Discrimination of Women


Originally reported in Swedish, see here. We have heard about similar issues in Canada, women in positions of leadership being harassed and disrespected by male Muslim employees. 

On Facebook, Joakim Lamotte writes that several women have contacted him about not being able to work at Kista Galleria. This is because they are sexually harassed by foreign men, often in connection with getting to and from the mall.

The women have also testified that male customers refuse to be served by them in stores. In an audio clip that Lamotte publishes, such an event is played out in which a man “with a full beard and white hood” refuses to talk to women when it contradicts his culture.

The staff asks the man to go to another store if he does not want to be served by women, and the man threatens to go to the police.

The woman who was exposed in the current incident tells Lamotte that it should not happen in Sweden.

“But this is unfortunately not the first time this has happened to me. My female colleagues have also been subjected to the same degrading discrimination and this is more or less an everyday thing” she says.

Hear the audio recording below.

Flash Rally Toronto Nov 30, 2019

Screenshot 2019-11-30 20.18.09

Saturday, we rallied in Toronto at Mel Lastman Square, North Toronto. This was a flash rally (not advertised) to avoid counter protesters. We were scheduled to rally at 1pm, but we discovered a group setting up for a rally in the same location. This was a rally in protest of the Iranian mullah regime and the human rights violations taking place in Iran.


We did not want to intrude on their event, so we spoke with them ahead of time to see where they stood, and if they wanted us to rally down the street.  They were aware we were coming, as the police had advised them of this. PEGIDA Canada had been in contact with the police ahead of our rally, as we do every time we rally.

The Iranian group wanted to know what our subject matter was, we gave them an outline of our speech and as it turned out, we both had the same objective, fighting oppression and advocating democracy. They were doing this on behalf of Iran, PEGIDA Canada was doing it on behalf of Canada.

We started out to the right of the other group, we were asked to move by city workers as we were in a ‘fire route’ apparently. We also could not be on Mel Lastman Square property either, as we hadn’t booked the property. Never mind that last January we held a rally there, and the police put us directly into the square. No permit. Well, that’s bureaucracy, I suppose. We could stand ‘here’, but not ‘there’ (two inches over).  A city worker’s got to do what a city worker’s got to do.

We finished our rally to the left of the Iranian group and during this time, one of our supporters had a lovely exchange with one of the Iranian supporters. Below is her story:

into the video at about 35.33 an Iranian woman came over to me and said hello, ( you can see me with my white hat on….. behind the speaker) gave me a kiss on the cheek, told me she was raised a Muslim,… talked about the hate in some of the Muslims hearts, and what they where doing to her country … that she had converted to a Christianity, , told me all about Jesus , told me the church she goes to in Toronto …. very emotional to hear her story…She was holding her Country flag, and I was holding my Jewish and Christian and Canadian flags , 2 women holding each other with tears in our eyes …… this is something I will never forget.”

A great day, speaking to the public with no opposition, fighting hate, promoting democracy and unity.  We ended with a moment of silence for the victims of Islamic terror and the singing of our national anthem.



Pegida Canada here, We want to address Torontonians. People that live and work here. We don’t want to fight with counter protesters, because they distract from our message. What is our message? Warning against the growing threat of Islamism and globalism. The reason we get on the streets with our message is because very little of what we talk about makes it to main stream media. Many people do not have any idea about what is going on regarding Islamism, because it isn’t reported for the most part. So, we are here to let people know what we know. What we know is backed up by fact. No sensationalism, just fact.

Strangely enough, Islamists, Progressives and Communists seem to work together in our society today. All are globalist in nature, but so very different in philosophy. Progressives are people advocating or implementing social reform or new, liberal ideas worldwide, Communists rail against capitalist democracy, while Islamists are calling for full implementation of sharia worldwide. All are anti democracy. At the moment, they are using each other to further their own ends. 

In Toronto, one week ago, thugs threatened and intimidated an event at York university. Retired members of the Israeli Defense force were there to answer questions and inform the attendees. The event was held in light of the rocket attacks against Israel that have been happening throughout the past month. This event was protested against by a combination of communists, Islamists and BDS activists. Over 500 people were basically chanting for the death of Israel. Chants included “intifada, intifada, go back to the ovens”. In Canada. Canada is a supporter of the state of Israel.

These protesters were not disciplined, nor were they made to leave this event. York University president Rhonda Lenton said that she was shocked that this type of thing would happen in her university. Pegida Canada wrote a letter to Ms   Lenton about a month ago concerning intimidation of Jewish students by Pro Palestine students on campus. We received no reply. Now she is shocked by such an event? Why?

Thursday night at their Annual General Meeting, the York Federation of Students (YFS) passed a motion aimed at preventing Israelis from being invited to speak on campus. Another step not only against the Jewish community, but against free speech. At York University.

Doug Ford said he was shocked by what happened last week. Doug Ford spoke condemning words about the Al Quds march that is held in the summertime in Toronto, vowing to stop this event. The event was held this past summer once again. And he is shocked by what happened at York University? Why?

Mayor John Tory was shocked by what happened. Mayor Tory allows Al Quds march to happen unimpeded. A march where little children call for the death of Jews, the death of Israel. Yet he was shocked by what happened at York University. Why?

