Barbaric Beheading of Schoolgirl in Paris

The body of the school girl was found on Friday evening in a trunk in the inner courtyard of a building in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, where she lived with her parents. This Monday morning, a judicial investigation is opened of murder of a minor under the age of 15 in connection with rape committed with acts of torture and barbarism, rape of a 15-year-old minor with acts of torture and barbarism, and concealment of corpses, says the Paris prosecutor’s office.

“She was not totally beheaded”: During her police custody, the 24-year-old woman suspected of killing Lola, a high school girl whose body was discovered on Friday in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, gave investigators the appalling details of the murder.

Dahbia B, the suspect, has a clean criminal record. In an irregular situation on French territory, she will be the subject of psychiatric expertise in the coming weeks.

Dahbia B, a suspect

The suspects (Dahbia B., Amine K.,Friha B. and Rachid N.), all born in Algeria, presented this Monday to an investigating judge for indictment.



Blasphemy Terrorism in Nigeria

Demographics matter.

Nigeria has the largest Muslim population in West Africa. In 2021, the CIA World Factbook estimated that 53.5% of Nigeria’s population is Muslim. In 2007, the BBC estimated that slightly over 50% of the population is Christian.

Angry assailants in Sokoto have just burned a Christian student at Shehu Shagari College of Education in Wamako, witnesses told Peoples Gazette.

The deceased, identified only as Ms. Deborah, was accused of making unflattering comments about the Prophet Muhammad on campus.

Following immediate threats to her safety, she was immediately evacuated to the school security station, according to a student who witnessed the development and forwarded her preliminary details to The Gazette. But the crowd pursued her to the security station and controlled the staff there.

The witness’s information has not been independently verified by The Gazette, but a video has already been circulated online showing how the student was set on fire.

Sokoto police spokesman Sanusi Abubakar refused to comment on the incident when he was contacted by The Gazette.


“The reason why she was killed. She challenged people who published religious information in a school group chat”

Blasphemy Terrorism in Nigeria


Accusations of Islamophobia Damaging

The damage that accusations of Islamophobia can inflict is far-reaching. An organization in Canada that seems to be facilitating this is the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM), a Muslim human rights organization, formerly called CAIR-CAN.

This organization has involved itself in many ‘hate’ crimes perpetrated against Muslims, real or perceived.

One recent push to spotlight so-called Islamophobia was the tragic truck ramming of a Muslim family in London Ontario. NCCM used this tragedy to further squash any concerns about Islamism.

Once again, as the anniversary of the London tragedy draws near, NCCM is delighted with the Ontario government’s funding to ‘fight Islamophobia’.

In a previous article, we highlighted incidents of false accusations on the part of NCCM. No retraction was forthcoming, no apology.

Although the “hate” incident was disproved, NCCM did not remove the original tweet. They did not give updated information to their followers.

Two years ago, a representative of NCCM was on a radio program, accusing PEGIDA Canada of demonstrating in front of mosques. We have never rallied in front of a mosque. We rallied in the public square, giving information about radicalization. Curiously, that radio program was removed.

PEGIDA Canada was instituted to combat Islamization and radicalization, being an offshoot of the German PEGIDA. We went in with eyes open, we knew that we could be accused of racism (unfounded).

However, there are public figures who have had their lives damaged by accusations of Islamophobia. In Canada, it is almost a certainty that NCCM has been involved.

The following report by Middle East Forum highlights such a case.

Collin May: How the ‘Islamophobia’ Accusation Damaged Me

by Marilyn Stern
Middle East Forum Webinar
May 5, 2023

Collin May, attorney and former director of the Alberta Human Rights Commission (AHRC) in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, spoke to a May 5thMiddle East Forum Webinar (video) in an interview with Dexter Van Zile, managing editor of the Middle East Forum’s Focus on Western Islamism (FWI). May discussed his ouster from the AHRC in 2022 after being accused of “Islamophobia.” The following is a summary of May’s comments:

Because May wrote a positive review of a book they deemed “Islamophobic” thirteen years earlier, the provincial government in Alberta terminated his employment. May has filed a wrongful dismissal suit against the Alberta government and a notice of defamation on media outlets. May attended Harvard University, where he studied Islamic philosophy. His book review of Efraim Karsh’s Islamic Imperialism was published while he attended law school. In the book, Karsh, former editor of the Middle East Forum’s Middle East Quarterly, addressed the “political dynamics” of Muslim majority countries by covering the “imperial background” of different caliphates in Islam’s history.

