Moderate Decorated Muslim Convicted of Potential Honor Killing in Sweden


Women in the Islamic culture very often have horrifying stories. This is one of them. A young girl terrorized by her father for not conforming to sharia.

The ‘punishment’ that the men receive are laughable compared to the threats these women face. In the story below, the father was fined. And the state picked up his court tab.

In 2014, Rasoul Zarar Ibrahim received a medal from His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf. His “sunshine history” in Sweden since 1990 earned him the New Builder of the Year award. Now, however, Ibrahim has been convicted of potential honor killing against his own daughter. This after almost 30 years in the country where he has, among other things, represented the Moderates in the municipal council.

It was 16 years ago that Ibrahim had children with an eleven year younger Swedish from Sundsbruk. In 2008, however, he began to focus on entrepreneurship and later separated from his Swedish girlfriend.

Ibrahim has been in Sweden for about 30 years. His daughter has experienced elements of honor culture from his homeland. Among other things, he has banned her from using social media. The daughter’s Facebook account is now reduced to a picture like a patched teddy bear holding a bouquet of roses.

At the end of 2020, Ibrahim was therefore sentenced by Ångermanland District Court for harassment.

According to the verdict, it can be deduced that he:

“Screamed” shut up, fucking idiot “and similar expressions, took her cell phone and read her private messages, put her in the car door so that her cap and glasses went off her and caused a red mark on her nose.”

It further appears that he took his daughter’s mobile and started scrolling through her messages while driving the car. He has angrily told her to “stop being on social media” and questioned which friends she has.

Judge Susanne Söderström Wallin sentenced Ibrahim to a fine of SEK 1,500.

Although Ibrahim runs Subway restaurants with a turnover of SEK 25 million a year, the state will bear his legal costs of SEK 60,000.


Teenager Arrested in the Netherlands for Terrorist Connections


The number and frequency of these kinds of reports is much greater in Europe. This no doubt, is due to the greater migrant activity within the European Continent.

In Canada, very little information is given by the media and law enforcement about criminals and their intent. Appeals to the public for help often come with little or no information about possible suspects.

Police have arrested an 18-year-old man from Reuver (Netherlands) who is suspected of preparing a terrorist crime. He is also said to be a member of a terrorist organization.

The man was arrested late on Saturday evening in a house on the Oude Schans. The examining magistrate has determined on Wednesday that he will be detained for two weeks.

Bomb belts and explosives
The teenager was in a chat group on Telegram where instructions were shared for making explosives and bomb belts. Earlier this month someone from the same chat group was arrested in France because there were indications that he wanted to commit a suicide attack on a church. A homemade explosive device was found during a house search.

Investigation into role
No weapons and explosives were found on the teenager in Reuver. It is also unknown what kind of terrorist crime is involved. Further research is underway into his precise role in the chat group. 


“We are here to rule” Jihadi Wife Gets Four Years

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Jihadi wife Fatima H who had her Dutch citizenship revoked in December, has been sentenced to four years in prison. She will contest the revocation after her sentence has been completed. 

With the current statistics on radicalization in prisons, she will leave prison even more radicalized than she is now. Deportation may be the best option.

More on returning Jihadi here

“Yes, we are here to rule,” Fatima H. ​​wrote on Twitter. ‘We take your houses, we take your wealth and your lives. Just like you did it with us! Yes, we hate you on Allah’s behalf’.

Fatima left for the conflict area in 2013 and was then almost immediately married to a Belgian fighter. When ISIS collapsed, she ran away. In 2019 she was one of the first regrets to report to the Turkish embassy to return to the Netherlands.


Fatima H. ​​herself put forward a well-known defense in the lawsuit: that she had gone to Syria to “help orphans,” that she knew nothing about the atrocities of IS, or that her husband was a fighter. Her lawyer argued that H. was seriously injured in the caliphate by flying bomb shards and was therefore also psychologically traumatized. She would have a hard time in the Terrorist Department of the prison because there is a military training area next to it, but nothing is known of such a training area.

In any case, the court does not believe Fatima H.’s stories and imposes 48 months in prison – 16 months of which on probation. “After the return from the IS conflict zone, the suspect is disillusioned and regretted,” said the judge. “The risk that she (again) will seek out radical networks and actively engage in radical ideology is assessed as moderate.” The judge does take seriously into account that Fatima will again commit violent crimes.