Pegida Canada has also written John Tory and Doug Ford about our concerns regarding Al Quds. For our efforts, Mayor Tory more or less called out Toronto against one of our rallies, inferring that we were a white supremacist group.

Antisemitism is deeply entrenched within the Islamist/BDS crowd. Countless articles have been written with regards to what the Quran and Hadith say about the ‘People of the Book’, meaning the Jews and Christians. Imams and prominent Islamists have consistently spoken derogatory/threatening words about and towards the Jewish people. (Signs)

We have spoken previously about Al Quds, a day were pro Palestine activists march through the city of Toronto, many of them chanting death to the Jews and to Israel. Songs have been played on the streets of Toronto, calling for the death of Jews (Sign)

Is it any wonder that the event at York university happened? When our elected officials and persons in authority do nothing to stop the hate against the Jewish people, why should we be surprised at this?

It was revealed on Wednesday by an article in the Toronto Sun that nothing will be done about Al Quds. The march will continue, despite blatant threatening behaviour from the participants. And city council does nothing.

Why are we seeing this type of hatred in Canada and the West? Why do people feel the need to act out their passions without restraint? I have addressed this at almost every rally we have held. I believe it is because we have lost our Judeo/Christian ethic.

And what does that mean, living by the Judeo/Christian ethic? It means demonstrating love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,  gentleness and self-control. These attributes are sadly lacking in our society today.

This week, I watched an address by American Attorney General William Barr. In his speech addressed to the University of Notre Dame Law school, he spoke about this very thing. Judeo/Christian moral laws have kept a restraint on people’s inner passions, and thus society was able to function without these passions getting out of control. Today, there is no such restraint. Progressives feel that anything is permissible. Anything that makes you feel ‘happy’.  As a result, our society is becoming more and more lawless. Everyone does as they see fit, and if you disagree, you are ostracized, labelled, vilified and hated.

I spoke earlier about Progressives, Communists and Islamists working in tandem in our society today. Islamists are very aware that progressive globalism will create chaos. They are also aware that people have a need for restraint. Progressives are useful in that they create chaos for a globalist dictatorial regime to step in. Keep in mind that Islamism is globalist in nature, but with a very specific agenda. We are seeing the beginning of this in Canada.

One area where we are seeing the implementation of globalist Islamism is in the industry of Halal.

Earlier in the month, we conducted a small poll on our social media sites, asking participants whether or not they would knowingly purchase or eat halal. We had a response of 1800 votes, the majority voting no and the main reason being it was cruel to the animals being slaughtered. Follow up reasons were they did not want to eat food sacrificed to a false god, and the third reason was that the fees paid for halal certification have been reported to allegedly support jihad or terrorist organizations. Investigations have been done, concerning the third reason, and definitive connections have been made between halal certification and monies being funnelled towards Hamas via charities. IRFAN, a Canadian charity, lost it’s charitable status for such reasons.

Certification does not come cheap. According to an official Canadian Halal certification website, fees can range from $1000.00 to over $100,000.00 annually, depending on the facility.

Other reasons people gave for not purchasing/eating halal included it is unsanitary, and it is a form of sharia.

Canada has had reports of farm slaughter being performed in very unsanitary conditions, particularly around the Islamic holiday of Eid. A farmer acquaintance was asked if they were willing to sell their goats for such an event. The buyer was willing to pay whatever the farmer asked.

 A ‘Back yard’ slaughter was performed in Milton behind a mosque this past Ramadan. Abattoirs have also been under investigation for not following Canadian food safety laws.

Halal means ‘permissible’, so in order for an observant Muslim to consume food, it must be blessed and slaughtered in the Islamic tradition. Right before slaughter, the words ‘In the name of Allah’ are recited. 

In addition to our poll we also contacted major producers and grocery store chains about their policies regarding Halal.

Out of over 20 inquiries, we received a total of five replies. None of the respondents were willing to give percentages on how much of their product was Halal. However, one of our readers sent us a story about one producer who admitted that all of their product was halal, but some was sold as non halal.

Dr Ceric, grand mufti of Bosnia stated at a 2010 conference that the Halal movement has the strength to lead Muslims to rule the global economy, as  food and other services are the basic need of every human being.

He is correct. As the demand grows, as the love for money grows, so the halal industry grows. And an industry it is. There is halal in every aspect of consumerism. Drugs, food, clothing, anything you can think of. And all of this is accompanied by the certification fee. Is anyone tracking these fees? I want to believe that our intelligence people are on top of this. I hope they are.

Aside from the fees, this is sharia being forced on the public without their knowledge. Something to think about.  Following is a quote from Islamic Society of North America Canada director Catherine Bullock

“From the Islamic point of view there is absolutely nothing radical about wanting caliphate or wanting Sharia these are completely normal and traditional points of view.”

She is correct, as a Muslim, why would you not advocate for sharia?

And a quote from Canadian Imam Aasim Rachid regarding Canadian government compliance with sharia.

“I’ll tell you who wants to bring Sharia law the Canadian government wants to bring Sharia law and that’s no joke”

I believe he was speaking about family sharia courts here.

