Attacks Against Judeo/Christian Ethic Accelerate

Helena Dalli, Equality Commissioner

The woke madness spans the globe. The fear of causing offence has prompted the erasure of all that is part of the human condition.

The European Commission released Guidelines for Inclusive Communication. The idiocy of this document begs credulity. It would almost appear a parody, but unfortunately, it is a genuine document.


The Commissioner for Equality in the European Commission, Helena Dalli, recently met with the architects of the #JoyinHijab campaign in France, built by a Muslim brotherhood affiliated organization. We wrote about this campaign here. As a result of this meeting, she tweeted “I had a discussion with @FEMYSO on the situation of young Muslims in Europe and the challenges experienced as a result of stereotyping, discrimination and outright hatred. We must challenge all forms of discrimination affecting Europeans.”

However, in her guideline, she is careful to advise people about not referencing any connection to Christianity so as not to offend non-Christians. 

“Use ‘first name’, or forename, or given
name, rather than ‘Christian name’. In
examples and stories, do not only choose
names that are typically from one religion”

Within the guideline, the only religious photo to be seen is of a Muslim man reading the Quran in what appears to be a mosque. 

Other ‘advisements’ include:

Never use gendered nouns such as ‘workmen,
policemen’ or masculine pronouns (he, his) as
a default.
• Do not organize panel discussions with only
one gender represented, aim for gender
balance instead.
• When using a variety of visuals, testimonies
and stories, ensure that they reflect diversity
in all its senses.
• Do not use Miss or Mrs, unless it is the
explicit preference of the person addressed;
use Ms universally.
• When asking about gender, do not offer only
male/female options, add ‘other’ and ‘prefers
not to say’.
• Never address an audience as ‘ladies and
gentlemen’ but use expressions such as ‘Dear
• Do not reinforce in your visual or written
communication harmful stereotypes on
gender, age, ethnic groups, etc.

What one can safely take away from this guideline, aside from the destruction of what Western democracies were founded upon,  is that the Muslim community takes definite priority and the Christian community is under attack.  

This guideline and the guide against Islamophobia presented by Canada’s NCCM represent a definitive push against the West’s Judeo/Christian founding. 



Activists in France Demand the Right to Wear the Hijab in Women’s Football 

Iranian women’s football team

The hijab is considered a symbol of piety and modesty in Islam. Playing in professional sports is not necessarily a modest pursuit.  Demanding to wear the hijab in professional sport is also not modest.  The French National Football Federation prohibits  “any wearing of sign or outfit ostensibly manifesting a political, philosophical, religious or union affiliation”, the hijab is logically part of it.

FIFA, on the other hand, allows the hijab. The secularization of France is being fought against on multiple fronts.  The sports arena is only one. The push for Islamist supremacy continues in the education system, law system, and governmental systems, not only in France, but throughout the Western world.

The hijab is also used as a tool for supremacy. In the West, it is supremacy over non Muslims, with demands that it be worn in all areas of Western life, even in areas that prohibit head coverings.  In countries like Iran, it is supremacy over women, who are fined, jailed and even killed for removing the hijab.

Pro-hijab activists have petitioned the highest administrative court in France to demand the right to wear the veil during official sports competitions, and in particular for women’s football matches, Le Figaro reported on  Friday, November 26. Noël Le Graët , president of the FFF, rejected a first request from this group of activists. Hence the entry on the track of the Council of State. 

For Jean-Éric Schoettl, former secretary general of the Constitutional Council , who signed a column in  Le Figaro , a decision by the Council of State in favor of wearing the veil in football would “bring down a strategic bastion of resistance to  Islamism in sport ”. 

Previously, parliamentarians had already underlined in a report dating from 2017 that “radicalization no longer takes place only in prisons, but in sports circles”, reports Jean-Éric Schoettl in his column. 

We can see this with Qatari influenced Bayern Munich, Saudi owned Manchester United, and many other Islamist influences.

While women in Islamic countries struggle to play sports, Islamists in the West insist on displaying this symbol of oppression on the sports field.

Will these activists be successful in their bid? History has shown us that most probably, they will be.

Le Point

Quebec, Ontario, Islamists and Jews

This article is translated from French, written by Frederik Bastien of Le Journal de Montreal. More insight into the progression of Islamism in Canada. Our public schools are being indoctrinated in Islamic practice. Our society is being indoctrinated.  This has nothing to do with ‘Islamophobia’, it has everything to do with Dawah. 

