Muslim observers in London have publicly agreed with our stance, Muslims who came to Canada to escape tyranny and oppression. However, that made no impression on our opposition.

We spoke of Imams in London that have advocated jihad, who spoke of renewing the caliphate, who spoke of their hatred for democracy, hatred for the West, and very predominately, hatred for Jews.

During rallies, we would be confronted by students from a school in the area. We heard ‘f–k the Jews’ consistently. One of our supporters is Jewish, and carries a Jewish flag when we rally.  During one private rally, a protester who got wind of our rally, tore the Jewish flag out of our supporter’s hand and threw it in the mud.

In October 2017, Palestinian singer Mohammad Assaf appeared at London’s Centennial Hall for a concert. Mohammad Assaf has been endorsed by Hamas, has music videos that glorify and encourage intifada. David Menzies of Rebel media interviewed some of the attendees of this concert. Their commentary was shocking. Holocaust denial is common in the pro Palestine faction.

Now we will fast forward to May 2021. The conflict in Israel/Gaza carried over into all areas of the world.  Protests consisting of tens of thousands of pro Palestine advocates were held in cities across the globe. London held a car rally on May 18. In the clip below, we hear the music of Mohammad Assaf.

During these protests around the world, chants of ‘kill the Jews, death to Israel, rape their women’ were heard. Jewish citizens were terrorized. Many were physically attacked.

This is not unusual. During several annual Al Quds marches in Toronto, we saw small hijabed children draw their fingers across their throats while chanting ‘death to the Jews’.

During the protests this past May, there was the familiar ‘condemn antisemitism’ from leaders around the world, but these protests continued. There was no outcry for a summit on Islamist antisemitism, even though Imams regularly call for the death of Jews. The London Imam in the video below is a known radical and someone who we spoke about often.

Mazin AbdulAdhim calls for mobilizing Islamic armies to liberate Palestine

We have kept a low profile since the London tragedy. Not because we feel we were responsible, but out of respect for the deceased. This should not happen in Canada. Neither should Canadian soldiers be killed by Islamists. Nor should young girls be killed by Islamists. Muslim girls in Canada who refuse to wear hijab should not be killed by their parents for their refusal. Police officers shouldn’t be rammed by a truck. 26 Canadians shouldn’t have died in the twin towers. But they have been.

Our leaders ignore hate preaching imams. They ignore hate coming out of mosques under the guise of ‘freedom of religion’.  Yet, they want to tackle Islamophobia. This is a mistake.

This is what we warn about.

Murder is Murder….Isn’t It?


On May 29, 2021, a 56 year old Mississauga, Ontario restaurant owner, his 44 year old wife, two sons and an employee were shot. The owner’s son was pronounced dead at the scene. The thirteen year old daughter, also in the restaurant at the time, was not injured in the attack.

Read the report here and  here

Two of the perpetrators have been charged. Police announced Thursday morning that the third perpetrator had been arrested in Montreal, but no word on charges yet.

Was this a pre meditated attack? Did the perpetrators and victims know each other? It is not clear from media reports. What is clear is this shooting has largely gone unnoticed.

This was an Arab upon Arab attack. The trauma was similar to what we witnessed in London this past weekend. A young child living through trauma, her parents injured in front of her, her brother killed in front of her. Yet very little was reported on this. Is it because both perpetrators and victims were possibly Muslim?

Most terror attacks committed in this world are Muslims against Muslims. They are by far the biggest victims. Somehow, that does not seem to concern people.

Murder is murder….isn’t it?

Tragedy Turned into Political Opportunity

As we mentioned in our last blog, the tragedy in London is having far reaching repercussions.

The attack on the right wing is in full swing. Anyone that dares mention any concern about Islamism is ostracized, attacked, vilified and generally made to feel very unsafe.

Our Twitter feed is unpublished. Our Facebook page was unpublished several months ago.

There is absolutely no mention of threats from the Islamist community against the Jewish community in the last several weeks. Politicians are falling all over themselves to condemn “far right“ groups.