Canadian Imam Bilal Philips speaks about the implementation of sharia:

“The sharia is the law of God the law of Allah. Which is good for all times and all people in all places. That is the reality. Wherever Muslims are able to apply it is their duty to apply it.”

So, applying this to halal, we are seeing the implementation of sharia. Halal is everywhere in Canada, and growing. Pressure is put on restaurants, grocery stores etc to provide it.

Canadian Imam Said Rageah speaks about the Muslim lobby. The pressure is put on our society, using our democratic system.

“We here we may as well benefit from the system that they have here”. “What can you do with unity? you can do a lot you can change the policy of this country” “With four or five hundred thousand Muslims you can create the most powerful lobby in Canada”

What he is saying is that pressure works. A large demographic works. We are seeing that in Canada, and not just with respect to halal.

Our greatest concerns with halal as Pegida Canada is the aspect of sharia, and where certification fees go.



Over the last several years, we have seen a growth in public rallies around the world. These rallies are held for a variety of reasons.

In Canada, we have seen rallies for Hong Kong, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Palestine and more. For the most part, these rallies are attended by hundreds if not thousands of people across Canada.

While many of these causes are worthwhile, we have yet to see a rally attended by thousands of Canadians because of concern for the state of our Country.

Iranians and Hong Kongers rally to protest oppression in their home countries. Yet here in Canada, we are losing more and more of our freedoms. Petitioning for another country is laudable, but please do not forget Canada. We are becoming more and more like the countries you are rallying about.

Canada has much Islamist sentiment coming out of mosques. I could speak about Imams that pray for the death of non Muslims, Imams that advocate death for apostacy, that advocate for a caliphate, that advocate the killing of gays, that advocate polygamy, that advocate wife beating, that admire the tragedy of 9/11, that express hatred for Canada. There is a great amount of material out there about these leaders in the Muslim community.  These same leaders are teaching the next generation of Muslim Canadians.

We have spoken previously about the Muslim Brotherhood and their influence in our society, including in our universities and in our government. To refresh your memory, the Muslim Brotherhood creed is very specific in their goals. This creed is echoed by the Muslim Students Association. (sign)

Our concern is real, it is justified, it is substantiated. Canadians that close their eyes to these issues are foolish indeed.

We have on several occasions been approached by Muslim observers who thanked us for our work. Muslims that have come to Canada to escape oppression. We have asked them to go on camera with their comments.

They were not comfortable to do that, and this is understandable. Repercussions can be great within the Islamic community if you go against the grain. Just ask any ex Muslim.  


Terrorism is a very concerning part of Islamism, and it continues on a daily basis. Even though ISIS was allegedly defeated, they and other terrorist organizations continue to operate and grow. Just recently, the courts in Canada have released two potential threats. Across the world, people are slaughtered because they will not submit to Islam. Women are considered property, children a commodity. Christians are killed for their faith on a weekly basis in Islamic countries. Christian asylum seekers in Canada are threatened because they offended Islamists.

What can you do with this information? You can investigate further. Check out our facebook page. Our articles are backed up with proof. Another thing you can do is contact your government officials, as we do.  Pressure via communication does garner results, we have seen it. A quick email from a lot of people can go a long way in creating change.

With the new government in place, immigration will increase at an unprecedented pace. Both the liberal and conservative governments were advocating for a target of at least 300k immigrants per year. As this comes to fruition, we will see more and more Islamism taking root in Canada. While governments in Europe are struggling with an increase in crime,  including rape, theft, murder and antisemitism, Canada is committing social suicide by welcoming an irresponsible immigration policy. Toronto is already struggling with an unprecedented amount of violence.

Where will we be in 4 years? Canada is perhaps 5 years behind Europe right now as far as Islamization goes.  We pray that it doesn’t take that long for people to stand up for their country, for their heritage. A mare usque ad Mari, from sea to sea. That is a quote on Canada’s coat of arms, taken from Psalm 72 in the bible.

Stay strong, stay united stay peaceful. God keep our land glorious and free.


Halal in Canada: People’s Perception, Availability and Methodology

In early November, PEGIDA Canada presented a poll to their readers on several different social media platforms with the following question:

Would you knowingly eat/purchase halal? Why or why not?

Our intent with this poll was to gauge people’s reception to halal products, for or against. Being a page that warns against Islamism, we realized our results would be rather skewed, however, it was interesting to read the reasons behind peoples choices.  The reasons for not purchasing/eating far outweighed the reasons for purchasing/eating.

This was the result of our poll:

We received approximately 1800 responses to our poll. We cannot provide an exact number, as Facebook does not give a breakdown of exact numbers, just percentages.

According to the numbers, 97% of the respondents would NOT knowingly purchase/consume halal products, while 3% of respondents WOULD knowingly purchase/consume halal products.

We further broke down this poll with the respondent’s reasons for being for/against purchasing/consuming halal. Approximately 140 people responded with reasons for their choice and this was broken up into the following categories:


Screenshot 2019-11-20 21.00.26


YES                                                                                                                                                             We only received one response for the yes vote, that being that it was cheaper.