“This week, Simon Jolin-Barrette denounced the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC). They received $ 225,000 from the Ontario government (and $ 226,000 from the federal government) to conduct a series of online video courses for Ontario schools to address “Islamophobia”. In particular, they assert that Law 21 is the very embodiment of anti-Muslim legislation. For the Quebec minister, this is an attack against Quebec and against all the countries which have chosen secularism. He urges the neighboring province to fight this.

There are several other things to say about these so-called courses. It says that schools have a duty to provide Muslim students with a space for prayer. MAC also urges non-Muslims to refrain from touching or holding hands with Muslims of the opposite sex, all this while many Muslims completely reject this rigorous Islam. 

At the beginning of each video, Asma Ahmed, the veiled presenter, quotes us from the Koran in Arabic: “In the name of Allah, the most merciful, the most merciful”.  MAC engages here in religious proselytizing at school with young people who are there to learn and not to be converted to Islam. Such a situation would never be tolerated if we were talking about the Bible and Jesus here. 

But what does this double standard matter, since Muslims are supposed victims of persecution in our country. Without further explaining this situation, Ms.Ahmed claims that adherents of Islam receive the same protection as Jews. The Jews among us are equal to everyone before the law. We all have the same legal protection against discrimination. So we don’t quite understand what the MAC is referring to here. As it is about the Jews, on the other hand, let us recall that this organization invited to its activities (twice rather than once) a lecturer who advocates the assassination of those who practice Judaism, and other guest speakers of  MAC who call for the murder of homosexuals and who defend the “right” of men to beat their wives. In one of the videos in question here, Jews are also accused of subsidizing “the industry of Islamophobia.”

On the strength of this record,  MAC takes advantage of the great platform it has been given to lecture and denounce Christian religious holidays and the holidays attached to them. It would be an Islamophobic calendar. Even more, it is our legal system that is in question. The problem is that the separation of the political and the religious, what is called secularism, is another example of “Islamophobia”. This principle is, however, one of the foundations of all Western democracies. It differentiates us from Islamist religious theocracies and allows the protection of our freedoms. It is this fundamental rule, in our country, that the MAC shouts in the schools of our neighbors, it which operates with the money of Ontario and Canadian taxpayers (including Quebec) that Toronto and Ottawa pay it. 

This criticism is nothing, however, compared to the regular shelling that the MAC is waging against the intelligence services and the Border Services Agency, those who, among other things, protect us from terrorist attacks and prevent extremists from entering our territory. Without the slightest proof being advanced, the MAC affirms that these institutions are guilty of “Islamophobia”. This denigration aims to intimidate the men and women who defend our national security and to put pressure on elected officials to reduce their operating budgets. 

It must be said that  MAC has an interest in undermining their work. They were caught by RCMP agents in 2014 paying money to IRFAN, a terrorist organization that sent $ 14.6 million to the Palestinian Hamas, the Islamist (and terrorist ) organization who governs the Gaza Strip.

It is also interesting to note the reactions to this affair in the media and civil society in English Canada. It can be summed up in one word: none. On the other hand, the vicious attacks against Bill 96, which provides for recognizing the Quebec nation in the Constitution, continue to come. 

In this chapter, mention should be made of the charge to which Pearl Eliadis carried out and which went completely under the radar of the media. It was last September, during consultations organized by the Quebec Community Groups Network, that you can see here: QCGN Public Hearings on Bill 96: Day 3 – YouTube at 2:47m.

This renowned lawyer and law professor at McGill University compared Bill 96 to suspending the rights of blacks or Jews, just that. 

This is how things are going in the country of Canadian multiculturalism. While we are helping the Islamists to continue their good work, we are mobilizing against the Quebec nation by letting them accuse us of being racists and anti-Semites!”  

Le Journal de Montreal

“It’s Not Easy to Kill People”

Bataclan Massacre Trial

No doubt, this will tug at the heartstrings of social justice warriors. Jihadis are trained almost from birth to destroy the infidel. This jihadi is now worried about his family. Tears work well too.