H. was deprived of Dutch citizenship in December and declared an undesirable alien. “Against the advice of the Public Prosecution Service in and before there is a criminal conviction,” the court critically notes. Fatima has appealed against these decisions. If she loses that, she will have to leave the Netherlands after serving a possible sentence. H. still has a Moroccan passport. Her two young children are housed with a relative.


Woman yells Allahu Akbar before Charging at Officer With a Knife

Sad  and disturbing incident. 

The Nevada County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday released video that shows a deputy fatally shooting a woman holding a knife as she chased after another deputy in front of her children two weeks ago.

Ariella Sage Eloise Crawford was shot in front of her children on the afternoon of Feb. 4, the Nevada County District Attorney’s Office has said. Crawford’s birth name was Deidre Eloise Hawkins.

Crawford, 33, died at a hospital. No one else was injured during the encounter.


sageisaiahandolderbaby (1)

Justice for Sage

French Jihadi: “My intention was not to kill people” Sentenced to 24 Years

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Originally published by Le Figaro in French here.

No other sentence ” is conceivable “: the national anti-terrorism prosecutor’s office (Pnat) on Tuesday demanded in Paris life imprisonment against Réda Kriket, “common thread ” of a jihadist attack project foiled a few weeks before the Euro football in 2016.

A 39-year-old offender, Réda Kriket has always denied having wanted to commit an attack. Before the special assize court, which has been judging him since March 8, he remained evasive on the origin of the weapons, and reaffirmed that he wanted to hold up a deposit of money. Anis Bahri, who has never disputed his desire to join the Islamic State, agreed that the seized arsenal looked more like “the logistics of an attack “, but assured that Réda Kriket did not have ” the scale Of such a project.

For the prosecution, if Réda Kriket ” is not the sole actor ” of the case, he ” remains the common thread of the preparations “, ” present at all key moments “. He knows five of his six co-accused, ” involved to varying degrees ” in this ” Argenteuil cell “. It is also “ highly probable ” according to the Pnat that Réda Kriket stayed in Syria with Anis Bahri in January 2015, for training. They were ” framed by the tutelary figure»By Abderrahmane Ameuroud, a 43-year-old Algerian convicted in 2005 in the trial of a network accused of having provided logistical support for the departure to Afghanistan of the assassins of Commander Massoud, killed two days before September 11.

“ All three were the driving force behind the preparations.  All three have joined forces “and” in none has been detected a questioning “, underlined the other representative of the prosecution, demanding life imprisonment against them, the only penalty” conceivable“. Sentences ranging from four years ‘imprisonment to thirteen years’ imprisonment have been requested against four other men, aged 38 to 44, accused of logistical support. The investigation with drawers and European ramifications began in November 2015, with the arrest in Turkey of one of them, Miloud Feia, and of the brother of Anis Bahri, on the verge of going to Syria according to the authorities. The investigators had gone back to Réda Kriket, then wanted in Belgium after a conviction in his absence in a terrorist case. Anis Bahri had sought to ” escape ” into Syria, before being arrested in the Netherlands on March 27, 2016, after the ” resounding ” arrest of Réda Kriket. He had given as guarantors two officers of the cell of “external operations ”of the terrorist group, behind the attacks in Brussels and those of November 13, 2015 in Paris and Saint-Denis. ” We do not recommend such figures without a strong bond of trust ,” said one of the general counsel.

After five years of instruction and four weeks of debates, the possible “ targets ” of the “ Argenteuil cell ” remain unknown. ” Assuming ” not to have ” all the answers “, the representatives of the prosecution criticized the defendants, who ” have chosen to be silent “. The floor is on the defense Wednesday and Thursday. Verdict expected Thursday or Friday.

Canadian Connection of Pre-School Closure in Germany


It is often articulated by apologists that Islamism is not a problem in Canada, that what happens in Islamic countries does not impact us here in Canada. It is also said that misinterpretation of Islamic scripture is at the core of Islamist thinking/activity. 

The story below is proof positive that Islamism is not limited by boundaries or borders, and in our day of technology, Islamist propaganda is spread in the blink of an eye. 

Bilal Philips is a Canadian Imam, now living in Qatar,  is a Canadian Muslim teacher, speaker, author, founder and chancellor of the Islamic Online University. He appears on Peace TV, which is a 24-hour Islamic satellite TV channel. He considers himself a Salafi who advocates a traditional, literal form of Islam. A traditional form of Islam, not a misinterpreted form of Islam.

