Toronto Rally and 9/11 Remembrance Wreath Laying September 8, 2018

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Our rally on Saturday, September 8, 2018 was our most successful to date, and this is in spite of some difficult circumstances.

A few of us arrived early, 12 pm, the police barricades were partially set up, so we were able to bring our equipment in. At that point, the counter protesters were busy getting organized next to a climate change rally right down the road.

As we set up our equipment, we were approached by the city by-law folks, telling us we could not use any audio equipment. This was news to us. We really would have appreciated a heads up ahead of time, as we would have adjusted our strategy. We have demonstrated many times with a speaker system, and this was the first time we were told no sound system. Apparently, this does not apply to the call to prayer in Nathan Philips Square during Ramadan.

We began with maybe 10 people. This does not fluster us, as we are used to small attendance, so we carried on. As time went on, more and more people joined us, including members of Proud Boys, Northern Guard, SOO, WOO, C3, JDL, 111% and others.

As some of them were coming to join us, an Antifa member decided to rush them. He was taken down quickly by the police officers. The second video at the end of this article shows this.

Our speech was presented, not sure how much was heard, but it went on line, so hopefully the message will get out.

We were told/advised by the TPS that we would not be marching to old city hall to lay our wreath, as they could not guarantee our safety. This was a major disappointment for us, as it was highly important to us that we remember the victims of 9/11, THE biggest coordinated terror attack in history. Twenty four Canadians lost their lives in this attack.

However…….for this rally, we had the largest attendance we had ever had. We had many security groups join us, including the ones mentioned above.

We decided to march. We are indebted to the men and women that surrounded us and helped keep us safe.

The police promised to do their best to keep us safe, and guide us to city hall. They did an amazing job. As we began our march, we saw the Antifa scurry like rats to try to get in front of us. When we reached Bay street, they had formed a line across the road to impede our progress.

We waited as the police formed a plan of action to push through this group. And push they did, steadily and relentlessly. They (the police) were swore at, hit, pushed and abused. One young man was dragged away, and as an officer picked up his backpack, a magazine of ammunition dropped out. That is the type of people we have to deal with.

The Toronto police did their job, and they did it well. The counter protesters accused them of favoring our group. They did not. As a matter of fact, I had a small conversation with one of them that did not agree with what we were doing, but he was doing his job. That is what we ask for. Neutrality. Some may agree with us, some may not. But they had a job to do, and they did it. We thank them.

We were able to lay the wreath. It was done quickly, no speeches, our members were in and out in moments. But it was laid. We are thankful, and we will remember.

Screenshot 2018-09-10 07.13.25

As we were leaving Toronto @ 5:30, we drove past the cenotaph.  The wreath had been removed and most likely destroyed. But, we have photos, we have video.

This rally was the beginning of greater things to come. People are becoming aware, even people in Toronto, a liberal cesspool. We certainly saw that on Saturday, onlookers hurling abuse at us, giving us the finger etc. But. We saw many watching quietly, many thumbs up. The people are beginning to become aware, and we are helping make them aware.


What was interesting is that not one MSM source reported on this rally, even though several streets were blocked for a significant amount of time. Right or left wing, neither reported, and there was even a CBC reporter there.  It matters not to us. What matters are the people, and the people are listening.

Following is a transcript of the speech:


Today, I would really like to focus on hate speech in our society and the source of such hate speech. I read an article this week written by activist Diane Weber-Bederman that spoke to this subject, and a great point was made in this article. If we are confronted with hate, we have to deal with it, and fight against it. I will quote from this article, quote: “Undoing hate is no simple matter. We are witnessing the hard work of so many to undo the dehumanizing of people based on colour. Yet, while still dealing with the after effects of that horror, we are allowing hate in another forms to be shared in the name of religious freedom and tolerance and diversity  and inclusion”

We are seeing this within the Islamic community. Following are some examples of this:

Dealing with the subject of Apostates

Kingston Imam Sheharyar Shaikh said in a sermon:

“When a person in an Islamic State apostasies, leaves religion, let Allah be a witness that I am telling the truth, that the punishment for apostasy is death.”