Algerian Adel Haddadi and Pakistani Muhammad Usman left Syria, with the two Iraqi suicide brothers of the Stade de France. Long questioned, at the helm of the specially composed assize court, an investigator reported on Wednesday, November 24, 2021, their numerous interrogations after their arrest.[…]

A fake passport. An AK-47 assault rifle. Both are delivered to Algerian Adel Haddadi, in Raqqa, the self-proclaimed capital of ISIS in Syria, where he arrived in February 2015. He always has this weapon on him, including in the restaurant where he works. It is here that a person would have come to see him, asking him to meet Osama Atar, aka Abu Ahmad. The Belgian-Moroccan jihad veteran, alleged coordinator of the attacks in Paris and Brussels, reportedly told him that “Daesh trusted him”, to entrust him with the mission of “going to Paris, to accomplish a task”

On the 48th day of the trial on November 13, the Paris Special Assize Court examined, for the second consecutive day, the intentions of the two accused Adel Haddadi and Muhammad Usma, arrested in a migrant camp in Salzburg, Austria, on a punctual check. It was December 10, 2015, after the attacks in Paris.
At the helm, an Austrian investigator recounts the many hearings (14, in total) of Adel Haddadi. At his 7th hearing, the 28-year-old bursts into tears. “You know, it’s not easy to kill people. The next day, he completed: “God forbids killing people. » He is worried: what does his family know? If he finds him, Daesh will want to kill him…[…]

Research on Sura 61 was done on his phone, whose history he tried to erase. “This sura is not reprehensible in itself, but it is also invoked by those who commit suicide bombings,” says the investigator.

Surah 61:9. “It is He who sent His Messenger with the guidance and the true religion, to make it prevail over all religions, even though the idolaters dislike it.”

Inspiration, perhaps.

Ouest France

“Allahu Akbar “ Suicide Knifer the only Victim

This is psychological issue. Sad.

A 30-year-old man stabbed himself this Tuesday in the fountain of Plaza Roma in Zaragoza, right in the city center, and eventually died. The events occurred around 11:45 a.m., when the man arrived completely naked in the adjoining gardens and stabbed himself about ten times before falling into the fountain.

After being informed of the presence of a naked man armed with a knife, eight agents of the citizen security brigade of the Aragon Police Headquarters went to Rome Square, where they appeared shortly before the man, whose identity is unknown, ended his life.

Moreover, according to the “Periódico de Aragón“, although the officers asked the man to drop the knife and stop his attitude, he ended up stabbing himself in the abdomen before the police could do anything. Subsequently, ambulances arrived and shortly after 12:05 p.m., the deceased person was evacuated.

According to witnesses, before stabbing himself in the fountain, the young man appeared running naked along Calle Santander shouting Allahu Akbar and, although he had a knife, he did not try to attack those present in the square.

The owner of the neighboring Rio de la Plata café, David, said that “there was a very large squirt of blood“, and that an unidentified man jumped the police cordon and threw himself into the pond.


NDP MPP Supports NCCM against Islamophobia

Queen’s Park Event. Source: Facebook

In May of 2018, we published a story about NDP MPP Andrea Horwath, and her refusal to condemn a candidate’s comment concerning a war on Christmas.

Open letter to Andrea Horwath, NDP

….candidate Laura Kaminker’s statement ‘If there were a war on Christmas, I’d think about signing up.’

She advocated ‘free speech’ in this instance. We asked her:

Would you also stand by us if we were to state ‘If there were a war on Islam, I’d think about signing up’?

Today Ms Horwath tweeted “Today, I’m joining with @nccmon their #OurLondonFamily Act — legislation to help eradicate Islamophobia and white supremacy.”

Ms Horwath does not mention discriminatory remarks by the NCCM staff, some of which can be seen in the link below. Remarks that could be considered threatening at worst but certainly fall within the bounds of hate speech. 

Documentation of Islamism in Canada

Walls Work

Poland’s security personnel watch migrants gathered on the Belarusian-Polish border near the Polish Kuznica border crossing on November 15, 2021. – Thousands of migrants — most of them from the Middle East — have crossed or attempted to cross the EU and NATO border since the summer. Western countries have accused the Belarusian regime, which is backed by Russia, of engineering the crisis in retaliation against EU sanctions, charges that Minsk has denied. (Photo by Leonid SHCHEGLOV / BELTA / AFP) / Belarus OUT

Walls/Fences protect and deter. Talk to the border patrol in the USA.

In a 1:45 am call with Putin, Macron said France was ready to defend Ukraine’s “territorial integrity”. They agreed on a “de-escalation” of the “migration crisis” on the border between Belarus and Poland

The Polish government wants to prevent migrants from returning to its territory. The border with Belarus is over 400 kilometers long.

