Call to Prayer Broadcast in Brooklyn and Toronto

The following videos are reflective of changing demographics in the West. The first video was recorded June 2019 in Brooklyn, New York, the second and third videos were recorded in Toronto 2017 and 2018.

This is also present in Canada. The call to prayer has been heard in Nathan Philips Square, Toronto, as well as Toronto city hall.


More Iranian celebrities travel to Canada for childbirth

Article originally published by Middle East Eye


The news of an artist couple travelling to Canada to give birth to their child has sparked controversy in Iran, with the supporters of rival political parties strongly criticising the couple’s decision.

Iranian actor Negar Javaherian and Iranian director and actor Rambod Javan – who is also the presenter of the popular television show Khandevaneh – travelled to Toronto for the first screening of Javan’s latest movie “Murphy’s Law“.

Some outlets reported that the couple planned to stay in Canada until Javaherian gave birth. The Javan daily newspaper, unrelated to the filmmaker with the same name, on 8 June wrote that the premiere date for “Murphy’s Law” was carefully chosen to let the couple have their baby in Canada.

Canada recognises birthright citizenship and many rich Iranian business persons and celebrities travel there to obtain a second nationality for their newborns, and for themselves later.

“Citizens have the right to give birth to their children wherever they like,” wrote the daily.

“But this act will receive serious criticism when those who have always talked and written about their lives in the homeland choose another country for childbirth.”

A day after this news broke, Iran’s Young Journalists Club (YJC) investigated the costs of giving birth to the couple’s baby in Canada and put the price of travel at about 5bn rials (about $120,000).

Christiane and Mohammed can finally marry

Article originally in German taken from BZ news

Stefanie Herbst

Teacher Christiane Müller (50) and accountant Mohammed Mohammed Ali (35) want to marry. But they were not allowed, although all documents are available. Thanks to the BZ both can marry now!

“We got to know and love each other at work. Since the beginning of April, we are waiting for an appointment to register at the Pankow registry office “, says Müller.

The registrar responsible for the couple is permanently ill and soon retires. City council Vollrad Kuhn (62, Greens) confirms that two of the four responsible employees are not on duty due to illness and holidays.

Kuhn: “The cases started by a registrar remain in his editing. However, if the absence of an employee takes longer, then these cases must be taken over by others. Since all registrars have a busy schedule, there are longer waiting times. “

Every month 230 to 250 registrations are made in Pankow. But there are only 50 to 60 marriages a month. Marriage jam is programmed. “But we have not even managed to register,” annoys Christiane Müller.

BZ persisted, asked the office. Today the couple can finally announce his wedding.

Stories from June 8, 2019

Stories we reported on today.

Ontario “human rights activist” shares anti-Semitic meme


Excerpt: Antisemitism in Toronto “The post was accompanied with a picture of Mark Zuckerberg, Co-Founder and Chairman of Facebook wearing a Kippah (Jewish skullcap) and a caricature of Mark Zuckerberg in the image of an evil looking Jew with a hooked nose, wearing a Kippah and a Facebook armband.”


Excerpt: “We respond with the necessary consistency to situations that scare people and give the appearance that threatens considerable danger,”he added and noted the area around the cathedral was particularly focused on.”


Excerpt: The jihad on the cross began with Muhammad, was carried out by early caliphs, and continues to this day by the jihadis of the world, not to mention the occasional “everyday” Muslim.


Excerpt: “We are concerned that allegations of Islamophobia will be, indeed already are being, used to effectively shield Islamic beliefs and even extremists from criticism, and that formalizing this definition will result in it being employed effectively as something of a backdoor blasphemy law.” — Open letter signed by 40 British academics, writers and public officials to Home Secretary Sajid Javid.

Toronto Al-Quds Day: “We will see the ultimate destruction of the illegal Zionist state”

Excerpt: “we will see in the next 20 to 25 years the decline and the ultimate destruction of the illegal Zionist state. This is for certain. This is not a conspiracy theory. The Zionist regime” this is what they talk about at Al Quds


Censorship on social media sites

Screenshot 2019-06-06 09.20.09

Organizations like Pegida Canada, a grassroots organization, mainly use social media platforms to inform and educate. Some may argue that we are skewed  in our dissemination of information, and thus we do not have a balanced view of the subject we speak about, namely Islamism and the potential danger it poses to Western Democracies.

Pegida Canada has always posted articles from a variety of news sources, left and right wing. We agree that one must look at a subject from all different viewpoints. However, our mandate remains the same, warning about Islamism.

In the past year or so, we have noticed a distinct curbing of our activities on social media, particularly on Facebook. While we agree that threatening postings are not acceptable, hate speech is open to interpretation. Is it hateful to criticize Christianity? How about Judaism? Obviously not, because it happens on a daily basis. On the other hand, criticizing Islam is a different story. This is considered hate speech, and to the ‘enlightened’ world, with our subject matter, we are hate mongers, and need to be shut down. Never mind that Imams in Canada preach and pray for the death of Jews and Christians, never mind that Muslims on the street repeat such teachings, we are the hate mongers.