This idea is taken from the Quran, specifically, Surah 4:89 which says:

“If they turn renegades, seize them and slay them wherever ye find them;

Sheikh Ahmed Abdul Kader Kandil presented a sermon entitled “The Types of Apostasy”.  The sermon was given on May 12, 2013 in Montreal. Following is a quote from the sermon:

“fornication is forbidden and is regarded in the religion of Allah a major sin, that theft is a major sin, that drinking wine is a major sin… you left the religion of Allah… meaning that a person who commits one of these deeds… turns apostate.”

In the same sermon, this Imam also reiterates that apostates must be killed.

These are just two Imams that have been recorded as voicing this Quranic truth. And why would they not? It is written in the Quran. There are many, many Islamists that think this way. In Canada.



Shaykh Ibrahim Memon Madani has been quoted in a sermon dealing with Polygamy and I quote:

“We need to remember, sharia is allowing  (multiple wives) with the condition that you be just.”

He justifies this viewpoint with Surah 4:3 “Marry of the women who seem good to you, two or three or four.”

We had posted this story on our facebook page, the Imam requested that facebook take the video in question down, citing copyright issues. Interesting.

Polygamy is against Canadian Law under section 293 of the Criminal Code. Yet, it is preached out of Canadian mosques.

Female circumcision

Bilal Philips, Toronto Imam has said in a video

Does Islam support or allow female circumcision? Yes, but in a very limited or at a very limited scale…taking only a small portion from the end of the clitoris, this is all that is really permissible from Islamic perspective.

al-Bukhaari (5889) and Muslim (257) “The fitrah is five things – or five things are part of the fitrah – circumcision, shaving the pubes, cutting the nails, plucking the armpit hairs, and trimming the moustache.” 

This hadeeth includes circumcision of both males and females. 

Female circumcision is a criminal offence in Canada.

Wife beating

 Quebec Imam Hussein Amer has said more than once that beating [women] in Islam is a type of education. Toronto police chaplain Musleh Khan has also said that beating women lightly is also acceptable. Imam Ibraham Hindy is also on record as saying that beating your wife, albeit lightly, is acceptable in Islam.

Where do they find their justification?

Quran 4:34 admonish them, and leave them alone in the sleeping-places and beat them; then if they obey you, do not seek a way against them.

Under the Criminal Code of Canada, it is a crime to use force or threat of force against another person.

Threats against non Muslims and hate speech against the Jews.

Imam Elkasrawy, July 2016

O Allah! We ask you… [to give us] victory over the enemies. O Allah! Count their number; slay them one by one and spare not one of them.  O Allah! Purify Al-Aqsa Mosque from the filth of the Jews! O Allah! Purify Al-Aqsa Mosque from the filth of the Jews!

Shaykh Abdool Hamid (July 8, 2016):

O Allah! Raise the standing of Islam and the Muslims and humiliate the polytheists [identified by Muslim scholars also as Christianity], the infidels and the atheists.

Quran (8:39) – “And fight with them until there is no more fitna (disorder, unbelief) and religion is all for Allah”

Quran (9:14) – “Fight against them so that Allah will punish them by your hands and disgrace them and give you victory over them and heal the breasts of a believing people.” 

Quran (2:191-193) – “And kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out.

Sahih Bukhari (52:177) – Allah’s Apostle said, “The Hour will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say. “O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him.” 

These are just a few examples of hate speech coming out of mosques and the scripture used to justify these views.

On Friday September 7, 2018 The National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) issued a statement slamming Pegida Canada’s rally in Toronto. The fact the NCCM is ignoring or whitewashing radical statements made by leading Muslim leaders in Canada is deeply troubling. NCCM was mum about a prayer recited at Thorncliffe mosque in Toronto in which the imam invoked Allah to “slay them [the enemies of Islam] one by one” or when another sermon at same mosque advised the congregants that “The Muslims are also warned against taking the Jews and Christians as friends.” When Canadian Muslim religious leaders state that the main goal of Islam is dominate the world and sympathize with Islamic terrorist groups such Hamas and Hezbollah, we, Canadians who believe in democracy, are deeply worried. If NCCM was sincere about fighting hatred and division its representatives should have joined us today in condemning the Canadian Muslim religious leaders who preach hatred and division.

We can also speak of the hate on the streets of Toronto against the Jewish community during Al Quds, and more recently at a protest at the offices of B’nai Brith, in a Jewish neighborhood no less.