In May 2022, the AHRC appointed May its chief. Two months later, a blogger affiliated with Alberta’s New Democratic Party (NDP), the leading party of the Opposition, wrote a piece about May’s book review. May said the blogger’s piece “misrepresented” his book review by portraying it as an “Islamophobic, racist” attack that endangered “black Muslim women in Canada.” The National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM), a lobbying group, soon injected itself into the fray and demanded an apology.

In an attempt to allay concerns, May issued a public statement, but “once you’ve been accused, you’re finished really.” The government, with its own “political interests to defend,” decided to respond to the Muslim community and removed May “on the basis of ‘Islamophobia.'”

The allegation against May was initially made by NDP officials and their allies, not by the Muslim community. Irfan Sabir, a Muslim and NDP Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA), led the charge against May. Sabir also referred to Karsh’s book as Islamophobic — an accusation unsupported by other experts. Karsh’s book makes no reference to Muslim minorities in the West.

You can read the full report and listen to the webinar below.


Kidnapped 10-year-old Found in Denmark

In our 8 years of activism, we have heard stories like the one below out of France/Sweden. This story turned out well, the child was found. Many times, they are not. The movie “Not without my daughter” is a good portrayal of this problem.

Directly below is a link to an article we published concerning Canadian women who married Muslim men.

Below that is the story out of Sweden.

Canadian women who marry Muslim men

“I’m terrified that he will take my kids to his country of origin”.

A 10-year-old Franco-Tunisian girl was forcibly kidnapped in Fontaine, near Grenoble, said the public prosecutor, Éric Vaillant, on Thursday. The kidnapping took place this morning around 8:25 a.m. near the Romain Rolland social center, boulevard Joliot Curie. It was implemented ” by his father and a cumed accomplice who gassed the little girl’s mother with tear gas,” he said.

(…) A source close to the file says that the mother and daughter no longer saw the father because of domestic violence. A measure to ban leaving the territory had been taken to protect the child. The father is 53 years old and is of Tunisian and Swedish nationality.

The Parisian

(…) she married in 2012 in Tunisia, where she went to study, with her daughter’s father, born in October of the same year.

(…) “His father indeed has Swedish nationality and I learned late that he had falsified papers so that our daughter would also have a Swedish passport”.

Very quickly, things became worse with the couple. “It went very badly. He was more and more violent with us, “she says. “So I decided to leave him and go back to France. I ran away, in fact, taking my daughter to protect her.”

“That’s why you have to find them quickly because I know he’s going to take her abroad. He is able to change his clothes and cut his hair, “she says.


Have less Children, Bring in More Immigrants

Interesting development. In 2022, Justin Trudeau said that he wanted to see an increase in the number of immigrants in Quebec in order to help alleviate the labour shortage.

“We know that immigration has been a source of wealth and growth for Quebec. We will continue to be there to ensure that there is more immigration to Quebec, and we are very happy to work with Premier Legault on this, “said the Prime Minister of Canada.

This past week, pamphlets were distributed in a borough in Quebec to encourage the citizens to have less children to help fight climate change. Never mind the jet fuel being burned to bring 100s of thousands of new immigrants to Canada.

Article from Journal de Montreal

The Outremont borough has distributed a pamphlet to its citizens suggesting that having one less child would be the best action to fight against climate change. “It’s irresponsible and it shows a total lack of judgment,” says Sarah Dorner, shocked by the content of the leaflet announcing the holding of the public consultation on the 2024-2030 Climate Emergency Plan led by the Montreal borough.

According to the document, having one less child would be the action that would have the greatest impact on climate change, far ahead of living without a car, taking one less transatlantic flight and dropping the meat.

A tricky ethical issue

Mayor Laurent Desbois published a “correction” on Facebook in which he invites the citizens who received it to disregard the option of having one less child to protect the environment. . “I want to be clear, I strongly disagree with that. Having children is a personal choice. It’s a value judgment, we don’t have to go there, it’s not our responsibility”, he reiterated in a telephone interview. He explains that a technical officer from the borough adapted the graphic from a scientific article. “It fell between the cracks,” he says.


The Steady Progression of Polygamy

Polygamy is very much entrenched in Western culture, despite it being illegal. With the continuous flow of migrants and refugees, it appears that it will not abate any time soon.

Polygamy is preached out of mosques. It goes on within our communities, but mostly under the radar in Canada. Speaking out about it will bring cries of Islamophobia, even though sects other than Islam practice polygamy.

