Amber Alert of Abduction Produces Results

Location in Kirkland, PQ of the kidnapping

An Amber alert went out on Tuesday July 27, 2021 in the case of a missing 16 year old teenager. She was forced into a vehicle at her place of employment in a suburb of Montreal at 11pm on Monday evening July 26.

Not long after the emergency alert went out, she showed up at a police station. Apparently, she was abducted by her two brothers and one other individual. They have since been arrested and face thirteen charges between them.

According to the accused’s attorney, “The three persons who are arrested are very, very stressed right now. Obviously they have never been arrested so they are very, very stressed right now,”

Two of three men charged with kidnapping of 16-year-old girl in Montreal are brothers of the alleged victim

The media has not released the name of the victim, nor the names of the accused because of the minor status of the victim. However, the amber alert did reveal the victim’s name. One of the brothers was also named in the alert.

Montreal is no stranger to honour killing. In 2015, women from the Shafia family were drowned in their vehicle when it was driven into the canal.

Shafia parents and son, convicted in honour killing of four family members, seek new trial

Could the above story be a similar situation? It is unclear if we will ever find out. With the focus on Islamophobia in Canada at the moment, it is doubtful. Perhaps it was a family squabble.

Thankfully, the amber alert did what it is meant to do, find victims of abductions. Maybe the brothers and their friend became frightened by the amber alert and let the victim go. Perhaps the victim convinced them to let her go.

Perhaps one day, we will find the truth in this story.

Taliban Delegation Meets Chinese Officials in Beijing


Two dictatorial entities assuring each other of their good intentions.  We have always said that negotiations/treaties with terrorists is counter-intuitive. However, treaties between dictatorial rulers probably works very well.

A delegation of the Afghan Taliban met in China with the foreign minister and senior Chinese diplomacy officials, an insurgent spokesman told AFP on Wednesday (July 28th).

During the two-day visit that began on Tuesday, the nine-member delegation led by the No. 2 Taliban, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, had ” separate meetings with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Chinese special representative for Afghanistan, ”said spokesman Mohammad Naeem, himself present in Beijing. He did not specify where in China the meetings took place.

The Taliban ” assured China that Afghan soil would not be used against the security of any country, ” Mohammad Naeem said in a message to AFP in Kabul. Chinese officials ” have promised not to interfere in Afghan affairs, but on the contrary to help solve problems and bring peace, ” he added.

FDS via LeFigaro


Stoning As Punishment Has No Place In The West

Location of Rebecca’s murder

Stoning within the Islamic community is virtually unheard of in the West. However, in Muslim majority countries, it still takes place now and then. Though stoning is not mentioned in the Quran, several hadiths speak about stoning in the case of adultery, illegal sex, and homosexuality.

Some countries where stoning is still sanctioned include Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Iran, Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan and some predominantly Muslim states in northern Nigeria.

The Taliban, steadily gaining control in Afghanistan, have promised punishment of stoning upon those in a homosexual lifestyle. 

Taliban plans to crush gay men in Afghanistan to death by toppling walls onto them

Some hadiths that advocate stoning are:

Hadith Muslim 17:4191: ‘Ubada b. as-Samit reported: Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: Receive (teaching) from me, receive (teaching) from me. Allah has ordained a way for those (women). When an unmarried male commits adultery with an unmarried female (they should receive) one hundred lashes and banishment for one year. And in case of married male committing adultery with a married female, they shall receive one hundred lashes and be stoned to death.

al-Bukhari volume 9 book 93:693: Then he said, “O Muhammad! They should be stoned to death but we conceal this Divine Law among ourselves.” Then the Prophet ordered that the two sinners be stoned to death and, and they were stoned to death, and I saw the man protecting the woman from the stones.

al-Bukhari volume 3 book 50:885   You, Unais, go to the wife of this (man) and if she confesses her guilt, stone her to death.” Unais went to that woman next morning and she confessed. Allah’s Apostle ordered that she be stoned to death.

On Friday, July 16, 2021, a woman in her fifties was attacked in Buziet, France. The perpetrator repeatedly hit her with rocks. She was found hours later by a farmer and transported to hospital where she has since succumbed to her injuries on July 25th. The doctors reported that the victim “Rebecca” had been massacred with stones. 