When is our government going to act? Hate speech is hate speech. We no longer tolerate slavery, we no longer tolerate repression of women. We agree that judging someone negatively because of their race or religion is not Canadian. So, why are these Imams not held to account? And it’s not just one or two, there are many. And they are justified by their scripture. And they are supported by their congregations.

Video after video after video have been uncovered with Imams voicing these views. When they are revealed, the Imams in question delete these videos. Why is that?

The authorities should be a little suspicious that they continue to take this evidence off of the internet. For what reason are they deleting these videos?

Another area in which Canadian law is broken is the issue of Halal slaughter. This past month, a disturbing video emerged of the halal slaughter of a cow in the Milton area. People were appalled at the brutality and unsanitary conditions. This is not the only incident of halal slaughter, not by a long shot. It goes on all over Canada. An abattoir in London, Ontario has been under fire from the community for it’s unsanitary conditions, and of not following Canadian food and safety laws.


A farm in Saskatchewan is shown to slaughter animals for the Eid sacrifice in a barn yard, with flies and dogs in attendance.

We sent a letter to Prime minister Trudeau, Ralph Goodale, Saskatoon Police and the SPCA regarding this. We have received no answer.

So, if Halal slaughter such as this is going against Canadian law, where is the outcry?

Is Canadian Law only applicable to certain members of society? It certainly appears that way.

Our job is to expose, petition and pester. We as a grassroots organization do this by investigating and providing information. As citizens, it is your job to bring this to your representatives. Write letters, call, petition and generally pester them. The people can make a difference. Believe it.

Stay strong, stay united, stay peaceful.

God keep our land glorious and free.



Iqra Khalid continues to consort with pro terrorist organizations.

(L-R) Amin El-Maoued, Iqra Khalid, Atallah Hanna. Photo: Facebook Amin El-Maoued

According to the National Post, Liberal MP Iqra Khalid is again under fire for her relationships with pro Hamas organizations.

Last April, she also awarded  Amin El-Maoued, the public relations chief of Palestine House on behalf of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

ACD wrote an extensive article on this event, and the event’s special guest, Palestinian Archbishop Atallah Hanna, who is known for his support of Syria’s Assad regime and the Palestinian intifada against Israel.

Pegida Canada also contacted Palestine House as well as Ms Khalid and Mississauga Mayor Crombie with our concerns about this event last April. Ms Khalid did not answer our email.

Screenshot 2018-08-16 08.28.14
Email sent to Palestine House
Screenshot 2018-08-16 08.30.23
Email sent to Iqra Khalid
Screenshot 2018-08-16 08.31.38
Email sent to Mayor Crombie
Screenshot 2018-08-16 08.33.32
Second email sent to Palestine House

In spite of concerns being voiced, Ms Khalid continues her association with these organizations. Does she have the best interests of Canada at heart? Canada, who officially supports the state of Israel?

Does the Mayor and council of London favor Islamism?




A good little demo again. Four of us went to London city hall to confront council and mayor for their vilification of Pegida Canada last August. The result of that vilification was violence against our group that continues to this day.

We were also able to talk to several people passing by, including a mayoral candidate who listened carefully to what we had to say.

Some people were in agreement, others not, however the ones who did disagree with us did not even take the time to listen to our concerns or read our pamphlet.

The ones that did take the time could understand our concerns.

Click  here for a code of conduct complaint filed against the city of London mayor and council by concerned citizen Mark Vandermaas

Following is a copy of our speeches followed by video.

Speech 1

To the Mayor of London and city council. We are asking once again for an apology for your incitement to violence against us almost 1 year ago. Last August 27, we held a demonstration right here in front of city hall. Why did we choose city hall? Because we were refused any other venue. Why? Because you decided we were a hate group.  You didn’t contact us, you didn’t investigate as to who we were, you simply put it out in the press that we were a Neo Nazi white supremacist hate group. The result of that? Hundreds of Londoners oppressing us, pushing us against the wall, spitting at us, destroying our sound system, pushing us to the ground. 30 of us against 100s of Londoners. All because of your incitement, Mayor Brown.

By refusing to acknowledge that you made a mistake, are you saying that warning about Islamism is wrong? Is it wrong to warn about hate speech coming out of mosques? Do you agree with hate speech coming out of mosques? Do you think it was wrong that the Ottawa mosque had it’s charity status removed because of hate preaching Imams?  Do you think it was wrong to expose Toronto Imams for the same hate speech issues? What is your answer, Matt Brown?  Would you like to come down and discuss it? We have certainly tried to talk to you.