Poland will begin in December the construction of a wall along the border with Belarus, where many migrants are currently massed, and will finish it in the first half of 2022, the ministry said in a statement on Monday (November 15th). Interior. ” The business that we must carry out is an absolutely strategic and priority investment for the security of the nation and its citizens, ” said Minister of the Interior Mariusz Kaminski.

The ministry stressed that the corresponding contracts would be signed by December 15 and that the work would begin later that same month, the workers having to take turns 24 hours a day in three shifts. The structure will cost around 353 million euros ($ 407 million) and is expected to span 180 kilometers, or about half the total length of the border between Poland and Belarus. Parliament gave the green light to its construction last month.

Since the summer, thousands of migrants, mostly from the Middle East, have crossed or attempted to cross this border. Poland consequently dispatched thousands of troops to the border area where it declared a state of emergency, while hastily erecting a fence of sharp barbed wire.



Le Figaro


“The main cause of this hatred will not cease until you have embraced Islam”

The Trial for the Bataclan massacre disclosed disturbing testimony.

Was France attacked for what it represents or because of its military interventions in Iraq and Syria against the Islamic State (IS) organization? This question has gone through the trial of the November 13 attacks since its beginning. It was raised on September 15, on the sixth day of the hearing, by the main accused, Salah Abdeslam: “François Hollande says that we fight France for your values and to divide you. This is a manifest lie. When François Hollande made the decision to attack ISIS, he knew very well that his decision involved risks. »

Two months later, the testimony of the former President of the Republic, heard as a witness on November 10, sounded like a response to these words from the box: “This terrorist group struck us not for our modes of action abroad, but for our lifestyles right here. It was not always easy during the hearings to decide between these two explanations. The complexity of the facts, the sometimes floating chronology of some interveners and the very duration of the trial have rarely made it possible to understand this issue as a whole. Over the weeks, however, the debates have highlighted many elements of response.

On October 28, an audio excerpt from a dictaphone abandoned by a spectator, which recorded the two and a half hours of the Bataclan massacre, was broadcast at the hearing. We heard, between two shots, a terrorist justifying the attacks: “Why do we do this? You are bombing our brothers in Syria, Iraq. (…) You can attack only your president, François Hollande. »[…]

Were the attacks a response to the intervention in Syria?

For the former president, the chronology of events in 2015 is enough to deconstruct the argument presenting these attacks as a response to the French intervention in Syria: “The dates are very important for the trial. The first strike will not take place in Syria until September 27, 2015, the commando had been organized long before. We know that the attacks had been prepared since the end of 2014. »

Beyond the chronology of events, it is probably ISIS itself that gives the best answer to the question that agitates this trial. In an issue of its propaganda magazine Dabiq, in July 2016, the group published an article entitled “Why we hate you, why we fight you“. After listing several justifications for the attacks on the West, the text concluded with this clarification: “What is important to understand is that, even if some say that your foreign policy is at the origin of our hatred, this cause is secondary (…). In fact, even if you stop bombing us (…), we will continue to hate you because the main cause of this hatred will not stop until you embrace Islam. »

There was a good example given for you by Abraham and those with him, when they said to their people: We are innocent of you and what you serve besides God. We rejected you, and it seems that there will be animosity and hatred between us and you until you believe in God alone. Except for Abraham’s word to his father: I will ask your forgiveness, but I have no power to protect you from God. “Our Lord, we have put our trust in you, and we turn to you, and to you is the final destiny.”Qur’an: Sura 60, verse 4


Via Le Monde

Abuse in the Madrasa

November 11, 2021, we posted a story on our Facebook page about a boarding school madrasa organization (Darul Uloom) that was being exposed for physical and sexual abuse. The article was written by an alumni of this institution, and must have been extremely difficult to write considering he was exposing criminal behaviour within the Islamic Community. See article below.

The Case For The North American Muslim Community To Divest From Darul Uloom Al Madania And Darul Uloom Canada

The article received very little attention from our followers, it is a long article, and most people would not take the time to read it, but what is within that article is very concerning. Physical and sexual abuse is not something exclusive to the Islamic community. It happens everywhere in our communities. In the above article, we see the desire of some in the Islamic community to sweep abuse under the rug as it were. There is defence of the perpetrators under the guise of Prophet Mohammed’s teachings. But many are also speaking out, which is very positive.