The perpetrator has been arrested. The mayor of Buziet commented that he believed the perpetrator had ‘integrated well’ and was ‘very polite’.  There will be investigation as to the motive of the attack.

This is why vetting is so important when refugees are brought into the country. Coming from a culture where stoning, honour killing, killing of apostates is accepted, it is difficult to disconnect from this practice as an immigrant, particularly if it is taught in a religious setting.

Similar problems are found in the case of honour killings. Canada has had at least two reported incidents of honour killing. One was  a young woman, Aqsa Parvez, killed by her father for refusing to wear hijab.  The other case was  the Shafia daughters — Zainab, 19, Sahar, 17, and Geeti, 13 — and the accused’s first wife, Rona Mohammad Amir,  found in the family’s car, submerged in a lock on the Rideau Canal in Kingston on June 30, 2009.



An Iranian Terrorist Wins Gold in Olympic Shooting Competition

Javad Foroughi is seen here being praised by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards

One would think that terrorists would be banned from the Olympic games. Apparently not. Not only do they compete, they win gold. 

Iran’s gold medalist in shooting at Tokyo2020, Javad Foroughi, is a member of the IRGC’s Basij militia. He even brought his chafiyeh scarf to the contest – worn by zealots in hardline Basij.  The IRGC is a designated terrorist organization in the US.

IRGC commander and head of Basij, Gholamreza Soleimani, has congratulated Foroughi, describing the gold medalist as “religious, zealous, hardworking Basiji”.

Article here

ه گزارش گروه دفاعی خبرگزاری فارس، سردار غلامرضا سلیمانی رئیس سازمان بسیج مستضعفین با صدورپیامی کسب مدال طلای بازی‌های المپیک 2020 توکیو توسط جواد فروغی ورزشکار بسیجی کشورمان را تبریک گفت.ه

متن پیام سردار سلیمانی به شرح زیر است:

به اهتزاز درآمدن پرچم ایران اسلامی در اقصی نقاط دنیا، همواره موجب افتخار، بالندگی و غرور هر ایرانی بوده، به ویژه اینکه عامل این پیروزی جوانان مومن، غیرتمند، پرتلاش و بسیجی این مرز و بوم و اقتداکنندگان به مولای متقیان حضرت علی ابن ابیطالب(ع) باشند.

برادر ورزشکار بسیجی جواد فروغی

سلام علیکم

کسب مقام قهرمانی توسط جنابعالی و دریافت نخستین مدال طلای کاروان ایران در فینال تپانچه بادی بازی‌های المپیک 2020 توکیو خدمت شما و خانواده محترم، بسیجیان عزیز و همه ورزش دوستان میهن اسلامی تبریک عرض نموده، امیدواره همواره با تأسی از مولای متقیان، جوانمردی و گذشت را سرلوحه خدمت به محرومین و مستضعفین در راه اعتلای دین مبین اسلام قرار داده و در ظل توجهات حضرت ولیعصر(عج) و نائب بر حقش حضرت آیت‌الله العظمی امام خامنه‌ای عزیز (مدظله العالی) موفق و موید باشید.

سرتیپ پاسدار غلامرضا سلیمانی

رئیس سازمان بسیج مستضعفین


According to the defense group of Fars News Agency, Sardar Gholamreza Soleimani, the head of the Basij organization for the oppressed with Foroughi, a Basiji athlete, congratulated our country on winning the gold medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The text of Sardar Soleimani’s message is as follows:

The waving of the flag of Islamic Iran in all parts of the world has always caused pride, growth and pride of every Iranian, especially that the cause of this victory is the faithful, zealous, hard-working and Basij youth of this region and followers of the pious Imam Ali Ibn Abitaleb ( ع) to be.

Basij athlete brother of Javad Foroughi


Your Excellency won the championship and received the first gold medal of the Iranian convoy in the air pistol final of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Congratulations to you and your family, dear Basijis and all sports friends of the Islamic homeland. Put the motto of serving the deprived and the oppressed in the way of promoting the religion of Islam, and be successful and assured under the attention of Hazrat Vali-Asr (AS) and his rightful successor, Grand Ayatollah Imam Khamenei (AS).