If you think that hate speech coming out of mosques is Ok, then London has a huge problem with a mayor and city council like you.

Hate should most certainly be fought against, but you are fighting against the wrong people here.  Pegida is FOR freedom.  We are FOR democracy. We are FOR standing up against bigotry. That is why we are here.

We are still waiting for our apology.  


Speech 2

I’m here today standing with Jenny Hill and PEGIDA.  For those who don’t know, PEGIDA was started in Germany by peaceful patriotic Europeans who want to stop the islamification of Europe and the west. 

The totalitarian Islamic world view is totally incompatible with all other world views.   The Islamic world view has no place in free democratic Judeo Christian nations, unless you want murder and mayhem, as we see on display every day around the world including in Canada.  Our most recent Islamic attack being in Toronto two weeks ago where umpteen were injured and two innocent young females were killed. 

Christians follow the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ, found in the Holy Bible, where we are taught to love thy neighbour as thyself.  To do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  To not murder, lie or steal.

Muslims follow Mohammad’s teachings found in the quran where they are taught to, “Besiege and slay Christians and Jews wherever you find them.  To fight those who do not believe in Allah.  To instill terror in the hearts of the unbelievers.  To smite unbelievers above their necks, which means behead them, and smite all their finger tips off.”  

Only a fool or a liar would suggest that islam could ever assimilate into a free democratic society, or ever create a peaceful free democratic society.   

I believe that the politicians in London fall on the side of the fools.  But even if they want to delude themselves, they have no legal or moral right to slander and incite violence against those who disagree with them.

This is the 12th time we have come to London’s City Hall requesting an apology from Mayor Matt Brown, most of the London City Councillors, Peggy Sattler NDP MPP, and Liberal Members of Parliament  Peter Fragiskatas  and Kate Young  for inciting and participating in a violent protest against the PEGIDA Organization and PEGIDA Supporters. 

Prior to the August, 2017 PEGIDA rally in London, Ontario, Mayor Matt Brown called on Londoners to come out and stand up against us. London’s Mayor Matt Brown and City Councillors Harold Usher, Tanya Parks and Mohammad Salih described us as inhumane whitesupremacists, racists, bigots, discriminatory and hateful people.  You should all be ashamed of yourselves for your lies and your behaviour. 

According to the CBC, Mayor Matt Brown said, “I think it’s awful that in 2017, racism and hate will be expressed in our community.”   

Also according to CBC, the thirty three year old Sudanese immigrant City Councillor and Head of our Police Board, Mohammad Salih, who identifies as a Muslim, had a clear message to hate groups:  To the people who don’t like me, I say you’re free to hate my faith, colour, that I’m an immigrant, the fact that I exist – but I’m not going anywhere.”

These two were condemning racism and hate by spewing racism and hate.  Matt Brown and Mohammad Salih both spouted this slanderous, untrue, hateful rhetoric that has caused ongoing violence against ordinary patriotic Canadian citizens.   

With a smidgen of research, they would have found out that PEGIDA respects our Canadian Judeo Christian foundation, and promotes democracy, individual freedoms, liberty, race and gender equality, and peace.   Quite the contrary to the teachings of islam and how our city politicians painted us. 

While all of these politicians should have apologized long ago for bringing hate, chaos and violence to our community, it is never too late to make a wrong right.  Mayor Matt Brown, City councillors Mohammad Salih, Tanya Parks and Harold Usher, MPP Peggy Sattler and Liberal MP’s Peter Fragiskatos and Kate Young should all be quelling the anger and violence they have brought to our community.  They should all be out at our next demonstration apologizing and telling the angry counter protestors that they were wrong about us.    

As we have made this request at least 11 times since August, 2017, the likelihood of any one of these politicians doing the right thing is extremely remote.  They are cowards.  They spew lies and hatred and when proven wrong they are too cowardly to man up and apologize, or as our P.M.  would say, they are too cowardly to people up and apologize.  Now that they have all shown their true colours, not one of these politicians should ever be reelected to any public office.