This past year and this week in particular, with pressure from the Canadian government and various ‘anti-hate’ organizations, Facebook has harassed our organization and it’s administrators incessantly. Admins were banned, deleted, posts (including this post) were taken down, warnings were given, pictures were refused (a D Day tribute went against ‘community standards’), ‘likes’ were removed, comments disabled etc.

We cannot fight Facebook. We don’t have the resources. But, we do have this blog, we do have our website, we do have email, we do have alternative social media.

When the time comes that we are disabled, we will attempt to continue our work here to inform and educate.

This is why we think it is so important to hold street rallies. They have always been important. Voicing your concerns on the street is a time honoured venture, and we continue this tradition. They can shut you down on social media, but they can’t stop you from speaking on the streets in peace. Yet.

Our rally on June 22, 361 University Ave Toronto  will deal with media and it’s influence regarding Islamism. Please join us. And please encourage others to follow this blog.


What The Leaders Teach, The Followers Repeat


This week, a video was put out by Rebel Media journalist David Menzies. He was attending Al Quds Day in Toronto, and in the process, interviewed some people on the pro Palestinian side. The video in question shows him interviewing one gentleman who was quite frank in his assertion that Islam WILL dominate in Canada, by 2060 to be precise. He also stated that executing gays was part of sharia law, no matter how much non Muslims didn’t like to hear that. This video went viral. People were appalled and could not understand how this could happen in Canada. These people are taught by their Imams, yet people are shocked when they hear what this Muslim man said. He was very clear in his views “when we become the majority, sharia law (which includes the execution of gays) will be implemented”. The video is below.

What is interesting is that a little over a year ago, a video/article was released by American Center for Democracy. In that video, we see Imams in Canada saying exactly the same thing. This is even more concerning in our view, as these are the leaders of the community.

Imam Bilal Philips: “The Islamic Law says that if you’re caught in an act in an Islamic State you will be executed. If you’re been seen by four witnesses etc. execution. That’s the law.”

Imam Abdullah Hakim Quick “So he said: what is the position of Islam on homosexuality? They ask me. So newspaper, right? So I said: put my name in the paper. The position is death. And we cannot change Islam.”

Farrah Marfatia, Principal of Maingate Islamic Academy in Mississauga: “In the Quran, Allah shares a story of a people who did not follow His guidance… These people did not listen to Prophet Lut (peace be upon him) and did not want to follow Allah’s guidance so they were punished for their disobedience with a shower of stones.”

video below

Antisemitism through time: Same people; same hate; different delivery system

by: Diane Bederman

Al Quds Day Toronto 2018 Photo by David Lim

Diane Bederman is a Toronto based author and activist and administrator of The Bederman Blog. Her book ‘Back to the Ethic’ is one we highly recommend. It deals with the deterioration of our Judeo\Christian societies. Following is an excerpt from the book: “Today, we are up against tribal societies whose ethic is one of honor and shame and where blood revenge is in the veins, where violence begets violence that, over time, can lead to a sense of helplessness, hopelessness, and victim-hood. At the same time, too many of us born into freedom have become apathetic to, even neglectful of, the very ethic that underpins that freedom. It is time to go back to the founding ethic of Western culture, ethical monotheism, and reclaim our western values. Winston Churchill wrote that the ethical system we received from the Jewish people is “incomparably the most precious possession of mankind, worth in fact the fruits of all other wisdom and learning put together. On that system and by that faith there has been built out of the wreck of the Roman Empire the whole of our existing civilization.”

Her article below  voices concern about the return of antisemitism in our culture.

This is particularly pertinent in light of the upcoming Al Quds Day to be held in Toronto on June 1. This day is attended by tens of thousands around the world by Palestinian Islamists and their supporters. And the city councils allow it. How can that be? How can blatant hatred be allowed to be voiced on our city streets?  With city council’s blessing?

Last year, Premier Doug Ford said that he would put a stop to Al Quds Day. When will that happen, Premier Ford? This was his tweet June 10, 2018: “Our government will take action to ensure that events like Al-Quds Day, which calls for the killing of an entire civilian population in Israel, are no longer part of the landscape in Ontario.” 

Political promises are made to be broken perhaps. The promise of ‘Never Again’ to the Jewish people seems to be another broken promise.

“I have been reading Hilary Earl’s book: The Nuremberg SS-Einsatzgruppen Trial 1945-1958. Extraordinarily well researched and sourced, she wrote about the historical examination of the arrest, trial, and punishment of the leaders of the SS-Einsatzgruppen – the Nazi mobile security and killing units in the Soviet Union. One million citizens,  mostly Jews, were murdered in open air shootings and in gas vans.