Brigadier General Gholamreza Soleimani

Head of the Basij Organization for the Oppressed

More information on Javad Foroughi in the thread below.

Islamist Anti-Semitism at Olympics

Canada just held their first Summit on Islamophobia on July 22, 2021. Let it be noted that this summit was held on the anniversary of a horrific terror attack that took place in Toronto in 2018 in which multiple people were injured and a woman and a young girl were killed. Very inappropriate, in our estimation.

The day before, on July 21, a Summit on anti-Semitism was held. Let us qualify this by saying that anti-Semitism means hatred for the Jewish people and the state of Israel, not hatred in general, as some are wont to proclaim. The Jewish people are the most targeted group for hate crimes in Canada.  Much of this hatred comes out of the Islamist community. 

The Olympic Games are not immune to anti-Semitism, and this year, it is an Algerian that forfeits so that he does not have to compete against an Israeli. 

“Algerian judoka Fethi Nourine (-73 kg) has decided to forfeit the Tokyo Olympics so as not to have to face an Israeli opponent in his part of the table. Nourine was first to face Sudanese Mohamed Abdalrasool on Monday in the first round, before fighting Israeli Tohar Butbul in the next round in case of victory.

“We were unlucky with the draw, an Israeli opponent came out and that’s why we had to withdraw, we made the right decision,” said Amar Benijlef, Nourine’s coach. The judoka had already avoided a confrontation with Butbol at the World Judo Championships in 2019.

“We have worked hard to qualify for the Games, but the Palestinian cause is bigger than all that,” he told Algerian television Thursday evening.”


Curbing Radicalism

Limiting the number of ‘non Westerners’ in certain neighborhoods in Canada is unthinkable even though several Canadian cities have areas that are distinctly Islamic in nature. Mosques in some of these neighborhoods have produced sermons that are distinctly anti West, and most certainly anti Israel. 


Canadian Imam rejects 9/11 as Islamic terror

Hate speech ignored by local and federal politicians

Two Controversial UK Imams guest speakers at Thorncliffe Park, Ontario Mosque

Ontario Imam says apostates to be executed by The Islamic State

Western civilization an ‘enemy’ to Islam?

Canadian Imam says Islamic Law to be implemented when Muslims are majority


Demark is once again attempting to curb radicalism. The government is setting up maximum quotas for people of non Western origin. According to several studies, Demark, like many European countries, has seen the increase of radicalism from ‘closed’ neighborhoods. Many of these residents come from the influx of migrants in 2015 and beyond. 

These neighborhoods are cities within cities, the businesses catering to the Islamic community, the mosques preaching radicalism. There is no attempt at integration,  as a matter of fact, it is discouraged. 

Demark has been one of the most pro active countries in battling extremism. In 2015, the country ran a series of controversial ads in Lebanese newspapers warning refugees to stay away.

The country in 2017 enacted a so-called ‘jewellery law‘ which would see the state confiscate assets from refugees above $1,300 using the proceeds to pay for their upkeep. The United Nations described the decision as “at a minimum inhumane and degrading.”

In 2018 the country banned the face-veil for Muslim women

Even as the civil war in Syria continues, the Danish government considers the parts of the country controlled by the Assad regime safe enough to return refugees. This year it became the first European country to deport Syrians back to the country.

Denmark’s attempt to curb radicalism is admirable. In 2015, a de-radicalization program sought to help stamp out Islamist extremism by understanding, not punishing,  jihadis.

It should be noted that in 2020, Jonathan Hall, QC, the independent reviewer of terrorism legislation in the UK, said there was “no magic bullet or special pill” that convicted extremists could take to renounce their path. Terrorists were “deceptive”, like sex offenders, and would say what probation staff and other authorities wanted to hear.

In 2021, the thinking in Denmark has changed considerably with their implementation of neighborhood quotas. 