To the politicians named above:  If you want to be social justice warriors, then continue protesting with antifa, the communists and the union thugs in violent demonstrations.  But as long as you’re getting paid to be politicians, we expect you to put your social justice warrior drums aside, grow up and start acting like politicians. 


Canadian Imam says Islamic Law to be implemented when Muslims are majority


32883739_10156757410439411_3058526905327157248_nAbu Ameenah Bilal Philips, is a Canadian Muslim scholar, who was born as a Christian in Jamaica in 1947 and grew up in Canada, where he accepted Islam in 1972.

He completed a diploma in Arabic and a B.A. from the College of Islamic Disciplines (Usool ad-Deen) at the Islamic University of Madeenah in 1979. At the University of Riyadh, College of Education, he completed a M.A. in Islamic Theology in 1985, and in the department of Islamic Studies at the University of Wales, he completed a Ph.D. in Islamic Theology in 1994. Residing in Doha, Qatar, Bilal Philips is regularly invited to mosques in Canada and abroad to speak about the teachings of Islam.

The following are excerpts from Bilal Philip’s sermon (published on YouTube on August 21, 2016):

“Prophet Jesus. Issa [Arabic name of Jesus], peace be upon him, represents the bond or the link between the…

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toronto-danforth-shooting-suspect (1)
Danforth shooter, Faisal Hussain

The tragedy in Toronto yesterday is a tragedy that needs further investigation.

Was this man, Faisal Hussain one of the Mujahideen? Was he a jihadi? The family has released a statement that he had mental difficulties, uncontrollable psychosis.

The Islamic community has rallied to support the victims of this tragedy. They have set up go fund me pages, and have expressed their horror at what has happened.

One particular Imam, Ibrahim Hindy, has tweeted his distress, expressing his concern that people are labeling the perpetrator because of his name, a possibly Islamic name.

Screenshot 2018-07-23 20.15.53

This is laudable, however, Imam Hindy is on record as invoking for the victory of the mujahideen.

We spoke about this at our rally on Saturday. This is the part of the speech that addressed this.

 “Imam Hindy, this same Imam, is quoted in one of his sermons invocating “Oh Allah, give victory to the mujahideen in your path everywhere”. 

What is the meaning of mujahideen?

Well according to the Oxford dictionary, Mujahideen are Guerrilla fighters in Islamic countries, especially those who are fighting against non-Muslim forces.

Likewise, the Miriam Webster dictionary states that Mujahideen are Guerrilla fighters.

Imam Omar Subedar from Brampton, Ontario translates Mujahideen as warriors.

ISIS, Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah and all Islamic terrorist organizations call their armed operatives who carry out terrorist attacks mujahideen.

Do you have a different definition, Imam Hindy? Would you consider the mujahideen of Hamas and the Islamic Jihad as terrorists?

Please clarify who are the mujahideen you mentioned in your supplications.”

Following is a link to the video where he is expressing this invocation. Would it be such a stretch to believe that this young man was fighting in the way of Allah, considering Imams teach this same action from their mosques?

Toronto Rally July 21, 2018

37625739_10156552753951248_1640849894174359552_n (1)

Here is a rundown on our rally held in Toronto last Saturday July 21, 2018.

We were rather concerned about the prospect of counter protesters, because of the road rage incident that took place a week before. The counter protesters used this attack to recruit against our group. Despicable.  We know that these people will use whatever they can to try to discredit our work, and that is what they did in this instance.

They started their nonsense early on by throwing eggs and bottles among other things at us. They came equipped with bull horns, air horns, face coverings and the like. They are completely without moral integrity. Signs showing hatred for the police, hatred for the west were openly displayed. Their total disregard for rule of law was on full display. Allegedly, at least one of these protesters was under house arrest for his involvement in the Locke Street incident in Hamilton. Many others are well known agitators.

The speeches went on unimpeded, aside from the noise, as we had an enclosure that was provided for us by the Toronto police, not only for our safety, but for the safety of all concerned.  There were some people gathered on the other side of the barricade that seemed to be actually listening to what we had to say. This is our aim. Educate people. And that’s what we did .