Information regarding some of these categories:


There is information and recommendations on both sides of this argument. The following is an appropriate quote:

“Paul explained to the church at Corinth that offering meats to idols does not change the nutritional value of that meat, if it is “clean” according to God’s food laws. However, some in Corinth were weak in conscience. Eating clean meats that had been offered to a pagan god was offensive to some church members. In this situation, Paul taught that it was wrong to do anything that might cause them to stumble (1 Corinthians 8:12-13).”



There is an argument on both sides of this issue as well. Some abattoirs are kept sanitary, while others definitely do not abide by Canadian food safety laws. There are Muslim communities in Canada that slaughter privately, particularly for events such as Eid with no thought to sanitary conditions. Near London, Ontario, a permit was requested for a halal abattoir licence. This request was granted by the city of London, even though this property was found to have dead carcasses in it’s fields that were left to rot.



Controversial abattoir's site plan subject of public meeting Monday



Studies have been done about the association of Halal certification and the funds being funneled to terrorist organizations in the past.

Muslim Association of Canada: a contributor to Hamas fund collector controls halal certification in Quebec

Screenshot 2019-11-20 10.14.08



“Video footage of birds being slaughtered while conscious, not stunned as required by OMAFRA, was also obtained. LCA also alleged the facility’s halal certification expert was irregularly present on the site.”


“Despite Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) regulations stating that food animals are not to be subjected to avoidable distress or pain, and must be rendered unconscious via captive bolt to the head, gas or electric shock before being cut (arguably causing less suffering), an exception is made for ritual slaughter.”


Cow being slaughtered behind a mosque in Milton, Ontario



“When you see halal foods in shops, you think to yourself, ‘it is just a kind of food’. No, it is sharia.”

“Halal is two victories in one. ‘We divide people, two societies within a society, and we make money.'”

“Halal is sharia, and we need to ban anything that is sharia in our society.”



Screenshot 2019-11-20 10.19.11


As well as asking for the public’s opinion, we also contacted all the major grocery store chains as well as meat/poultry producers in Canada. As of publication, we have had three responses. We contacted well over twenty organizations with the following question:

Hello, we are currently doing a study on halal products in Canada and people’s reaction/openness towards purchasing/consuming it. How much of your product is halal and do you label your products?  Is this left up to the individual locations? Are all halal products officially certified? Thank you for your anticipated reply.

We received a reply from one grocery store chain based in British Columbia. Here is their response:

“Thank you for your email.

We offer very little Halal meat. Any Halal meat that we do carry would be marked as Halal on the signage.”

We received two replies from meat producers. Here are their replies:

The first reply is from a beef producer in Western Canada


How much of your product is halal and do you label your products? Yes

Are halal products officially certified? YES

We asked if they would provide percentages, they were not willing.

The second reply is from a major Canadian producer

“Thank you for contacting us and your interest in knowing more about our Halal products. We produces both Halal and Non-Halal products. All of our Halal products are branded under Zabiha Halal and we are certified under the Canadian Halal Food Certifying Agency. If you would like more information, please feel free to visit our Zabiha Halal website @ https://www.zabihahalal.com/

Should you have more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you”

Once again, we asked for percentages, and once again, they were not willing to disclose this information.

The fact that we had only three responses out of over twenty inquiries is probably due to the fact of who we are, namely an organization that warns and campaigns against Islamism.  Even with only three responses, the nature of the responses and lack of information is telling.

UPDATES: We have just received a reply from Loblaws and Metro today. Following is their reply to our question:


“Thank you for taking the time to write to us.

At Loblaw Companies, one of our pillars of Corporate Social Responsibility is ‘Source Sustainably’, and we take this commitment very seriously. Food quality and safety have always been top priorities for us, as we maintain the highest ethical and safety standards for our products – whether they are being sourced here at home, or from overseas. 

We would like to assure you that products sold in our stores adhere strictly to safety and sourcing requirements as per government regulations. In recognition of the growing cultural diversity in many Canadian neighbourhoods, Loblaw is proud to offer our customers a wide range of ethnic products, such as Halal. All products imported from the US have been approved by the CFIA. As all Canadian produced products are federally inspected, we would like to assure you that all Canadian produced Halal Meat we sell is produced in an equally federally inspected plants using only raw materials from federally inspected slaughter houses. These vendors follow HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) protocol, which contribute to the compulsory standards that must be met in order for their products to be eligible for sale in our stores.

Thank you again for giving us the opportunity to address your concerns. Please be assured that our aim is to provide customers with quality products that will suit their diverse needs and preferences.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.”


“Good day,

Thank you for your email and for taking the time to write to us.

Unfortunately we are not able to provide information regarding the Halal products sold in our stores as this information is proprietary.

You may want to reach out to the CFIA regarding regulations for Halal products. They may also have additional resources you can reach out to.

Best of luck!”

Screenshot 2019-11-20 11.13.06

There are several Certification agencies in Canada. The process is involved and can be costly for producers. Is this cost carried over to the consumer? Where do these fees end up? These are valid questions that Canadians should be asking their producers/grocery chains.