Mr Bilal has stated that both Judaism and Christianity are distortions.

Christianity [is] a distortion, and Judaism [is] a distortion, though in its roots Judaism was Islam as in the roots of Christianity, as Jesus taught it, it was Islam. Jesus represents the link between all three.”

He has also stated that when Muslims are the majority,  sharia can be applied.

“We can’t apply it unless we are the majority and the majority agree, then we can apply it”

Mr Philips was one of the reasons that a day-care was closed in the city of Mainz, Germany. You can read the translated story below.

The day-care “temporarily acted as a “testing center” for students at an “online university” run by the Islamist Bilal Philips.” 

Islamism, and the push for a world-wide Ummah is a constant. It is everywhere in the world. And technology is speeding up the process. 

Story translated from German:

“The ordered closure of the Muslim Al-Nur-Kita in Mainz was legal. The Mainz administrative court has dismissed the action against the withdrawal of the operating license.

The court initially did not provide any details on the reasons for the judgment. The first and so far only Muslim day-care center was closed in spring 2019 at the instigation of the State Office for Social Affairs, Youth and Welfare. The background was allegations against the organization responsible for the kindergarten, the Mainz “Arab Nil-Rhein Verein”, which was assumed to be close to the radical Muslim Brotherhood and Salafism.

The state office accused the association of violating operating regulations. The decision had already been provisionally confirmed in 2019 in urgent proceedings by the Rhineland-Palatinate Higher Administrative Court. The sponsoring association can now apply for approval of the appeal to the Higher Administrative Court (OVG) in Koblenz.

“Child welfare must not be an issue”

The President of the State Youth Welfare Office, Detlef Placzek, welcomed the court ruling. He has always regretted the closure of the only Muslim daycare center in the country. “However, the best interests of the child must not be an issue,” said Placzek. He therefore welcomes the fact that the Mainz Administrative Court has now also confirmed the state office’s legal opinion in the main proceedings.

Proximity to radical Islam

After the opening of the kindergarten, the “Arab Nil-Rhein Verein” was criticized several times, for example after the guest appearance of a radical Saudi preacher. It also temporarily acted as a “testing center” for students at an “online university” run by the Islamist Bilal Philips. In 2018 it became known that the Office for the Protection of the Constitution had also taken a look at the activities of the association. The association’s board of directors always rejected allegations of extremism and spoke of a “witch hunt” that only played into the hands of right-wing populist forces. The “defamation” of Muslim associations is a threat to peaceful coexistence in Germany.”



Returning Jihadi

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A woman in a Burqa walking down a middle eastern street

The deportation of potential jihadi and the ongoing activism to allow jihadi wives to return to Western countries is a study in contrasts.

A British Columbia man whose Facebook posts promoted ISIS and praised lone wolf terrorist attacks had been ordered deported from Canada in 2018. The Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada has ruled that Othman Hamdan of Fort St. John is a “danger to the security of Canada” and is therefore inadmissible.

Jack Letts, a British-born Canadian Muslim convert, formerly of dual British-Canadian nationality, who has been accused of being a member of ISIS and given the nickname Jihadi Jack by the British media, was stripped of his UK citizenship.

Shamima Begum, another UK citizen, also lost her bid to be repatriated.

The latest trial in the Netherlands concerning the case of jihadi wife Angela B seems to be following the same conclusion. What is interesting is that the women in question forsook the niqab while they were fighting for their citizenship. Ms Begum was seen in western clothing several weeks ago in a photo shoot.

As stated in the story below, “Angela B” decided to wear a brightly coloured hijab and western clothes for her court appearance today.

Deradicalization is a long and difficult if not impossible process.

“Angela B. left for Syria in 2014 and joined IS there. The Dutch woman, then just 19 years old, married the Portuguese jihadist Fabio: a talented football player who radicalized. The Portuguese, who has since died, is said to have been part of a notorious IS media department and was responsible for making execution videos. After his death, she is said to have remarried to another Portuguese jihadist, Nero Saraiva. That man is said to have been involved in the kidnapping of Western journalists and aid workers in Syria. He was later seriously injured and is now in prison.