The vigil in London was well attended last evening. Politicians from all sectors spoke against Islamophobia. Politicians that previously decried the term.

Human rights organizations, many of them having attending our rallies in violent opposition, have taken advantage of this tragedy as well.

This tragedy has turned into a political opportunity, on the federal, provincial, municipal and religious levels. It is shameful, and shows no sensitivity for the family of those who lost their lives.

It seems to be an opportunity for interviews, grandstanding, and political posturing.

What a shame.

God keep our land glorious and free.




As we were working on this article, news of the tragic family killing in London, Ontario appeared online. Although not much is known about the situation as of yet, several news sources have claimed terrorism and targeted attack, quoting London Police Chief Williams who said they believed this was a targeted attack on Muslims. As a result, Pegida Canada has also been under attack from not only the public, but also from ‘human rights’ groups.

We have held several rallies in London and a particularly well known rally was covered by main stream media in 2017. As the following article shows, the reporting was skewed and biased, and was not reported on accurately.

At no time in our six year history has PEGIDA Canada ever called for attacks on the Muslim community. What we have done and will continue to do is expose Islamism and Islamist activity which continues to fester in Canada. The following article is a rebuttal of an openDemocracy article published a week ago.


PEGIDA Canada does not make the main stream news often. We have also not been the focus of leftwing publications for the past year due, no doubt, to our staying out of the ‘protest’ fray. However, we do know that they watch our social media feeds, searching for material to incriminate us. 

On-line media source, openDemocracy, decided to do a piece on PEGIDA, including the Canadian version, which we found interesting, because twice the article reads “PEGIDA Canada has not been very successful.” Curious that they would feel the need to write about us if we are not successful.  You can read their article here.

According to their website, openDemocracy is an independent global media platform covering world affairs, ideas and culture which seeks to challenge power and encourage democratic debate across the world. Would they be willing the debate the issues that we bring forward? According to their article, it appears unlikely.

The article in question goes on to connect PEGIDA, PEGIDA Canada, Islamophobia and the current pandemic.

Fake news is not just about telling blatant untruths, it is also omitting material in order to guide the readers thinking. This is what openDemocracy has done. We will rebut what they have said with actual facts. 

Fake news is not just about telling blatant untruths, it is also omitting material in order to guide the readers thinking.

 “In 2015, it (PEGIDA Canada) tried to organize demonstrations, first in Montreal “

PEGIDA Canada has never demonstrated in Montreal. Our first rally was held in Toronto. PEGIDA Montreal was an independent entity with no connection to either PEGIDA Canada or PEGIDA Dresden.

“and then in Toronto.”

We did indeed hold our first public rally on September 16, 2015, with full permission in place at Queen’s Park, Toronto. The police were advised as well. Due to the strong presence of Antifa, we were made to discontinue our rally, as the police could not control them. They not only broke through the police line, they destroyed our equipment as well. Riot police were eventually called to the scene.

“In 2017, another anti-Islam protest of 30-40 PEGIDA Canada members resulted in a clash with a larger group of counterprotesters.”

This is correct, minus the ‘anti Islam’ statement. We are against Islamization. What the author fails to mention is the incitement of then-mayor of London Matt Brown. He called publicly for the city of London to stand against us. Once more, we were spit on, punched, shoved, hit and our equipment was destroyed. By the citizens of London. We were given the opportunity to explain our position on public radio before the event, but city council did not once contact us and ask us about our position.

Crimes Against Democracy: London, Canada council smears innocent citizens as ‘white supremacists,’ inciting up to 1000 ‘anti-racists’ to rally against their neighbours (STORY/VIDEOS/PICS)

In 2018, about 60 PEGIDA protesters (joined by the Canadian Proud Boys, the Northern Guard and Sons of Odin, all far-Right groups) rallied in Toronto 

During this rally, we had eggs and bottles thrown at us. Of course, this is not reported by MSM.