Screenshot 2019-11-20 11.09.55


  • “I do not eat food that has been blessed by a false god. It is a barbaric way of slaughter”
  • “most meat these days is already halal processed..abattoirs don’t advertise it..The cost is passed on to the consumers without their knowledge..it’s been going on for years.”
  • “as soon as i found out that Popeye’s in Canada serves halal chicken, i stopped going there”
  • “I would not buy halal for two reasons. 1) The brutal and utterly unnecessary cruelty of halal slaughter and 2) My grave concerns over what my money might end up funding.”

As a result of our poll, we were contacted by several individuals with inside information with regards to retail halal. The following edited quote speaks of this person’s experience in their local store. Names have been omitted for the safety of the individual:

“I have been a meat manager for many years.  Several years ago, my store installed an oven to cook bbq chickens. I was instructed to order halal whole chickens. The chicken supplier provided labels for halal and “regular”. I was told to use only halal to cook, and if I cooked 24 at a time to label 8 of them as halal. I did this for a while, until I learned more about halal. After that I starting ordering only “regular” chickens and still labeled them as both. My boss told me that was unethical. I told her it was equally unethical to sell halal only, and deceive Christians. When I moved to a different store, they were ordering only halal. I changed back to regular and threw out the halal labels. During a store visit the supplier rep noticed I didn’t have any halal bbq chickens and asked if I was out of labels. I told him we don’t cook halal and he gave me a funny look. I pushed him for a response and he told me that all chicken coming from them was halal. I questioned him further about all of the fresh chicken in the meat counter, because some of it did come packaged and was labeled halal. He then confirmed again that ALL chicken was halal. I freaked on him in the meat cooler. How dare they sell fresh chicken that has been inhumanely slaughtered, blessed by an imam, while 1 of my ten commandments says not to have any god before mine, and knowing that the halal certification fees are forwarded to fund terrorism. He really didn’t provide me any answers because he was shocked that I questioned him to begin with. Had he known what my response was going to be I suspect he would have lied. He was travelling with his boss a few weeks later and we had the same conversation.  It is my understanding that until Muslims have a 51% of population in a country, that they are considered a “traveler” and non halal food is permissible.”









Halal Expo Canada Inaugurated in Toronto



Housing shortage: Mainstream distracts from the true causes


This article is reposted and translated from the original  post from KOPP report, a German paper. Canadians would do well to pay attention to this. There is already a significant housing shortage problem in our larger centers, and the projected increase in immigration by the Liberal government will compound this problem exponentially.


According to the Federal Working Community (BAG) homelessness assistance, the number of people without their own home has increased significantly: In 2017 there were still 650,000 homeless in Germany, compared to 678,000 last year, an increase of 4.2 percent.

Around 41,000 people had no accommodation at all and therefore had to live permanently on the streets. With just under 6 percent, the increase in refugees was particularly strong, being considered as homeless also, who lives in a community accommodation.

The BAG cites three main reasons for the rampant housing shortage, which particularly affects socially weak people: 
The insufficient supply of affordable housing, the decline in the stock of social housing and the growing poverty in German society.

Exactly these reasons are repeatedly called by the left political side, in order to denounce alleged failings of the state in the housing construction, above all, in order to divert from the true causes for the misery.

Because they do not quite fit into the left world view:

1) The negative interest rate policy of the ECB, which means that bonds no longer yield returns. Investors are therefore forced to shift their money into other assets such as stocks, precious metals and even real estate. This pushes up the prices on the housing market, which finally affects the rents that even middle-class families can hardly pay at least in the cities and increasingly in rural areas. The expansive monetary policy of the European Central Bank serves primarily to save the beleaguered euro and to keep the economically weak southern countries in the monetary union. The victims of this questionable strategy, which is without precedent in history, are savers, insurance customers and tenants in Germany!

2) Ever new and more comprehensive regulations that make building in Germany more expensive and make it unattractive for private investors to build affordable housing. Since reunification in 1990, the number of new real estate building regulations has quadrupled from 5,000 to 20,000. A not insignificant part of this development is attributable to the increased requirements for the energy performance of buildings, which are laid down in the Energy Saving Ordinance. This regulation is part of the climate policy of the Federal Government, which pursues the goal of raising Germany in the fight against global warming to a shining example, which should be followed by all other states. Teutonic megalomania, for which the tenants also have to bleed,

3) The most important reason: The continuing mass immigration to Germany, which has led to a significant increase in demand in the German housing market in recent years. Between 2014 and 2018, more than 3 million people came to Germany, net of emigration. Last year alone, the migration balance was just under 400,000 people, only marginally less than in 2017. If every year the population of a medium-sized city immigrated to the Federal Republic, then nobody should be surprised that the housing is scarce and rents rise, especially in the lower price segment.

After all, most of the immigrants are not high-skilled workers with a corresponding income, but low-income earners and social problem cases who are looking for cheap apartments. Despite the greatest efforts, housing construction can not keep up with the high migration dynamics. From planning to the turnkey handover of a residential building, years in overbureaucratised Germany pass by.

The accusation that the state has done too little in the past for social housing, fails. Because of the demographic decline over decades, long-term forecasts suggest a decline in housing demand and an increasingly relaxed housing market. Why are there still billions of taxpayers stuck in the expensive construction of social housing? No planner could expect that in 2015 our Chancellor would come up with the crazy idea of ​​opening the borders of Germany to (alleged) refugees and thus triggering a wave of immigration unprecedented in this magnitude!