Polygamy in Canada

The following story out of France, an Islamist battleground, tells the story of Islamists fighting back against the law.

This week, at least twenty Senegalese and Malian families from Mantes-la-Jolie (Yvelines) received a disturbing letter from the prefecture: “I plan to withdraw your residence card and force you to leave French territory. » It only took a few hours for the prefectural services to correct the situation. The mail was a mistake, it didn’t have to be, and most families got an apology call asking them to disregard those few lines.

Contacted, the prefecture did not wish to comment. Impossible, therefore, to know precisely the origin of this blunder. Asylum requests at a record level in France in 2022, deportations increase by 15%

End of the case? Not really. Friday evening, around thirty people gathered in the Val-Fourré district to express their anger. Because this “hiccup” has awakened old debates, extremely sensitive, as they affect the identity and culture of thousands of inhabitants from sub-Saharan Africa. All these people have one thing in common: they were – or some still are – considered polygamous by the administration. Which, according to the regulations, precludes obtaining a residence permit or justifies its withdrawal. So an expulsion from France.

“My mom didn’t sleep” The letter therefore took these families back twenty years when, in 2001, a circular put an end to polygamy by organizing “decohabitation”: one of the two wives was directed to a new home with her children, and the union with her husband was no longer recognized by the state.

Although it has produced its effects overall, this measure has sometimes come up against the reality of the rental offer. So much so that some women today find themselves in a paradoxical situation: “My mother applied for housing in 2005 and she is still waiting, testifies a young woman crossed on Friday evening. She wants to leave but the landlord is unable to find her an apartment. So she still lives under the same roof as her husband and his first wife. And suddenly, she finds herself in illegality in spite of herself. When she got the mail, she couldn’t sleep…”

The rally organized this Friday evening also awakened what some participants consider an “injustice”: not yet to be considered French by the administration. “When I received this letter, I was afraid of being sent back to a country where I no longer have any ties. My children, my grandchildren are here”, explains a retiree who arrived in France in 1962. The same was said by another, who landed in France in 1965 and still holds a residence permit which he must renew regularly.


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Islamist Knife Attack In Germany

A 26-year-old Syrian is suspected of having carried out a “Islamist” double knife attack in Duisburg, one of which killed one, the federal prosecutor’s office said on Friday. The federal prosecutor’s office in Karlsruhe, in charge of the most complex cases in Germany, including terrorist procedures, announced that it was seizing this double investigation against the Syrian, who was arrested last weekend.

Initially, no clear reason had been established by the investigators for these two cases dating back ten days or more. But the elements accumulated now, including the results of a search of the suspect’s home, revealed “hints of Islamist motivation” in these attacks, a spokeswoman for the federal prosecutor’s office told the Spiegel.

The Düsseldorf General Prosecutor’s Office, initially responsible for investigations, had already mentioned an “Islamist” motive on Tuesday. The Syrian is suspected of having carried out a knife attack on April 18 in a room in Duisburg (west) in which four men were injured, one of them very seriously.[…]

The suspect, Syrian Maan D., 26, reportedly attacked five people with knives in his immediate vicinity in ten days. He is suspected of fatally injuring a man with a knife on the night of Easter Sunday According to SPIEGEL’s information, evidence apparently indicates that the suspect had tried to behead his victim. On April 18, he allegedly attacked four men in the locker room of a gym with a knife, a 21-year-old man is still in danger of death. Both acts occurred within a radius of less than one kilometer.

Le Figaro / Spiegel/FDS

Islamist Knife Attack in France

It is remarkable and concerning how often this happens in European countries.

Most of the aggressors are found to be mentally unstable.

In Canada, Islamist organizations are intent on pushing the idea that Muslims are persecuted, producing doubtful instances of “Islamophobia”.

The following story comes, once again, from France.

Violent stabbing assault in the middle of the street in Stains: a 46-year-old man tried to stab a passer-by in the throat who had just refused him a cigarette. He then reportedly tried to attack a woman before entering a mosque, and taking refuge at home. The BAC police arrested him.

A man armed with three knives assaulted a 31-year-old passer-by in Stains (Seine-Saint-Denis), this past Thursday evening. The aggressor then went inside a nearby mosque, where he was disarmed. The police of the Anti-Crime Brigade (BAC) arrested him at his home nearby.

The victim was at a bus stop near La Courneuve Park at about 10:30 p.m., when a stranger asked him for a cigarette. The latter was angry at his refusal. He then showed off a butcher’s knife and a kitchen knife of about thirty centimeters, before trying to stab the victim in the throat. The aggressor allegedly shouted “Allah akbar” by threatening to kill him according to a source close to the investigation.