Toronto Rally July 21, 2018

In 2019, a smaller protest in Toronto was yet again “drowned out” by 200 anti-racist activists.

The violence at this rally was incited by Toronto Mayor John Tory. That is two municipal leading politicians who publicly incited the citizens of their cities to come out against us. Several provincial and federal politicians also spoke out against us, again, without contacting us to see what our position was.

Toronto Mayor Tries To Stop Pegida Rally With Irresponsible Tweet

PEGIDA Canada focused on freedom of religion and worship, insisting that Islam’s calls to prayer encouraged social meetings

This tweet deals with advantage taken by the Islamist community to broadcast their call to prayer on the streets during the pandemic, even though everyone with a cell phone was called to prayer at the appropriate time. It had nothing to do with us implying that the call to prayer encouraged social meetings.

Subtitle in the article: “PEGIDA Canada concluded that the Canadian government must restrict freedom of worship”

They disingenuously suggested this came from our article which spoke about the unfairness of government oversite during the lockdown. In fact, our article specifically mentions that Canada has as one of it’s core principles freedom of religion and freedom to worship. openDemocracy didn’t mention the changing of the bi-law to accommodate the call to prayer. Nor did they mention that mosques have not been targeted for special surveillance like some churches have, even though evidence shows mosques breaking protocol.

PEGIDA Canada has for the most part, stayed away from the Covid 19 issue, unless it directly impacts Islamism. To connect us with Covid 19 conspiracy theories is a conspiracy theory in itself.

Several other quoted tweets were taken completely out of context to ‘prove their point.’ If the reader were to actually look at the tweets in question, they would see the total disconnect.

What openDemocracy does not mention at all is our content which deals with Islamism. Documentation is imperative, and we do not post or speak about an issue unless there is proof of what we are speaking about.

Our content

The following article shows the many concerns we have regarding Islamism in Canada.

Documentation of Islamism in Canada

Quotes from article:

Mustafa Farooq, Chairman of NCCM: “As a bunch of awful people showed up in Ottawa to scream about the redemption of Christ and All Lives Matter….

“In terms of civic disobedience, while definitely important, we have to look more closely at the civics. How are we Muslims going to recreate Cordoba[13] [Caliphate/ Islamic State] in Edmonton/Toronto/Montreal/any Canadian city? We have a massive task ahead of us, but I really believe that it is one at which we can succeed, one in which we erase these artificial “nation-state” identities, and move together to pursue Jannah [paradise].”

Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips, a Canadian Muslim scholar and Imam: “The Islamic Law says that if you’re caught in an act in an Islamic State you will be executed. If you’re been seen by four witnesses etc. execution. That’s the law.”

Abdullah Hakim Quick, Director at the Canadian Council of Imams: “So he said: what is the position of Islam on homosexuality? They ask me. So newspaper, right? So I said: put my name in the paper. The position is death. And we cannot change Islam

ICNA Canada shared on its website the book “Riyad us Saliheen” (“The Gardens of the Righteous” quote from book: “Muslims will dominate the Jews” and kill them

Shaikh Abdool Hamid, a resident scholar at the Islamic Institute of Toronto: “He [Allah] gives us this legislation [Islamic Law, Sahria] to allow us to achieve the best in life. So not only for the Muslims, but for the whole community in society as well.

Mazin AbdulAdhim, a prominent Canadian Muslim scholar and Imam based in London, Ontario: “Islam and democracy are contradictory and absolutely incompatible, because Islam forbids mankind from legislating laws in the place of the Creator, even if the overwhelming majority of the people vote in favor of it… 

The escalation of Islamist sentiment, particularly towards the Jewish community, has been very apparent in the last several weeks. Not only have the Islamist community called for the death of Jews, raping of their women, but have also called for the death of the Prime Minister of Canada.

The following website is an invaluable tool documenting material that is used in teaching the Islamic community and is also used for Dawah purposes.