Her book focuses on 24 Nazis brought to trial in 1948. Her book is an in-depth fact-filled report on the trials. One is left agreeing with the sentences imposed. And then, in 1958, the sentences of many were reduced.  The seeds for the changes were planted in 1949, one year after the trials. The leaders included, amongst others, Nuremberg defense attorneys, and Catholic and Protestant clergy. These people argued that the men were not war criminals. Oh no. They were “rather good German soldiers who had merely followed orders.” Pro-German American organizations helped fight the good fight to release the “good German soldiers.”

Protestant and Catholic churches financed organizations providing legal advice to the convicted. German bishops assisted attorneys in a campaign to discredit the war crimes trials. They initiated letter–writing campaigns and reached out to American media outlets.

A broad spectrum of Germans, including the clergy, professionals and officials of the Federal republic demanded amnesty for the “good German soldiers.”

The Vatican also opposed the punishments.

The effort paid off. All but four of the Einsatzgruppen were released from prison.

I am writing about this because I had just read Earl’s book and earmarked the pages regarding the “good German soldiers” when I read Alan Dershowitz’s article in Gatestone: “It is Not Surprising to See an Increase in Jew-hatred in Western Europe.”

He asked:

“Why are so many of the grandchildren of Nazis and Nazi collaborators who brought us the Holocaust once again declaring war on the Jews? Why have we seen such an increase in anti-Semitism and irrationally virulent anti-Zionism in western Europe?”

He wrote:

“The Holocaust was perpetrated by Europeans: by Nazi sympathizers and collaborators among the French, Dutch, Norwegians, Swiss, Belgians, Austrians and other Europeans, both Western and Eastern.”

Yes it was. The Holocaust was the result of a world-wide collaboration including Canada and the USA. In Canada when it came to taking in Jews, the answer was “None is Too Many.” In America, FDR did his best to keep Jews out.

And that collaboration never disappeared; it just went into hibernation and has now been re-released. Nothing like a thriving Jewish state, the size of a grain of sand, to get the blood boiling and roiling. And the usual suspects are at it, again.

Angela Merkel pointed out that Germany has “always had a certain number of antisemites among us, unfortunately.”

And “There is to this day not a single Synagogue, not a single daycare center for Jewish children, not a single school for Jewish children that does not need to be guarded by German policemen,” she added. “Unfortunately over the years, we have not been able to deal with this satisfactorily.”


And then there are the Churches. Again.

Let’s take a look at Iceland.

“Iceland has a substantial and lengthy history of antisemitism. Every year — during the Lent period before Easter, daily hymns full of hatred for the Jews are read by distinguished citizens and broadcast on Iceland’s public radio station.

“These texts were written in the 17th century — many years before the first Jews arrived in the country — by the Christian priest, poet and antisemite, Halgrimur Petterson. One hymn, entitled “The Demand for Crucifixion,” reads: “The Jewish leaders all decide that Jesus must be crucified. The Prince of Life their prey must be. “The murderer set at liberty.” In 2012, the Simon Wiesenthal Center tried in vain to stop this hateful practice of performing such hymns.”

Do not for a minute think that hate from the pulpit has disappeared from other pulpits.  It just comes out in a different way. Rather than hate for Jews, it is hate for the only Jewish state.

The Anglican Church in Britain with its Raising Voices: Holy Sites the Pentecostal Appeal regarding social justice, promotes the view that Israel is an apartheid state and is eradicating the history of the Arabs.

Members of the Mennonite Church USA voted overwhelmingly to condemn Israel’s military occupation and to support divestment from companies that profit from violations of Palestinian rights.

The Presbyterian Church USA passed a series of resolutions at its general assembly in support of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel, while calling on Israel to leave the disputed territories. The report says that Israel’s “policy trajectory of continued settlements and brutal occupation” is “deeply troubling.”

The Church of Scotland has undertaken a review of its investment strategy to ensure it’s not inadvertently encouraging or funding the continuation of the Israeli Occupation.

At The United Church of Canada “The council, which sets policy for the church, passed a resolution in favour of “initiating and developing a program of education and advocacy in co-operation with our partners, related to divestment from and economic sanctions against all corporations and institutions complicit in and benefiting from the illegal occupation. This would include education about tourism, which bolsters the oppression of Palestinians.”

The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem released a statement signed by the heads of all 13 Christian communities in Jerusalem, condemning the recent escalation of violence at the Temple Mount  where Arab Muslims from inside their “Holy Site” ambushed and murdered two Israeli Border police.

We, the Heads of Churches in Jerusalem, express our serious concern regarding recent escalation in violent developments around Haram ash-Sharif and our grief for the loss of human life and strongly condemn any act of violence.”

No need to wonder “Why are so many of the grandchildren of Nazis and Nazi collaborators who brought us the Holocaust once again declaring war on the Jews?” Or that the Churches are at it again.

It never went away.