In direct contrast, Canada is holding a Summit on Islamophobia on July 22, 2021. It is certain that the organizers of this Summit would not be in agreement with the measures that Denmark is taking to curb radicalism. However, is not certain that the organizers even acknowledge that there is Islamist radicalism in Canada. We know there is. When a mosque prays “slay them one by one”, one can be certain that Islamist radicalism is present in Canada. 



Temporary Slaughterhouse Installed for Eid-el-Kiber

Dugny. Since 2010, the Seine-Saint-Denis prefecture has approved a mobile slaughterhouse on the Aire des Vents during the Muslim festival of Aïd-el-Kebir

As the Muslim population grows, so do the concessions by the government. In the French town of Dugny, the civil government has allowed the temporary erection of a halal slaughterhouse for Eid-el-Kiber from Tuesday July 20 to Friday July 23  For eleven consecutive years, the Muslim community have been given this permission by the district. Apparently, the demand is far greater than the permanent slaughterhouses can supply.

The customer can pick their sheep, have them blessed and butchered in one easy stop. All this is done “in compliance with health, environmental and commercial regulations as well as the rules of animal welfare” according to the district representative. They slaughter around 800 animals a day. 

This move was lauded by M’hammed Henniche, secretary general of the Union of Muslim Associations of Seine-Saint-Denis. “This is very good news”, he rejoiced.

Mr Henniche is the gentleman who shared a video to remove Samuel Paty from his position as teacher. Mr Paty was subsequently beheaded  in a gruesome attack. As a result, Mr. Hanniche’s  mosque was closed for 6 months for terrorism concerns. He is still very busy as secretary general of the Union of Muslim Associations. 

Perhaps the reasoning for this permission by the civil government is being able to control the slaughter. They are probably very aware that the slaughter will occur with or without their permission. This is well documented in Canada. As the population grows, so do the concessions. 

Not an equal comparison, but this is the thinking of many. To control drug abuse, make it legal, give free drugs.  To control pedophilia, lower the legal age. To control crime, send in counselors. The world we live in today.

“This is very good news”, rejoices M’hammed Henniche, secretary general of the Union of Muslim associations of Seine-Saint-Denis (UAM 93). For the eleventh consecutive year, the prefecture has authorized the installation of a temporary slaughterhouse on the Aire des vents in Dugny, on the occasion of the festival of Eid-el-Kébir. “It was moved 200 meters compared to 2020 because of the work on this land for the future media village of the Olympic Games”, specifies the prefecture.

From Tuesday July 20 to Friday July 23, 2,400 Muslim families will be able to choose their sheep for the festivities. “This structure has a capacity of 1000 slaughtered animals per day but we are running around 800 for lack of personnel”, regrets M’hammed Henniche.

This ephemeral slaughterhouse wanted by the departmental council comes to replace the perennial structures of Jossigny (Seine-et-Marne), Meaux (Seine-et-Marne) and Ézanville (Val-d’Oise). Another temporary establishment will be set up in Montereau-Fault-Yonne (Seine-et-Marne).

“State services, in conjunction with associations and representatives of the Muslim faith, ensure that the faithful can participate in this celebration in compliance with health, environmental and commercial regulations as well as the rules of animal welfare”, comments the prefecture.

In a press release, she recalls that sacrificed animals can be slaughtered only in a slaughterhouse under the control of health inspectors from the DDPP, the departmental directorate for the protection of populations. “Each carcass must undergo a health check before it is handed over to the families,” she explains. Clandestine slaughter is punishable by 6 months imprisonment and a fine of 15,000 euros.

“It will perhaps be the last slaughterhouse for Eid in Seine-Saint-Denis if we cannot find another space”

In this period of sanitary restrictions, hygiene rules will be tightened. Only two people maximum per household will be able to pick up the animal. “The practitioners will not be able to go inside the structure”, adds M’hammed Henniche.

This year, UAM 93 was afraid that the slaughterhouse might not be able to set up again on the Aire des vents, located in the Georges-Valbon departmental park. Because part of the land is already under construction to accommodate the media village of the 2024 Olympics .

“We had been warned that we might not be able to obtain it so we are relieved, says M’hammed Henniche. On the other hand, we are worried about 2022. It may be the last slaughterhouse for Eid in Seine-Saint-Denis if we do not find another space. “……..