The real causes of the housing shortage in Germany are largely ignored by the political and media mainstream.

Instead, smoke-throats are thrown, culminating in the claim that the market has failed and the citizens now have to be protected by a statutory rental price brake against the drives of the evil speculators.

In truth, the market has not failed, because an increasing demand – even with an inflexible, because in the short term only limited expandable offer – leads now to rising prices. Every economics student learns in the first semester.

But politicians refuse this trivial knowledge and seek their salvation in planned economic measures. But these will deter private investors and even aggravate the housing problem in the medium to long term. That leaves even more homeless people in Germany to fear for the future!



“It won’t last” they said.

“They will be gone in 6 months” they said.

Well, it has been 5 years.

Five years of rallies, abuse, hatred, labeling, abuse, news stories, international attention, abuse, internal issues, support, abuse…… and yet, PEGIDA lives on.

Why? Because we stand for freedom. We stand for truth. We stand for democracy. We are PEGIDA.

PEGIDA Dresden was formed in October of 2014 in Dresden, Germany . PEGIDA continues to this day.

Stay strong, stay united, stay peaceful.

Happy Birthday, PEGIDA! May your light continue to shine!

God keep our land(s) glorious and free!




Preparations for a return of the alleged Canadian jihadists detained in Syria

Translated from the Original Article Posted on November 04, 2019 at 5:00 am by LaPresse.ca, GABRIELLE DUCHAINE

A member of the Syrian Democratic Forces stands guard in a prison where men suspected of being affiliated with the Islamic State group are imprisoned in the city of Hasakeh in northeastern Syria.

Will Canada bring back to the country its nationals suspected of having swelled the ranks of the ISIS armed group in Syria? Several sources say that a secret repatriation plan nearly ended last year, which Ottawa denies. One thing is certain, we asked everyone here to prepare for their return.

Canada has reportedly negotiated in the spring of 2018 the repatriation of 11 suspected Canadian jihadists and their 10 children, according to a British MP returned from a mission in Syria. In an affidavit obtained by La Presse , the authenticity of which was confirmed, he writes that Kurdish forces believed Canadians “a week away from home” before discussions broke down without further explanation.


Hundreds of women and children of suspected jihadists live in Roj detention camp in Syrian Kurdistan.

According to Labor MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle, Canada and representatives of the Syrian Democratic Democratic Federation had documented in official documents how the evacuation of Canadian citizens would be organized. “I learned from Kurdish officials that there had been intensive discussions with Canadians. Together, they had taken various steps to repatriate all Canadians, which I understand included 21, including 10 children, “the affidavit says.

False, says Ottawa

In Ottawa, Global Affairs Canada categorically denies this information. “Reports of an agreement to repatriate Canadian citizens from Syria are false,” said spokeswoman Barbara Harvey.

The official position is: “Given the security situation on the ground, the Government of Canada’s ability to provide consular assistance throughout Syria is extremely limited. The government deals with these cases and provides assistance wherever possible. “

How to explain such a gap between the versions? According to a government source, the story of the failed repatriation is in fact a “test balloon” launched by the Kurds.

They have an interest in making these assertions to put pressure on foreign governments.

A government source

“They started doing this about a year ago, and there it seems they have stopped. The federal government has no interest in considering such an option. I can not imagine that he will do it in the future. “

A failed return?

La Presse spoke with several other people who are convinced that Canadians held in Syria nearly returned home last year.

This is the case of British human rights lawyer Clive Stafford Smith, who works on the issue of the return of jihadists to their countries of origin. “At the time, the identity of 21 Canadians was known. A memorandum of understanding was reached in the city of Sulaymaniyah [Iraq] between the Syrians of the north-east and Canada to repatriate all Canadians, “the lawyer wrote in an email to La Presse .

He explained that these 21 people, women, men and several children, then filled out all the documents necessary for issuing emergency travel documents. “The documents to fill out were provided to them and they filled them out. And they took the pictures, “says M e Stafford Smith, who says he himself spoke to Roj camp Kurdish soldiers who helped the Canadian women. “The Canadian government then really filibustered and denied having received such requests, which forced us to go through the whole process again. This is what many women have done. “

FAVE Canada Director Alexandra Bain, who helps families of young parties to Syria, tells a similar story. In the spring of 2018, she said, Global Affairs Canada reportedly asked members of four families to help gather the information needed to issue travel documents, “so that all Canadians in the camp can be brought back to Canada together. “.


Alexandra Bain, FAVE Canada Director, Alexandra Bain, helping families of young parties to Syria

[In the camps], the women thought they would fly from one moment to the next. They believed so much that they were going away that they got rid of all their possessions.

Alexandra Bain, Director of FAVE Canada

In Canada, a confidential source directly involved in the investigation of young parties swelling the ranks of the Islamic State armed group also tells La Presse that “something happened” in the spring of 2018. “They had to bring people back by plane, but it did not happen, “says the source, who is not allowed to speak publicly. Since then, things have stalled.

Jack Letts, a British-Canadian who was taken out of the United Kingdom because she believes he is a jihadist, was part of the group, according to his family. “They told us in a letter that they were doing everything they could to get him out. We know that they met Kurdish officials and that things were progressing. And then, boom. They cut off all communications with us, “says his father John.