Near the end of the speeches, the counter protesters decided that they would go around the barricades to get at some of the people that were outside the enclosure. These were members of the Proud Boys, Northern Guard and Wolves of Odin who had come to support our efforts. Be aware that they were on the opposite side of where the counter protesters were standing, yet the counters rushed to the other side of the barricade to provoke altercation. The police prevented them from coming closer, so they decided to attack the police. Yes, they attacked the police.  As a result, 5 of their members were cuffed and arrested. The restraint shown by the PB, NG and WOO was impressive in the face of such provocation, and we thank them for that.


One of our regrets is that we could not march. We had planned to march to Queens park and back to our rally spot to eradicate the hate of the Al Quds march held in June. Yesterday was a very busy day in Toronto, a lot of marches and protests going on. The police presence was not as strong at our rally as they had been at previous events. Their resources were stretched to the max. As a result of this, the coordinating sergeant recommended we not march, as they could not guarantee our safety. The counter protesters were particularly aggressive Saturday. We followed his recommendations and did not march.

We were thankful for the TPS division 52. They did their job, and they did it well.

Following is a copy of the first speech, the other speeches were off the cuff, so there is no paper record. All all the speeches are below on video.

Before we begin today with what we normally do, namely, exposing Islamism in our community, I feel I need to address the despicable actions of the counter protesters here in front of us. Last Sunday, there was a road rage incident, now being investigated as a hate crime, where a Muslim man was badly beaten.

This group in front of us used that incident, used that poor man, to incite protesters against Pegida. On their event page, one of their supporters is quoted as saying “Everyone needs to turn up. They can’t get away with this.”


Linking this incident with Pegida is not only utterly shameful, it is also slander and incitement. These same tactics were used last August when we demonstrated in London Ontario, the mayor of London incited that city through media to protest against us

Those of you who organized this counter protest should be ashamed of yourselves for inflaming the public. You are hate mongers. You are instigator. Such tactics are used by fascists.

You shared a post by Imam Ibrahim Hindy. Imam Hindy, this same Imam, is quoted in one of his sermons invocating “Oh Allah, give victory to the mujahideen in your path everywhere”. 

What is the meaning of mujahideen?

Well according to the Oxford dictionary, Mujahideen are Guerrilla fighters in Islamic countries, especially those who are fighting against non-Muslim forces.

Likewise, the Miriam Webster dictionary states that Mujahideen are Guerrilla fighters.

Imam Omar Subedar from Brampton, Ontario translates Mujahideen as warriors.

ISIS, Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah and all Islamic terrorist organizations call their armed operatives who carry out terrorist attacks mujahideen.

Do you have a different definition, Imam Hindy? Would you consider the mujahideen of Hamas and the Islamic Jihad as terrorists?

Please clarify who are the mujahideen you mentioned in your supplications.

Imam Hindy also hosted at his mosque Sheikh Nashat Ahmad, an Egyptian Salafist preacher, who was arrested in Egypt for urging support of  mujahideen carrying out global jihad and has also justified the 9/11 attacks.


Here excerpts from the Egyptian imam’s sermon in Egypt (originally in Arabic):

“O Allah, destroy the Jews … count their number; slay them one by one and spare not one of them.”

“O Allah, destroy the Russians, Hindus, Shiites Communists… count their number; slay them one by one and spare not one of them.

“[O Allah] Destroy the Russians and purify the Muslim lands from their filth. O Lord, destroy all aggressors, including the Shiites, Bashr [Assad], Alawites and others.”

O Allah… Destroy the Jews, the Christians, the Americans, the Europeans, the Shiites, the Communists, the Russians, the Hindus,”

This Egyptian imam was a guest speaker at Hindy’s mosque.

Hindy who described his guest speaker as “a well-known scholar from Egypt” claimed after he was exposed of hosting a radical imam that “I heard about his arrival very last minute and I’m not sure what type of vetting one could expect from me.”

Far left fascists join arms with Islamic terrorists in Europe and in North America. Far left fascists turn a blind eye to terrorism in the name of Allah.

Dispel misconceptions on Islam. Listen and learn from Muslims about the meaning of jihad. You can find the answer not far away from here at Dundas Square. Go to the Islamic booth at Dundas Square and pick up the free pamphlets, booklets and books that explain Islam and the concept of the jihad.

A pamphlet issued by the Walk-In Islamic info center on Dundas reads the following:

 “The most commonly known form is the military Jihad which is permitted in order to preserve the well being of society, to prevent oppression from spreading, and to promote justice.”

Promoting justice means promoting Islam. Jihad is one of the means to spread Islam world-wide.