NCCM Fomenting Hate?

Copied with permission from Circanada. This is interesting because NCCM has categorized us as a hate group. Caution should always be used in accusations. 

The National Council of Canadian Muslims (henceforth to be referred to as NCCM), according to it’s website, is a “prominent civil liberties and advocacy organization with over 15 years of professional activism and public service”.

They were formerly know as CAIR.CAN, claiming total independence from their USA namesake CAIR, an organization known for it’s Hamas sympathies and Muslim Brotherhood ties.

NCCM and CAIR USA continue to support one another in their pursuit of justice within the Islamic community.

NCCM’s focus over the past two months have been the upcoming  Summit on Islamophobia, a summit spearheaded by NCCM after the attack on a Muslim family in London, Ontario. This crime is still before the courts, and motive is still to be solidly determined. The National Summit will bring together leaders from all levels of government and members of Canadian Muslim communities.

NCCM has put together a set of 61 recommendations for the government to consider concerning their perception of incidents of Islamophobia in Canada, collected from a variety of sources throughout the country.

Following are some of their recommendations:

  • The Security Infrastructure Program (SIP) Reform: The SIP should become rebate based, where mosques and community organizations under threat can make the relevant security upgrades needed, and then retroactively receive a rebate for the upfitting under a two-step process;
  • SIP should allow for institutions to receive up to 90% of eligible expenditures, up to a maximum of $80 000, for securitization projects;
  • SIP should also be broadened to allow for mosques to host broader community building safety initiatives
  • Immediately fund the creation of an appropriately funded Office of the Special Envoy on Islamophobia.
  • Media Representation: Incentivize production of Muslim stories, told by Canadian Muslims, through designated funding in the Canada Media Fund, Telefilm, the National Film Board, and provincial and municipal grants for arts and media;
  • Allocate a multi-million-dollar fund through the Anti-Racism Secretariat or the Ministry of Heritage for Canadian Muslim artists and community organizations to facilitate grassroots storytelling, visual and oral history projects, and building community archives;
  • Bill 21: Attorney General intervention in all future cases challenging Bill 21 before the courts;  Create a fund to help those affected by Bill 21 have a degree of financial security until the legislation is struck down. This is not a transition-plan fund; for no Quebecer should have to change their chosen vocation because of discrimination. This federal fund is to provide assistance while the court challenge is pending.
  • Invest in celebrating the history of local Canadian Muslims and initiatives through a concrete program that brings these figures and names to the forefront of local-level recognition. Municipalities should fund events and spaces where their accomplishments are celebrated in a way that clearly shows that Muslims have made real contributions to Canadian society and are far from the violent caricatures that constantly make the news.

NCCM’s online presence (Facebook and Twitter) records and reports on incidents of attacks or perceived attacks on the Islamic community.  NCCM works in tandem with the Canadian Anti-Hate network, a group that also loosely advocates for the Muslim community.

NCCM are proponents of the pro Palestine contingent according to some of their postings. They are also supported by the Antifa contingent according to some of their respondents.

Although NCCM  professes to fight against hate, some of their postings belie this. On June 28, NCCM posted on Twitter:  “We are aware of an incident in Edmonton that took place yesterday evening. A man, described as a Caucasian male, allegedly discharged a firearm from inside a motor vehicle at a woman wearing hijab. Alhamdullilah, there were no physical injuries.” Though they did not make an official statement regarding this incident, the post continues to be displayed on twitter as of July 19, 2021, 11:30 am ET.


This posting was followed by many replies, received over 1000 likes and 780 retweets. Following are some of the replies to this tweet.

The following tweet was one of the only dissenting responses:

This tweet was not commented on by NCCM, nor by the majority of the respondents.  According to the news article, the hijabed woman was not a target in this incident. She was a witness to a crime.


Although the “hate” incident was disproved, NCCM did not remove the original tweet. They did not give updated information to their followers. What they have done is foment anger and hate, the very thing they claim to fight.

Perhaps there should be a summit on that.

Dutch Jihadist: Humanitarian or Deceiver?