Ready for a return

Will come back? Will not come back? The question of the return of the emulators of the IS is a thorn in the foot for the government. According to an Ipsos poll on behalf of Global News, 71% of Canadians are opposed to the government “doing the right thing” to bring them back home.

This is a “very political” issue, in which the result of the last federal campaign could have an impact, says a confidential source who works with the police in the case of these young people and who fears to be sanctioned by speaking.

“There is disagreement among the different political parties, but I think there is a government position on the repatriation of Canadian nationals. “

I have the impression that [now that the election campaign has passed], such a position should prevail. So, yes, it is expected that there will be repatriation.

A confidential source

One thing is certain: Ottawa has asked field workers to prepare for the arrival of Canadian nationals from Syria.

In Montreal, a committee bringing together the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the director of youth protection and experts from the health network was set up. Who will be waiting at the airport? What will children do? “Everything has been planned, explains the child psychiatrist Cécile Rousseau, committee member. We are not in improvisation. “

Her team, she says, is ready to go to the airport “anytime”.

“They are coming from a war zone”

According to FAVE Canada figures, there are no more than 21, but 40 Canadians in camps or prisons controlled by Kurdish forces: about ten women, five men and about 25 children, 19 of whom are under the age of five.

If they manage to return, either on their own or with the help of the state, they will be expected by police officers, health professionals, DYP staff and interpreters. “They come from a war zone and camps where the physical and hygiene conditions are very poor. We know that we will have to mobilize actors in physical health, infectious diseases, nutrition and development. People are expected to be in poor physical condition, “says Dr.  Rousseau. She adds that most children are born there and sometimes do not speak English or French.

Here is how we intend to proceed.

For adults

“A risk assessment is done for each subject returning from a conflict zone,” says Sergeant Hakim Bellal of the RCMP. Each file is investigated and each file differs from another, depending on the risk it poses to national security. We will make sure that the person returning to Canada will not pose a risk to the community. “

And how do we do it?

First, let us recall that since 2013, Canadian law considers that leaving or attempting to leave Canada to participate in the activities of a terrorist group is a criminal offense. The laying of criminal charges is therefore possible against some.

According to a confidential source involved in the investigation, the police are also interested in young Canadians who allegedly mistreated their servants in their “caliphate” house established by the IS, particularly in Syrian territories, subjecting them to ill-treatment and abuse. physical and sexual abuse. They could be charged under the Canadian Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act.

At a minimum, the authorities would consider signing the return of Commitments to keep the peace, says the same source.

“Zero risk does not exist, but everything has been put in place so that there is no surprise,” says Sergeant Bellal. These files are closely followed by the RCMP. “

For kids

Contrary to the policy of some European countries, like France, children will not be systematically separated from their parents, explains the child psychiatrist Cécile Rousseau.

Welcoming returnees, she says, was designed according to a priority, that of the best interests of the child.

“In the event that a parent is arrested, he should be separated from his children. Even in a situation like this, it is important for the parent to be reassured about the child’s fate and to explain to him that they will be safe. This is very important to reassure children who are coming from a state of war, where security was far from secure. “

In the scenario where the parent is not charged, “there will be an assessment to see how the children and parents are going and, ultimately, determine what is best for the child’s best interests. Since there is a bond of attachment, it is better not to separate them. If you have parents who have very poor physical or mental health or abuse, the same rules that apply to Canadian parents would apply under the Youth Protection Act. “

In short, the alleged jihadists will be treated like any other parent.

This approach will not be unanimous, as Dr.  Rousseau is aware of.

“Safer, more punitive approaches create a lot of harm, resentment and distress for parents and children. If children are treated with kindness and parents feel that their relationship is respected, we set the table for a relationship of respect essential to reintegration. It’s not about thinking the same thing as them. But that does not mean that the person is only that. You are not just someone who has done something wrong. You are also someone with children and we share a concern to protect them. “

– With the collaboration of Mélanie Marquis, La Presse

“A Canadian should be tried and imprisoned in Canada”

Put him in jail, but bring him back to Canada.

This is essentially the message of the father of the alleged British-Canadian jihadist Jack Letts, who is being held in a Syrian prison.


Converted to Islam as a teenager, Jack Letts took to Syria in 2014. Several media reports that he joined the Islamic State group. His father believes he was stuck in his territory.

Since the United Kingdom withdrew citizenship from his son last summer, the Franco-Ontarian based in England has been focusing on Canada.

Even though he believes his boy’s innocence, John Letts does not ask Ottawa to give him a blank check.

“Once they are in Canada,” he says of the returning students, “they should all be jailed immediately. Nobody has ever said that they should be free. “


“I believe [my son] should have access to a lawyer and he should have a trial,” said John Letts, father of the alleged British-Canadian jihadist Jack Letts, who is being held in a Syrian prison.

I would not want one of them to be free, including my son. But I think he should have access to a lawyer and he should have a trial.