The thirty-year-old manages to dodge the blows but he is still slightly injured in the neck. His aggressor flees and then tried to assault a woman who managed to flee.

(…) News 17

Halal Demand Directs Grocery Chain

Changing demographics does indeed change demand. We have noticed this to a lesser degree in Canada, with more and more food items being labeled halal, whether customers are in favour or not. You can read our survey here.

France, having a far more diverse population largely due to migration, is changing stores within grocery chains to halal content only.

Carrefour, the retail giant in France, confirmed the transformation of three other Supeco stores into H.Market by the end of April, bringing the total number of stores affected by this change to six. According to a source close to the situation, ten Supeco stores are expected to change brands in the coming months, then the entire fleet of 33 stores, reports LSA on April 13, 2023.

Supeco, launched in 2019, was supposed to become Carrefour’s flagship discount brand, but did not meet expectations. Since the summer of 2022, management has forced the tenants-managers of Supeco stores to expand the halal shelves. A long-prepared change, according to a Supeco tenant-manager. Indeed, a supply contract was signed between Supeco and H.Market, an independent halal brand created in 2006, established in Île-de-France and with a total of ten stores.

Sweden to Minimize Arrivals of New Refugees

Sweden’s Minister of Immigration is taking drastic steps to reduce the arrivals of asylum seekers.

Canada is just now beginning to see results of unchecked migration. Crime is increasing exponentially, there is a housing crisis and the discontent of the populace is palpable.

Canada is roughly ten years behind Europe. Should we wait for escalation before we act?

INTERVIEW – The Minister of Immigration is responsible for making a historic change in Sweden’s asylum policy.

Appointed Minister of Immigration in October 2022 in the center-right government coalition (conservatives, liberals, Christian Democrats), Maria Malmer Stenergard, of the Moderate Party (conservative), is responsible for making a historic change in Sweden’s asylum policy.

LE FIGARO. – Sweden was considered one of the main host lands in Europe since the Second World War. Why are you considering drastically reducing immigration?

Maria MALMER STENERGARD. – We are facing a great challenge: that of successfully integrating immigrants who are already at home. At the moment, we are not succeeding. This is why we must reduce the arrival of new asylum seekers as much as possible. There are people who grow up in Sweden today without having a real chance to integrate into society, living in exclusion and parallel societies that divide and tear our community apart. We must begin to take responsibility after many years of undemanding integration policy and excessive immigration, which have resulted in segregation, exclusion and an increase in crime.


What concrete steps will you take?

As for asylum seekers, they will now be confined to transit centers in Sweden pending the examination of their situation in order to have an eye on them. Currently, they are housed in urban dwellings paid for by the Migration Office.

We also intend to end permanent resident status for refugees: they will have to return home if conditions have changed in their country and they no longer need protection. Just as we are determined to track down illegal migrants and people whose asylum applications have been rejected, to send them home.

Le Figaro

Islam is Now the Most Practiced Religion in France

The result of unchecked migration/ immigration in France has greatly impacted the percentages of religious affiliations and practices. A new study has revealed that Islam, though not the main religion in France, is the most practiced religion.

Secularism in the West has resulted in a disinterest in religious practice while incoming populations are strongly religious, even orthodox in their practices, the majority of these being of the Islamic faith.

The number of French Muslims who claim to be practicing today exceeds that of Catholics who claim to be practicing.

  1. Immigration to France today represents 19 million people. For a country of 68 million inhabitants, that is a huge number.
  2. Immigration is constantly increasing everywhere in France, in absolute terms as well as in proportion to the population, and is becoming more and more Africanized.
  3. The number and proportion of Muslims are increasing, with an increasingly marked orthodoxy.
    Today, there are 55% more veiled women than in 2013
    Among Muslim women of sub-Saharan origin, the wearing of the veil has more than doubled.
  4. Historical tipping point: Islam becomes the first religion practiced on French soil (frequentation of a place of worship, frequency of prayers, etc.): the number of French Muslims who claim to be practicing today exceeds that of Catholics who claim to be practicing.

French National Institute of Statistics

Crime Stats For Europe

The figures are not to be taken as an absolute constant, for example a country in red one year may very well be pink the following year
From one country to another, the scope of offences differs.

For the vast majority, foreigners / immigrants are of course not criminals or offenders, even concerning the country in red on the 6 cards.