At the dawah booth at Dundas Square they give out a booklet called ‘Islam’. In this booklet, we read, amongst other things, that polygamy is advocated. Four wives are allowed in Islam. According to Canadian law, polygamy is not allowed, yet from out of this dawah booth comes the advocation of more than one wife. This sentiment is reiterated by Imams across Canada. 

This booklet also says that “when a woman chooses to show her body in one form or another, the message is only one: she wants attention and possibly much more”, in other words, she is looking to get accosted. Where is the METOO movement? Why don’t you go to protest against the Islamic booth at Dundas Square?

The Dawah booth also give out The Quran to passersby. This book, which is advocated by the Walk-In Islamic Info Center is given out by the thousands across Canada. The Quran by Saheeh International is a compilation of Quranic verses with modern commentary in footnotes. This modern commentary is particularly interesting. Following are some examples.

Sura al-Nisa says in vs 28 that married women were prohibited for Muslim men. The footnote stipulates that slaves or war captives who had polytheist (Christian) husbands were fair game.

Verse 34 of al-Nisa speaks about the beating of women. The footnote stipulates that the beating must not be severe or damaging and that the face must be avoided.

There is documented evidence of Canadian Imams espousing this viewpoint.

Verse 33 of Surah Al-Maidah speaks about the penalty of those who wage war against Allah, which is they be killed or crucified or there will be the cutting off of hands and feet.

The footnote states that this includes those commit acts of violence and terrorism against individuals or treason and aggression against the Islamic state.

The same type of punishments – crucifixion, chopping off limbs, executions – were employed by ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

Verse 60 of Al Maidah speaks of Allah’s curse on those with whom he became angry, and made of them apes and pigs and slaves. The footnote states that this refers to the people of Scripture. (Christians and Jews)

Verse 29 of al-Tawbah speaks of the Jizyah tax to humble the non Muslims. The Footnotes state that the jizyah is a tax required of non-Muslims exempting them from military service and entitling them to the protection of the Islamic state.

These are a few examples from this book. This is concerning, because the modern footnotes are reiterating what the text itself says.


What is even more concerning is that we hear Canadian Imams echoing these ideas and teachings.

What we see in the above Quranic scripture and Islamic study material is in direct opposition to Judeo Christian principles on which Canada was built. Not only that, it is an antagonistic approach to those who do not embrace the Islamic ideology.

ICNA (Islamic Circle of North America) Canada is an Islamic nation-wide organization with headquarters in Oakville, Ontario.

Dr. Iqbal Massod Al-Nadvi is President of ICNA Canada and he is also the Chairman of the Canadian Council of Imams, meaning he is the top imam in Canada, the supreme religious authority.

On its official website ICNA Canada shares with its members, followers and supporters the book   The Gardens of the Righteous . This book contains a total of 1905 hadith divided across 372 chapters, many of which are introduced by verses of the Quran. This book also adds modern commentary to the verses from the Qur’an and hadith. Some of the commentary in this book are as follows concerning jihad.

Following are excerpts from the Islamic modern commentary of this book:

“polytheists and infidels should be invited to Islam, and if they reject the invitation, then Jihad be made against them.”

“This Hadith strongly refutes the people who distort the Islamic concept of Jihad and hold that Islam preaches defensive war only. “The real distinction of Islam lies in its enjoining Muslims to wage war for upholding the truth beside fighting for their own defense.

These are just two examples of material found on this Canadian website. It very clearly advocates offensive jihad.

Jihad is just a portion of what we are dealing with concerning Islamism in Canada. We have Imams that call for the death of Jews and Christians. We have Main Stream Media sources that lie about the meaning of what Imams are saying.

There are Friday sermons and prayers in our public schools, while the Lords Prayer is taken out. These Islamic Friday prayers speak against the Jews and Christians.

Islamic rituals are performed in our government buildings.

Call to prayer is being broadcast in our public squares.

Taxpayers money is being used to fund some Islamic organizations that promote hatred.

Groups like Hizb ut-tahrir that call for the downfall of the West continue to operate freely in Canada.

Islamic organizations that call for the annihilation of Israel continue to operate, and not only that, they are funded by our government.