Till the end

She  married an IS fighter three times, says the Public Prosecution Service (OM). Justice does not see her as ‘a stupid child who just went there’. In fact, she stayed there to the end. When the Caliphate consisted of only one city, Baghuz, Angela was still there and she texted her mother that she was okay and fought for her faith, according to the OM. It was only after the fall of the Caliphate that she ended up in a Syrian detention camp. One of her children died there, according to her it was the fault of the Kurds in the area who did not provide enough medical care.

B. did not participate in the major lawsuit of 23 Dutch women who tried to force them and their children back from detention camp.. She would rather let her fate be determined by Allah than by a judge, she then informed them.

She eventually escaped from camp Al Hol to northwest Syria and later to Turkey. She returned to the Netherlands at the end of 2020.


Justice suspects her of membership of IS, but also of recruiting. Once in Syria, Angela would have wanted to lure other women (including three young Dutch women) to the Caliphate via social media. She wrote on facebook ‘ISIS in power!’ And that it is ‘an obligation for everyone to come to Syria’

According to the OM, Angela would not have known what her men were doing in Syria. For example, she is on several photos and videos where weapons can also be seen. She would also have been active in an app group (a kind of Marketplace for the Caliphate) in which children’s clothing but also weapons were offered. “Angela offered a hand grenade for sale,” said the prosecutor.

Domestic violence

According to her lawyer Van Galen, she was only a citizen in the area: “She was not a recruiter, not a member of the jihad police. She did have an aggressive husband she tried to get away from. ” According to the lawyer, she wanted to leave in 2015, but that did not work. An escape attempt with another Dutch jihadist, Reda N., also failed. “Then she accepted that she had to stay.”

He also states that Angela was very young when she left for Syria: two days after her 19th birthday. “In addition, in her youth the situation at home was unsafe. There was domestic violence from an early age, she had to live with her mother in a stay-away-from-my-body. Later she was susceptible to loverboys and was abused. ”

Angela B. herself also told about the latter: ,” I think research shows that I was not completely stable. Contrary to what the Public Prosecution Service says, I do see myself as a stupid gosling then. I often couldn’t see the consequences of things. ”

Angela B in the Netherlands is no longer dressed in the niqab with which she can be seen in the photos in Syria. She was wearing a bright green headscarf, black boots, gray checked trousers and a black vest. She hopes “that the court will see that I was not stable then and that I often tried to come back. But that did not work out. And if you were caught, you were punished by your husband. ” 

The case continues on June 24.”


Consequences of Open Borders


As the Biden administration continues to welcome floods of migrants into the country, we hear more and more cases of criminals finding their way into the USA unimpeded.

“US border authorities have posted online a terrifying gallery of illegal immigrants they recently busted crossing in from Mexico — including suspected pedophiles, rapists and murderers.”

The same was found crossing over into Canada when asylum seekers were let across our borders with no vetting.

“Nearly half of the asylum seekers crossing the Manitoba border illegally in the last few weeks are being detained because of serious criminal records, suggesting the profile of would-be refugee claimants is changing, according to the union representing border patrol officers.”

Somali drug gangs are a constant source of concern for law enforcement.

Abdullahi Hashi Farah had an extensive criminal record, ties to a violent gang, and a long history of breaching probation. But Canadian immigration officials still released him after he crossed illegally into Canada in October 2017.

In Germany, indeed across Europe, criminal activity perpetuated by migrants has continued unabated since 2015. Last July, a German citizen was pushed in front of a train by a Syrian migrant and prevented from climbing onto the platform again by the migrant and his brother. The German was seriously injured as a result. The police arrested the suspected brothers from Syria in a communal accommodation for asylum seekers.

The proportion of crimes committed by migrants surges in Germany according to police data.

“While making up only 12 percent of the population, the proportion of foreigners among criminal suspects was 37 percent. In the case of murder, that proportion was even higher, with nearly 40 percent of suspects listed as “immigrants”.

Serious crimes like murder, sexual crimes, and grievous bodily harm all dramatically increased. Many crimes go unreported and according to the report, only 56 percent of crimes are solved, which means many suspects remain unidentified.

Police officers and officials were also increasingly assaulted in 2019, with 31 percent of the suspects listed as immigrants in cases involving resistance or assault on “officials on duty”. For assault cases involving “serious bodily harm”, 37 percent of suspects were immigrants.”

Open borders put out a welcome mat for nefarious individuals.