John Letts

“A friend’s daughter died in an explosion on the London Underground. I know people who have suffered from terrorism. I hate IS. I hate all that is violent, and if my son had been involved in something like that, I would condemn him in the public square. But I believe a Canadian remains a Canadian and should be tried and imprisoned in Canada if he has done something wrong, he says. I will condemn him if he has done something wrong, but I want to see evidence. Not just what newspapers keep repeating. “

The British media nicknamed him “Jack the jihadist”. His story is nebulous. Converted to Islam as a teenager, the young man took the road to Syria in 2014. He got married and had a child. Several media reported that he joined the jihadist group. Kurdish forces hold him on this premise. His father believes he was stuck in the IS territory.

“The cornerstone of democracy is that people are considered innocent until proven guilty. Our lawyers found no evidence that Jack had been involved in IS, that he was a fighter. From the moment we say that his name is Jack the jihadist, it says he is guilty. His name is Jack Letts. “

“We are working on your case”

Jack’s mother, Sally Lane, sent La Presse the transcript of a conversation he had with a Canadian official in January 2018, before he lost his British citizenship.

The woman asks him what are his conditions of detention, if he is fed regularly, if he can exercise. Then she offers him help.

Here are some excerpts:

Official: “I am from the Government of Canada. Do you want help from us? “

Letts: “Yes. Get me out of here. “

Official: “If it were possible, would you like to come to Canada? In Great Britain ? “

Letts: “I want to come back to Canada. “

The young man asks several times if she will be able to organize his repatriation.

Official: “We are working on your case. Talking with you is a positive first step. […] We will continue to try to find a solution. “

Letts: “Do you intend to take me back to Canada? “

Official: “We intend to try to help you. […] Canada is an option. […] We do not have anyone in Syria and it is a complex environment, so I can not give you a definitive timetable, but we are working on your case. “

“Children should be saved immediately”

What are Canada’s responsibilities to its citizens? Should children be treated differently from adults? Are returners a risk to national security? La Presse spoke with Phil Gurski, a former analyst for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.


Children play in a camp where relatives of Islamic State fighters are gathered in northern Syria.

Q. Does Canada have a legal or moral obligation to bring back suspected jihadists and their children?

A. These are two separate questions. According to [outgoing Minister of Public Safety] Ralf Goodale, Canada has no legal obligation to assist Canadians who have committed crimes outside Canada. Whether you are a jihadist in Iraq or a drug addict in Singapore, Canada has no obligation to send the police or army to save you. That’s the legal question.


Phil Gurski, former analyst for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service

There are some who argue that if there is no legal obligation, there is a moral obligation. And frankly, I wonder what that means. In the past, I said that since these people have become radicalized in Canada, they are our problem. These are not innocents who, once in Iraq, have become radicalized. The process of radicalization has occurred here in Canada. The problem is that the crimes were committed in Iraq or Syria. Do not the governments of these countries have the right to try them to punish them for crimes committed in their countries?

Q. Should we make a distinction between children and adults?

A. The children should be saved immediately. These children should be taken away from their parents, because in my opinion, a father or mother who travels to be part of the Islamic State group proves to me that he is not a parent. The Canadian government should save young children, take them away from their parents if they are alive, repatriate them to Canada and entrust them to other family members or entrust them to the state.

Q. Why would we decide to bring them back to the country?

A. Because a Canadian is a Canadian. Here is the famous quote from Trudeau four years ago [while he was Leader of the Opposition, Justin Trudeau made this statement to mean he opposed the withdrawal of their citizenship from terrorists]. The problem is that the vast majority of Canadians do not want to have anything to do with these people. So if the government decides to repatriate them all, men, women and children, it will not be popular with the vast majority of people. The reason the Liberals have not done anything so far is that they have nothing to gain.

Q. Do they pose a risk to national security?

A. Absolutely. Some of them ask one. There are some who will plan attacks or commit attacks. The other problem is that there are others who will return home without renouncing extremist or terrorist ideology. And they may radicalize other Canadians. Do we want someone who has spent time there to come back and recruit or radicalize people to follow the same path as them? Not everyone will return and commit an attack in the following week or month, but we can not predict it. You have to investigate everyone and determine the risk, and it takes time.

Q. Can we accuse them once here?

A. According to the Terrorism Act, it is a crime to leave Canada to join a terrorist group, but the problem is how to prove it? The evidence is in Syria. The evidence is in Iraq. The witnesses are there. The victims are there. It would be very difficult for a government to build a case that will be successfully tried in Canada. It is difficult to collect evidence in a war zone.

Boys Will Be Boys?

This was a fight that took place in London, Ontario October 29, 2019, the same time as we were doing our small rally in front of city hall, a few blocks away.

The following is a quote from a student observer:

“The Arabs were talking shit to to the Canadian (non Arab?) kids and it built up and today was the day it changed from words to punches. Arabs talking shit everyday and threatening to attack them (non Arabs). Arabs already had a beef with one of the Canadian boys and continued to talk shit about him and threatening to beat his ass and kill him and his friends. They went to go see the Canadian kids at lunch and the fight broke out. The fighting finally calmed when the kid that was kicked in the head started having a seizure”

How do we deal with this as Canadians? How do we get past this? With our new government, we can expect over 300,000 new immigrants every year. What happened in London is happening in cities throughout Canada. How will Canada deal with this?