Publications like openDemocracy largely tend to concentrate on the right wing, and how dangerous they are. They fail to report on the Islamic community and the very concerning hate speech and threats that come out of this community. This is similar to the Canadian Anti-Hate network, who not only refuse to expose Islamist activity, but actually work in tandem with Islamic (NCCM) organizations.

This rebuttal will no doubt receive little viewing, but it is important to expose organizations like openDemocracy for their blatant bias and false/omittance reporting. A friend once said ‘document everything’. Wise council.

Should Mosques be Held Responsible for the Hate Speech against the Jewish Community?


Yesterday, Prime Minister Trudeau suggested that the Roman Catholic church should take responsibility for the genocide against the indigenous community after a mass grave was uncovered at a residential school.

In the last several weeks, the Jewish community has been given death threats, threats of rape, destruction of property and terrorized. Should mosques take responsibility for this? We believe this is a fair question, so we wrote to the Prime minister to suggest this.

Keep in mind that mosques have not condemned the actions of Hamas, nor have they condemned the hate speech on the streets of Canada.

Screenshot 2021-06-05 15.47.38

We await a reply.

Belarus: ‘Ryanair flight stopped after Hamas bomb threat’

Originally in Dutch from AD, read here.

Hamas has far reaching tentacles. As does anti-democratic socialism. Partners. For now.

Screenshot 2021-05-24 12.32.59

UPDATE Belarusian authorities say today that they forced Ryanair flight FR4978 to land with prominent opposition member Roman Protasevich (26) on board because Hamas allegedly planted a bomb in the plane. The plane was on its way from Greece to Lithuania yesterday. A Lufthansa device would also have been searched today.

The head of the aviation department of the Belarusian ministry of transport and communications today read out a letter allegedly from Hamas. It says that ‘the soldiers of Hamas’ demand that Israel stop the violence in the Gaza Strip and that the European Union renounces support for Israel in this conflict. “There is a bomb on this flight. If you don’t meet our requirements, this bomb will detonate over Vilnius on May 23, ”the letter would say.

Opposition channel

Protasevich is the founder of the opposition channel Nexta on the messaging platform Telegram. That channel reports, among other things, about the massive demonstrations against the Lukashenko regime. It has ruled the former Soviet Republic with a heavy hand since 1994 and is said to have controlled the August elections by means of fraud.

Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary says that there were some employees of the Russian secret service on board the flight. “It seems that the authorities intended to remove a journalist and his traveling companion. We believe that some Russian secret agents have also disembarked at the airport, ” O’Leary said on Irish radio. He further called the action a ‘state-sponsored hijacking’.

Terrorist Threat

So, while Belarus’s statement that Ryanair’s aircraft was under investigation following a report of a terrorist threat is questioned, a Lufthansa aircraft experienced the same thing today. The airline reports that the departure of flight LH1487, from Minsk to Frankfurt, has been delayed because the plane had to be searched. There are 56 people on board, including five crew members. In this case too, ‘a terrorist threat’, received by email by the airport, would have been given as the reason for the search of the aircraft. 

The search is said to have been completed and the aircraft is preparing for departure.


The forced landing of the Ryanair plane and the arrest of Protasevich and his girlfriend have provoked much furious international reactions. The EU wants an international investigation into the forced landing of the aircraft. “In carrying out this coercion, the Belarusian authorities have endangered the safety of passengers and crew,” said EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell in a statement this morning. “It is yet another shameless attempt by the Belarusian authorities to silence the opposition.” He called the diversion of the plane an “inadmissible step” that points to a further deterioration in relations between the two parties.

EU leaders are about to discuss additional sanctions against Belarus at a summit starting later today in Brussels. According to France, aircraft of the national company Belavia should be banned from European airports. They should also no longer be allowed in European airspace. According to the Élysée, a package of measures is being developed that goes beyond sanctions against individuals. Ground transport links with the EU could also be suspended.

Many European countries also called on the ambassador of Belarus to provide information and explanations. 