Samir A., a jihadist in the Netherlands was given parole until his trial in December. This man has collected money in the Netherlands to break IS women out of Kurdish prison camps. The justice says he is aiding and abetting IS by spreading the ideology over the world. His lawyers say he is being a humanitarian. 

According to the justice, these women were long time IS supporters, some married to IS leaders. These women and their children are trained to fight the infidel. But, according to Samir A.’s lawyer, they pose no threat. 

Samir A. and his associate also use ‘hawala banking’, a lending system based on trust. There are no promissory notes. It is an informal way of moving or transferring money based on verbal assurance.  At its basic premise, Hawala is the undocumented transfer of money. Convenient.

Samir A. is the most famous jihadist in the Netherlands, a former member of the so-called Hofstad group and previously convicted of terrorist activities. He was imprisoned for nine years, including in the high-security terrorist wing of the prison, because of plans to attack. He was released in 2017.

The Hofstad Network was an Islamist terror group composed mostly of Dutch citizens, mainly of young men between the ages of 18 and 32. The name “Hofstad” was originally the codename the Dutch secret service AIVD used for the network. The name likely refers to the nickname of the city of The Hague, where some of the suspected terrorists lived. The network was active throughout the 2000s.

The group was made up of Muslim immigrants living in the Netherlands, and second and third generation immigrants to the Netherlands, and Dutch converts The majority of these immigrants came from Morocco.

Will Samir A. be charged in December? It remains to be seen.

The Rotterdam jihadist Samir A. is part of the terrorist organization IS. That is what the Public Prosecution Service stated in the court at Schiphol on Thursday. By collecting money for Dutch IS women in Kurdish camps, according to justice, he is helping the defeated caliphate achieve its goal: to continue the war with children as new fighters.

As far as justice is concerned, he will go straight back to prison in December. With the extra suspicion of participation in a terrorist organization, the Public Prosecution Service is focusing even more heavily on the case against Samir A. Since his arrest in June last year, he has been on trial for collecting money from relatives to get at least fourteen IS women out of the country. Kurdish prison camps. Samir called his project ‘Prison Break’. People smugglers were paid with that money, so that a group of Dutch IS women could indeed escape from the camp.

According to the judiciary, Samir has thus responded to the call from the IS summit to liberate women and children. “That call was linked to the future of IS. In this way, the boys are portrayed as fighters for the future,” says the public prosecutor.

“The suspect is a spider’s web of smuggling IS women, with a network throughout Europe. He did it professionally, had even already designated a successor. He mainly targeted women who remained in the caliphate until the end, some of whom were married to IS leaders.”

Underground ‘hawala banking’

Samir received help from a Syrian from Vlaardingen, Fadi M. He is suspected of underground ‘hawala banking’. The illegally channeled amounts of money amounted to 277,000 euros. From Samir he received more than a ton, for which Fadi M. received a commission. He is being prosecuted for participating in a criminal organization. “He knew exactly what the fork was,” said the Public Prosecution Service.

Samir A. thinks he has done nothing wrong, he has only provided humanitarian aid to women and children. “These are children who are in mortal danger,” Samir told De Telegraaf last year about the purpose of the collection, which he did together with fellow Hofstad group member Bilal L. The duo spoke openly with this newspaper and NRC last year about their large-scale fundraising plans.

Attorney Tamara Buruma also says that Prison Break was not illegal and that Samir did not participate in IS at all. According to her, he simply did what the Netherlands has failed to do to date: bring women and children to safety from the appalling conditions in the camps. Samir helped 27 children and ten women get away. Some have returned to Europe and in doing so go against the directive of IS, says Buruma. Another part of the women is in Idlib, in north-western Syria.

Buruma also quotes from a hearing with the AIVD intelligence service, which stated that the majority of those liberated women pose no threat. They had a limited role within IS, do not want to return and are psychologically bad. “There is no indication that Samir wanted to bring the women back to IS,” says Buruma.