“We are obligated to hide the sins of our brothers, therefore this type of expose is contrary to Prophetic guidance”

As a result of the posting of the above article, we were contacted by someone familiar with the Darul Uloom community in Canada. Although they did not say their experience was directly connected to Darul Uloom , the possibility is great, as the attendees of this school and their families are orthodox, the women usually being fully covered, children dressed in traditional orthodox clothing.

The woman (bank employee) who contacted us gave us a story of one of these women coming into her place of work, a financial institution. This woman, accompanied by her teenaged son, was fully covered, only her eyes were showing. In her communication with this woman, the bank employee struggled to understand what the woman was asking regarding banking procedure, as the woman was heavily accented and was fully veiled. The woman asked the bank employee if they could go in a private room so she could lift her veil to speak more clearly, as it is impermissable to lift the veil in public according to Islamic principles.

The bank employee escorted the woman into a private room, while her son remained in the lobby. As she removed her veil, she burst into tears and asked the emplyee for help, she wanted to leave her husband, but didn’t know how. She was desperately afraid, fearful that her husband and relatives would find her. She was afraid of losing her children. The bank employee told her about the women’s shelter, assuring her that she and her children would be under protection. After this incident, the bank employee never saw this woman in the bank again. Was she brave enough to leave her husband? The chains of misogyny and loyalty are strong in this community.

What is distressing is that these women feel they have no recourse. This comes out in the article above as well, the dirt stays within the community.

Were this woman’s children students at the Darul Uloom school? Possibly. Were they abused? Possibly.

Since this story has been made public and multiple lawsuits are being filed against the founders of Darul Uloom North America, is it safe to assume that this school is being watched? They are still in full operation.

The neighbourhood where this school is located is home to many orthodox Muslim families. Another story we have been told is of a construction worker working in the neighbourhood,  wishing two niqab-clad women good morning. An hour later, he was confronted by the males in this family and threatened for speaking to their women. 

Sanctioned orthodoxy combined with zero accountability to government authorities is a recipe for abuse.  For any community.

1/4 of Migrants checked at Polish Border Considered Dangerous

Unvetted, undeterred migrant movement. This is the result.

On Monday, September 27, 2021, a joint press conference was organized by Mariusz Blaszczak, Minister of National Defense, Mariusz Kamiński, Minister of Home Affairs and Administration, and Major General Tomasz Praga, Commander-in-Chief of the Guards -frontiers.

During the conference, documents were presented regarding individuals who attempted to illegally cross the state border. The head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration, Mariusz Kamiński, announced that he would recommend that the government extend the state of emergency.

The services examined the identity of 200 immigrants who had recently crossed the border between Poland and Belarus illegally and had been placed in closed centers in Poland.

At a joint conference held by ministers Blaszczak and Kamiński, the shocking conclusions of the services and the army were presented, according to which out of 200 men checked, no less than 50 raised serious objections from the services.

In the phones of the immigrants, documents were found indicating that some of the detainees had had contact with terrorists and had received military training. It also quickly became apparent that illegal immigrants were trying to withhold information about their identities. Links with the world of terrorists, organized criminal groups, as well as dangerous sexual preferences (Zoophilia, Pedophilia).

We have evidence that some of these individuals are directly linked to the Taliban or the Islamic State. One of them is directly linked to a terrorist arrested in one of the countries of the European Union in connection with the preparation of a terrorist attack.

Minister of the Interior

Other photos found in an SD memory card of an illegal immigrant: “It contained a series of photos showing members of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist group. “. Another clandestine collected numerous documents indicating sexual dysfunction, pedophilia and bestiality. A supporter of the Taliban, he came to Poland via the Balkan route.

People who try to cross our border by force are in no way threatened in Belarus. They are there legally and are in fact invited by Lukashenko’s regime and used by him as arms and ammunition for political reasons.

We are dealing with people who have links with criminal groups or with sexual disorders. I insist: we are talking about facts, we are not stigmatizing anyone.

He informed that 9,400 attempts to cross the Polish border illegally have been recorded since August; 8,200,000 of these attempts were successfully foiled in the border strip.

We have around 1,200 illegal migrants detained in guarded centers. Many of them have no documents, or false documents

These situations lead me, as Minister of the Interior responsible for the security of our border, to make a recommendation to the Council of Ministers on the extension of the state of emergency.

Polish Govt