Pro Jihad Pakistani Islamist’s Son Educated at University of Toronto


Liaqat Baloch is a political leader in Pakistan. He is originally from Muzaffargarh, a remote area of southern Punjab – although his family’s origins are in the nearby province of Balochistan. He played an active role in student politics in the late 1970s.

Mr Baloch is the Pakistani leader of the Islamist organization Jamaat-e-Islami. Jamaat-e-Islami  is an Islamic movement founded in 1941 in British India by the Islamic theologian and socio-political philosopher, Abul Ala Maududi. Along with the Muslim Brotherhood, founded in 1928, Jamaat-e-Islami was one of the original and most influential Islamist organisations, and the first of its kind to develop “an ideology based on the modern revolutionary conception of Islam”.

Baloch is a longtime proponent of ‘jihad’ and has always urged people to send their children away to fight in the name of God, which is why his son’s education at a foreign university did not sit well with social media users.

Foreign students have been a part of the Canadian Education system for decades. Islamist students are to be found in the mix, no doubt.

According to Twitterati, it is hypocritical that religious leaders want children of the poor to leave their homes for jihad, but send their own children abroad for higher studies.

You can read the full story here.

Zemmour: “Two civilizations cannot live on the same soil. It is not possible.”


Éric  Zemmour is a French essayist, political journalist and writer. His anti-liberal and anti-immigration positions have found an outlet in the new ‘Fox’ of France, CNews.  In an interview today, Mr Zemmour was very clear once again on his position concerning the Islam/leftist alliance. 

The practice of Islam, the civilization that goes with Islam is not compatible with France.

For 10 years, we have seen a left-handedness of the Brussels technostructure and of European judges.

“The question of immigration and Islam” is one of the reasons for the rise of the right in Europe, in France

The recent surge in attacks in France have given CNews  traction as more and more citizens realize the danger of Islamist thinking plaguing France.  


The Art of Subterfuge


When someone is caught in an act that is contrary to societal norms, the instinct is to cover tracks, to excuse behavior, blame circumstances.

The latest attack in France is no exception. In this case, the mosque in Rambouillet, France is disassociating itself from the terrorist, claiming he was an infrequent visitor. Photographs, however, tell a different story. He attended an Eid service in 2018.

According to the president of the Association of Muslims of Rambouillet, Jamel Gorchene frequented the town’s prayer hall “sporadically for a few weeks”. 

 “At the mosque, we remember having met the terrorist from there,” recalls Malik. Even though his memories are a bit muddled, he’s sure the killer was there only the last two Fridays leading up to the drama.

“Last Friday, he – Jamel G. – came at 1 pm and we finished the prayer at 1.45 pm…” That is forty-five minutes before the assassination of Stéphanie in front of the police station, located two kilometers away. 

Background story:

Jamel Gorchene, a Tunisian national who murdered a policewoman with a knife at the Rambouillet police station (Yvelines), had been issued a temporary residence permit on December 28, 2020, well after the first alarming messages had arisen on his profiles online. Since the autumn, the assailant had shown on his public Facebook account “an adhesion to an ideology legitimizing violence against those who offended the Prophet”.

His messages, visible to all – Marianne accessed them without difficulty – seem to bear witness to this. From April 2020, he only published prayers and Koranic verses, while closely following the radical sermons of Sheikh Ali al-Qaradaghi, a 72-year-old Qatari close to the Muslim Brotherhood . A few days after the beheading of Samuel Paty, he justifies future violence on  social network: “O Muslims, now we are going to respond to the insults of France and Macron against our prophet Muhammad “



The covering of tracks is common behavior, and quite often it is accepted by the general public. A Canadian example is the hate preaching out of a mosque in Toronto. The mosque was confronted, the Imam replied by saying he was not sure what exactly he was praying. This was accepted by the public, even though Imams are fully versed in Arabic.

He was shaken by the English translation. “I was surprised,” he says. “When I (saw) that, I even doubted myself. Did I say that?”