The Al Quds day is a prime example of the hate that is paraded on our streets. Pro Palestine advocates speak of  the eradication of Israelis and Zionists or Israeli Zionists on the lawn of our government building, no less, and then march down our Canadian streets while crying death to Israel. Little children walk past while drawing their finger across their throats.

Last year the organizers played a song with the following lyrics:

“Behead [them], run over [them], stab [them].” 

“Stab whoever you see, five, six, ten, twelve [Israelis]”

These are glaring example of extreme hate speech. The far left fascists support and join forces with these Islamic groups.

The Islamist organization The Muslim Brotherhood, has several front groups in Canada, one of the first to be established being the Muslim Students association.

In their 1991 Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Brotherhood in North America the following statement was made:

“The process of settlement is a ‘Civilization-Jihadist Process’ with all that the word means. The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers”

The Muslim Brotherhood in its quest for domination, is either violent or not yet violent. For this reason, it should be designated as a terrorist entity.

The Muslim Students Association passes out the same type of information that is given from the Dawah booth in Dundas Square.

Pegida has written a letter to both York University president and the Mayor of Toronto about our concerns about this material. There was no response.

However, we do see senior officials attending Islamic events with the same imams who preach hatred.

This is what we are seeing. Our Judeo/Christian civilization is being destroyed from within, facilitated by our leftist government officials and thinkers.

We as Pegida are not alone. The populace is sounding the alarm in Europe. Right wing parties like the AFD in Germany are gaining popularity. President Donald Trump understands the threat. Eastern Block countries understand the threat. Our liberal government does not. Our job as citizens is to pressure them into protecting our country, protecting our heritage, protecting our people.

Stay strong, stay united, stay peaceful. God keep our land glorious and free.





Respect or Oppression?

Bus ad in Mississauga, Ontario

And say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their private parts; that they should not display their beauty and ornaments except what (must ordinarily) appear thereof; that they should draw their khimār over their breasts and not display their beauty except to their husband, their fathers, their husband’s fathers, their sons, their husbands’ sons, their brothers or their brothers’ sons, or their sisters’ sons, or their women, or the slaves whom their right hands possess, or male servants free of physical needs, or small children who have no sense of the shame of sex; and that they should not strike their feet in order to draw attention to their hidden ornaments.

The buses in Mississauga Ontario have a new sign. It proclaims that Mary, the mother of Jesus honored the hijab. Making such a statement is an attempt to make Islam acceptable in the eyes of Christians.

Note they are very careful not to say that Mary ‘wore’ the hijab, but that she honored it. Why the play on words?  Why didn’t they say that she wore the hijab?

Because Mary was Jewish, alive several hundred years before Mohammad. She may have worn a head scarf, (kissui rosh) and most probably did, because that was the custom of the day.  But a hijab it was not.

This ad is propaganda at it’s finest. It attempts to make Islam palatable in the eyes of Christians. Connecting Islam to Jesus is a very common tactic used when proselytizing to non Muslims, most especially to Christians.

A Christian supporter saw this ad, was very concerned about the duplicity, so she called the number at the bottom of the ad. She wished to have a public debate (because the ad is public) with the organizers of the ad campaign  to prove their claims false.  The man (his name was Mohammad) on the other end of the line offered a one on one debate privately. Our supporter declined, she wanted a public debate with the campaign team. After much back and forth, Mohammad refused to name who was behind the campaign, and as he was pressed, became aggressive, raising his voice with the Christian supporter, and ended the conversation with the taunt “You (Christians) don’t own Canada”.

Are we against head coverings? No, many cultures wear them. What we are concerned with is what happens when Muslim women are ‘punished’ for not wearing the hijab.

In 2007, Aqsa Parvez was murdered by her father and brother for refusing to wear the hijab. They killed her to preserve their family honor. This happened in Mississauga, ironically the same city where these bus ads are found.
Aqsa Parvez, victim of honor killing, 2007, Mississauga,

In London, Ontario last week, an incident arose in Victoria Park where a woman was walking with her young child. She wore the niqab, only her eyes were showing. The wind loosened her scarf, and her hair and face were exposed. Two other Muslimas quickly covered her up again, while remonstrating with her to be careful.

In Ottawa, a young woman was berated by another woman for not wearing the hijab.

Is the hijab  about respect, honor and strength, or is it about oppression? Should we be encouraging the wearing of such a garment on public transportation?