Should Dutch IS women be brought back from Syria or will the government cause diplomatic problems with this? That and more in the defense podcast Delta Tango :

Former member of the Hofstad group

Samir A. says that this case revolves around the question of whether it is a criminal offense to help women who are on the terrorism sanctions list. “I wanted to avoid suffering. You can find all kinds of things about the mothers, whether they deserve punishment, that’s not my concern. I wonder if we should let children die because their mothers are on the terrorist list. I do not think so. I think it is false that the Public Prosecution Service is now suddenly accusing me of membership of a terrorist organization after a year. I don’t feel connected to IS. It is they who are responsible for those terrible conditions there. I endorse some of their ideologies, but that doesn’t mean I’m pro-IS, any more than a social democrat supports the Khmer Rouge.”

Samir A. is the most famous jihadist in the Netherlands, a former member of the so-called Hofstad group and previously convicted of terrorist activities. He was imprisoned for nine years, including in the high-security terrorist wing of the prison, because of plans to attack. He was released in 2017. The case will go to court on December 10.

De Telegraaf

Plaque Unveiled at Nursery School in France Named After Terrorism Victim Samuel Paty

Renaming a school after the victim of an Islamist terror attack does not go over well with some. Perhaps it is considered politically incorrect. It is doubtful that an armed forces building, let alone a school, would be named Patrice Vincent, or Corporal Cirillo in Canada, much to our shame. Canadian military have named two military bases overseas after these fallen soldiers. 

A nursery school was renamed Samuel Paty, in memory of the teacher who was beheaded by an Islamist on October 16, 2020 in Cap d’Ail, France. Some think it invites terrorism. That in itself is a problem. Living in fear is not an option. Being pro-active is imperative. As mayor Xavier Beck says, “the time for vigils, moments of silence is over.”

“For or against a school called Samuel Paty? The mayor Xavier Beck (LR) of Cap d’Ail has decided. Despite parents’ concerns, Saint-Antoine school took the name of the teacher assassinated in October 2020 for showing his students caricatures of Muhammad. This Friday, July 16, a plaque with his name was unveiled, in front of the teaching team and in the presence of the victim’s sister, Mickaëlle Paty. “ It is a duty and an honor to name this kindergarten Samuel Paty. His name should not be forgotten, ”explains Xavier Beck to Le Figaro .


The name change of the nursery school was voted in the city council on October 23, 2020. Only the four opposition elected officials voted against. The elected Romain Pommeret  felt that the safety of children was not taken into account. “ Religion and politics have no place in a school. Then, that would set up this school as a symbol for a terrorist, ”he argued. “ A college in Pégomas has been renamed Arnaud Beltrame. No incident was reported, “retorts Xavier Beck.

A tribute that divides

Xavier Beck already claimed his choice on France Bleu Azur in November 2020: “ We can no longer be satisfied with simple minutes of silence, moments of meditation. This Friday, he reiterates his will not to bow to the fear of terrorism. He also maintains that it is essential to salute the memory of Samuel Paty, so that “ his courage is never forgotten and so that his name remains alongside the motto of our Republic. 

A tribute which, however, is not unanimous among the parents of the students. A petition has even been launched: its signatories fear that the school will become a target for terrorists. Some even say they are considering changing their school child. Faced with this warning, the mayor deplores “ a sad agitation. “It is essential to” engrave the name of Samuel Paty everywhere , “he maintains. His approach also aims to send a strong message to teachers, he says: “ All teachers, no matter whether they are in a school, college or high school, must be able to teach their subject without fear. 

Similar initiatives

The mayor of Cap d’Ail is not the first to want to honor the memory of Samuel Paty. In January 2021, in the Var, the mayor LR of Ollioules wanted to rename the college “ Les Eucalyptus ” located in his town. ” It is for me a strong symbol of the Republic ” explained the mayor Robert Beneventi to France Bleu . But faced with the challenge of parents and students, the project was buried. In other cities, the tribute did not create controversy.

Xavier Beck is convinced of the merits of his decision. ” Municipalities like Villeneuve-Loubet or Cannet-Rocheville have announced their intention to rename an educational establishment Samuel Paty ” . Others will follow, ” he wants to believe In Béziers, a city headed by Robert Ménard, the city council voted unanimously in November 2020 to rename the school of the “Oliviers” school group in homage to Samuel Paty. Other projects are on the table, such as Boulazac-Isle-Manoire, in the Dordogne.”

Le Figaro